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Expert Advice On Travelling With Sex Toys

Our Advice On Travelling With Sex Toys

We get asked for advice about travelling with sex toys and how to best get them safely through security quite a bit. And no wonder - holidays are the perfect time to relax into pleasure, so it makes sense that you want to bring your favourite toys on your trip. (Plus, if you’re travelling to sunnier climates, you have the added bonus of sunshine being a natural aphrodisiac!)

So, what are the best sex toys to travel with, and how do you get them to your destination safely? After all, your vibrators should make you hot n’ bothered in the best possible way, not hot, bothered and red-faced at airport security!

Take a look at our advice on how to travel with sex toys before packing your suitcase.

Rules on Travelling with Sex Toys

Firstly, it's worth taking the time to look up the rules for the country you will be travelling to. If you're going to Dubai for example, your strap-on is likely to be confiscated along with any vibrating objects. We're not yucking your yum, but avoiding bringing anything too 'realistic' is a good idea.

When you’re travelling to a culturally unknown place, The US Travel Security Administration is a good yardstick for which rules will apply for luggage items in general, as they are rather tough on their migration laws. The TSA states that 'tools' with a length of 7 inches (about 17cm) are suitable for carry-on luggage.

'On returning from my time living in San Francisco my partner & I carried everything back with us. Having recently discovered my sexuality, I had not let anything hold me back so we were laden with strap-ons & other toys. The 'pornographic' photos we had done however, we did not want to get scrunched up in our checked in luggage so brought in our hand luggage. As we were very young & punky looking we were very nervous we would be stopped. Can't quite believe we weren't! Phew! A dildo or vibe I can handle, but my whole portfolio as it were...'

Choose Discreet Sex Toys for Travelling

Discreet toys or ones disguised as 'innocent' objects like a lipstick vibrator are best if you are travelling to a place with either particularly strict or difficult to find rules on sex toys.

Lipstick vibrator

Sex toys are banned in the countries below - it's illegal to bring them.

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Malaysia
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • India

We've served countless (brave!) women from many of these countries defiantly prioritizing their right to pleasure over cultural or religious patriarchy and we salute them. (While advising them to take the most discreet vibrator possible.)

if you can't be parted from reliable orgasms (fair!), we recommend opting for something like the lipstick above and storing it in a make up bag. Keep the recharging cable separately. 

How to Pack Your Sex Toys

  • Pack your sex toys in clear bags and be honest about what they are if staff asks (provided you are not travelling to a country where sex toys are illegal). You can even label the bags to make any searches extra quick. They have seen it all before; they just want to know you're not carrying any prohibited items.
  • Remove any batteries from your toys - the batteries show up on airport scanners and staff may choose to take a closer look...
  • Make sure you bring USB charging cables for rechargeable toys.
  • Choose travel-size bottles over full-size ones (don't forget the 100ml limit on liquids for carry-on and to pack lube in your onboard liquids bag).
  • Take multitasking & travel-size products wherever possible, so you can have the most amount of pleasure, with just a few products taking up space in your case.

'After an exciting shopping trip to Sh! where my sister had stocked up on vibrators and lube, she was due to fly back home (she doesn't live in the UK). All the goodies were neatly wrapped up in tissue paper and carefully placed in her carry-on (travelling with hand luggage only). However, once at Gatwick, airport staff were suspicious of the parcels, and made a big show of unwrapping them all in front of other travelers queuing up to have their bags checked. I don't think she's bought a vibrator since!'

Travelling with Lube

Take lube sachets or small tester bottles over full-size bottles, or decant your lube into a travel bottle that's no bigger than 100ml.

Holidays are a good time to try a silicone-based lube. The slick, silky formula doesn't dry up or wash away like water-based lube does, giving you the freedom to try sex in the sea or jacuzzi.

If you‚Äôre travelling with a partner, a¬†flavoured lube sample kit¬†is a fun extra. Indulge in oral play with a drizzle of sweet strawberry or cheeky cherry ‚Äď take your pick! The lubes are all water-based and rinse off easily.

G-spot & Clit Enhancer Sample Kit¬†‚Äď here‚Äôs another must-have!¬†5 travel-size sachets with pleasure enhancing gels and serums to ensure your sunshine orgasms are the very best they can be. Arousal gels increase blood flow to the vulva and erogenous zones, as well as boost sensitivity. These gels and serums help build arousal and also increases vaginal wetness ‚Äď incredibly useful in the heat!

Intimate Earth Organic Sample Kit¬†‚Äď a kit full of organic good times. This kit is 100% Vegan and paraben-free. Included are 5 sachets of clitoral arousal serum, G-spot stimulating serum, a salted caramel oral pleasure glide, a delicious warming glide, plus an anal relaxing serum. A little bit of everything!


'I was on my way back to the UK after a weekend in Berlin. Having attended a trade show, I had my bag full of free lube, condoms and sample sex toys. A stern German woman working in the airport stopped me and demanded I open my bag immediately. She took a long look at all the stuff I'd just thrown in my bag, and then, without a word, she closed the bag and just raised her eyebrows at me. My other half was mortified :D'

Recommended Sex Toys for Solo Travellers

Satisfyer Pro Traveller Suction toy is a gal's best friend. It doesn't matter whether your travelling solo or with a boo, a little bit of clitoral suction never goes amiss. The discreet design with its magnetic closure top makes it easy to travel with and even leave on the bedside table in the hotel room (always good to have your fave toys within reach). 11 powerful settings offer mind-blowing suction at the press of a button.


Make sure good vibes are always on hand by simply wearing them! Crave Vesper Necklace vibrator is a jewellery and sex toy rolled into one. Discretion is assured! A stylish vibrating necklace to compliment any outfit, but comes into its own when worn against naked skin. 5 pleasure modes and a nifty USB charger ensure orgasms are never far away - even if you are,,, *wink* 


Tenga eggs are the best toys for any penis owner and these travel super-easy. Cute and fun-looking, these eggs resemble Kinder Eggs, only they pack a sachet of lube and a whole lot of pleasure instead of a small toy. Choose from a variety of textures, or even better, treat yourself to a carton full of sensual eggs!

Tenga Egg

Recommended Sex Toys for Couples Travelling Together

Holidays are a great time to get unstuck from any sexual rut. Mix it up and explore different pleasures together!

A finger vibrator is one of the most discreet, multi-tasking pleasure-providers going. Take turns to wear it and use your magical vibrating finger to deliver a buzz to all the sensitive spots on your partner's body.

Another great couple's toy is a vibrating cock ring. Choose one that looks cute and chances are security won't bat an eye. With 80% of clit-owners needing direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm during penetrative sex, a vibrating cock-ring can help close the orgasm gap and a holiday (with all the time in the world) is a perfect time to discover new ways to ace this!

'I was on a road trip with a few friends and I was suffering a bit of car trouble. One of the windscreen wipers was broken and flailing wildly. We thought if we could find a hair tie, or some string or an elastic band we could secure it to the other windscreen wiper and, temporarily, solve the problem. Sadly none of the above listed items were available. However, a quick search of the car did turn up a cock ring. Yes, my friends found my cock ring and we used it to fix my windscreen wiper. No, they have not every let me forget about this. They make me tell this story at parties.'

iJoy Remote Control Vibes are super-popular with couples. One of you gets to enjoy vibrations in public while the other is in total charge of the tantalising travel thrills. An exciting step into the world of dominance and submission, if that is something that might float your sexy holiday boat. Extra bonus, these toys can be used to liven up a long journey!

One Last Recommendation....

Orgie Secret Seduction Elixir¬†‚Äď smell fresh & sweet with just a quick spray!

Secret Seduction Elixir is a must-have in any suitcase this summer. It’s a multitasking product and if you thought UV-protectors couldn’t be sexy, allow us to prove you wrong. Spritz over the hair for detangling, de-frizzing and adding seductive gloss before you mum-bun it and hit the beach. As your strut your hot stuff along the water’s edge, the Elixir will be busy nourishing your split ends. Mist over skin for moisturising and softening whilst getting some UV protection. Enriched with argan oil, panthenol and coconut oil, the intoxicating scent packed with pheromones will help draw admirers to you, like honey to the bee…


Browse all our sex toy goodies here!

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