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The Most Amazing Sex Toys for Disabled People

The Most Amazing Sex Toys for Disabled People - Sh! Women's Store

Do you find it tricky to reach your pleasurable bits, grip a vibrator for an orgasm-inducing length of time, or hold a weighty sex toy? You're not alone.

Millions of women & vulva owners with reduced mobility have to reassess themselves sexually or navigate the world of sexual pleasure without much help from the medical or sex industries.

Over the years, we've spoken to many customers for whom this is a reality. We'll never forget the first call for help, which brought this home.

'Now listen dear,' boomed the voice down the phone before we'd even had a chance to say: 'How can we help?' 

'I've got a frozen shoulder and can't reach myself - what have you got that can help me?' came the enquiry, with a directness only a lifetime in Yorkshire could bring.

We sent a vibrator to the Yorkshire lady, who wrote us back a short note of typical Northern frankness: 'I hereby certify that this vibrator works if you have a frozen shoulder!'

The vibrator in question has since been discontinued (this was many years ago), but read on for our advice on more modern playthings. 

Vibrator suggestions for reduced-mobility or manual difficulties

Society and media often promote messages (whether overt or subliminal) that sex & pleasure is for the young, beautiful and able-bodied. It's time to challenge this concept. 

We believe everyone has a right to the pleasures and self-esteem that a fulfilling sex life brings: Whoever you are, whatever that (consensual) pleasure is for you and wherever you are in your sexual journey. 

Finding it awkward to reach yourself during masturbation, whether from an injury, arthritis, a frozen shoulder, or something more permanent, doesn't have to mean the end of self-pleasuring.

If you struggle to reach due to a disability

If you can't reach down to pleasure yourself or find it tricky, tiring or painful, a vibrator with a long handle will give you extra reach to stimulate your vulva & clitoris more easily.

Clare Bendable Vibrator is 8 inches long, giving you extra length to position the vibrations against your clit. Clare is an innovative sex toy with a flexible spine, offering multiple ways to play and enjoy. For extra comfortable use, Clare comes with a remote control.

Clare bendable vibrator in purple, next to a white remote control


Struggling to hold a vibrator due to a disability? 

The slim handles of vibrators can be a real challenge if you have a disability or mobility issue with your hands, fingers or ability to grip.

We have a tip: Cut a hole in a regular tennis ball. The hole needs to be slightly smaller than the diameter of your chosen vibrator's base.

If you have trouble doing that - ask someone to do it for you. There's no reason to say what it's for - it could be for helping you hold a household implement, such as a vegetable peeler.

Working any classic-style vibrator into the hole in the tennis ball will provide you with a much larger surface to grip.

For someone with a disability or reduced-mobility finding it tricky to hold anything

A wand vibrator is the best choice if gripping or holding a vibrator is tiring or tricky.

A wand massager may seem like a contradictory choice as they're amongst the heaviest vibrators available. But - bear with us: Their large size is an advantage.

Wedge a wand massager into place by using pillows. Lie on your back with the ball head of the massager resting against your vulva. Then, anchor the long handle with a pillow or two between your thighs. Voila - hands-free pleasure!

a purple wand massager vibrator sex toy


You can also lie on top of a wand massager if you prefer. This is a self-pleasuring position many women & vulva owners prefer, whatever their able-bodiness. But - we advise caution if you choose this position. 

  • Don't lay on top of your wand for too long
  • Don't fall asleep on top of the massager

Wand massagers are super-powerful and can get hot, and mains-powered versions are even more so. A hot vibrator trapped under your body can potentially overheat and burn. Enjoy your orgasm, but switch off the wand and place it to the side before you snooze off into an oxytocin-induced sleep.

Looking for lightweight sex toys? 

A  finger vibrator adds a delicious, easy-lifting buzz onto your digits, making these tiny toys fabulous for an alternative thrill when pleasuring a partner if you find anything more 'vigorous' somewhat tiring.

For tiny, lightweight clitoral vibes, we recommend trying the Feelztoys Finger Tip Vibrators. These little cuties are the littlest sexy toys we stock. At only 5 grams, there is no heavy lifting. These vibes slip onto your finger(s) and add a magic buzz wherever you touch... There are two in a box - so two for you or one for you and one for a lover!

Felztoys Mycero fingertip vibartors. One in green, one in red, in front of the red packaging.


Hands-free pleasure products 

These toys need to be switched on and placed in position, but after that, they can be enjoyed hands-free.

Vibrating panties are for hands-free pleasure. The bullet vibes in these panties can be controlled remotely, which can be handy for you - and also if you’d like to hand over control to a partner.

Many regular/high street knickers have a natural ‘pocket’ between the outer material and the cotton gusset. This pocket is just perfect for slipping a small bullet vibrator inside.

The Venus Butterfly is a classic hands-free sex toy. This vibrator is designed to be worn over the vulva, with adjustable straps hugging hips and things, harness-style. When positioned correctly, Venus Butterfly delivers fluttery thrills to the clitoris. This vibe comes complete with a single-speed bullet which can be removed and used for more focused sensations if you can hold a vibrating bullet. 

venus butterfly vibrator in purple with a silver bullet


Ruby Glow Dusk is a ride-on sex toy, perfect for folks who enjoy or need strong vibrations and prefer hands-free toys. Place Ruby Glow on a chair, bed or other flat surface you are comfortable on. Sit with your pubic area against the silicone ridges, then rock or grind against the dual motors inside the shapely vibrator.

The VibePad 2 is another ride-on sex toy but this one features a flickering tongue designed to tease the clitoris. This fabulous toy is a vibro pad with a warming function, which can be comforting if you experience aching or pain around the vulva and anus.

We-Vibe, the world’s first wearable vibrator, was designed for couples to use during intercourse - but it’s a great hands-free pleasure provider for solo sex too. The C-shape design cups you internally and externally, with the larger end pressing on your clitoral area and the smaller arm delivering pressure to your G-spot. With both ends vibrating to the tune of lots of different settings, this is a top-notch solution to enjoying a hands-free sexperience.

Discover a new level of hands-free pleasure

For pleasure tailored to your specific penetrative cravings, a dual dildo accessory is a good option. The leather accessory attaches a dildo to the leg straps of a harness, holding a dildo inside you. It fits most of our silicone dildos, giving you lots of size-choice from petite to plentiful. And if you’d like vibration, you can opt for the vibrating version of the dildo!

This is a fabulous combo, though not cheap. For this option to work, it's necessary to invest in a strap-on harness, a silicone dildo and a dual dildo accessory. 

 dual dildo accessory in black leather, with a pink and white siliocne dildo



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