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Twista Large Dildos

Our collection of Twista Large Dildos chosen by women. Our Twista dildos are large; statuesque proportions, along with spiral shafts, they deliver  immensly 'fulfilling' sensations... Available as regular and vibrating dildos, we hand-pour each one with love, using top quality body-safe silicone. The Amazonians of the dildo world, a Twista dildo offers incredibly fulsome penetrative pleasure!

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8 products

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8 products

  • Twista 2 Long Spiral Dildo
  • Twista 1 Large Spiral Dildo
  • Twista 2 Long Vibrating D...
  • Twista 3 Wide Spiral Dildo
  • Twista 4 Spiral Super Dildo
  • Twista 1 Large Vibrating ...
  • Twista 3 Wide Vibrating D...
  • Twista 4 Super Vibrating ...

Twista Large Dildo FAQ's

Sh! Twistas are statuesque dildos, perfect if you enjoy deep, heavy penetration, with stretch thrown in for good measure. Not necessarily for newbies, Twistas are for true size queens!

Twistas are weighty and need extra support for holding in place. We recommend matching a Twista with one of our wide-back harnesses, like the Super StrapOn Harness or Corset Strap-On Harness.

Twistas are too big - you won't enjoy something this girthy. Take a look slim dildos(1-2 fingers wide)

Nope, these dildos are still too big! Take a look at mid-size dildos ( 2-3 fingers wide) instead.

- Twista 1 (6.25 inch long / 1.6 inch diam) You won't be disappointed;)
- Twista 2 (7 inch long / 1.75 inch diam) Best-Seller for strap-on play.

Twista 3 (6 inch long / 2 inch diam). For wide-ons;)
Twista 4 ( 7 inch long / 2.25 inch diameter). A goddess!
- Or take a look a this extra large dildo.

Choosing a Vibrating Twista dildo might make it easier for strap-on wearer to orgasm. Note: These large dildos mean most vibration is felt at the base of the dildo.

large Twista dildo in black & white marble silicone

Twista Dildo Sizes

Insertable length / Diameter at widest

Twista 1: 6.25 inch long x 1.6 inch diam

Twista 2: 7 inch long x 1.75 inch diam

Twista 3: 6 inch long x 2 inch diam

Twista 4: 7 inch long x 2.25 inch diam

Mistress Twista: 9.75 long x 2.5 Inch

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