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Best Silicone Dildos, As Chosen by You!

Best Silicone Dildos, As Chosen by You! - Sh! Women's Store

Many customers want to know which Sh! dildo is 'the best one' and that's a tricky question for us to answer. You see, what suits one may not suit another - every body is different, desires and turn-ons differ, and dildos are highly personal purchases.

But, what we can do is share our list of top-selling dildos, so you'll get an idea of which dildos our customers choose as the best for them!

Sh! dildos are hand-poured in our London studio, using top-grade silicone. Each dildo is available in a range of colours, including a signature marbled design for each style.

As the dildos are hand-poured, the marbled dildos are unique - no two marbles ever come out the same, so no one will own the exact same marbled dildo as you!

dildo being made - silicone setting in mould
a pink and white dildo setting in its mould


Each hand-poured dildo is priced on its weight, which is listed on each product page - along with the dildo's other vital statics of length & diameter to help you choose your perfect size.

Each shape and size dildo is also available as a vibrating version, with a small hole in the base that holds a Sh! Bullet Vibrator. A vibrating dildo costs a little more but if you enjoy vibration or need a buzz to burst through the climax curtains, we recommend spending the extra pounds.

Bestselling Silicone Dildos

1. Cupid 3 Silicone Dildo

Cupid 3 is an outstanding best-seller by a mile! Cupid 3 has a smooth, curvaceous shaft that gentle graduates and fill up as it's slid inside.

Measured in fingers, the tip of Cupid 3 dildo measures in at around two fingers, the mid-section measures a curvier 2.5 fingers, and the base is a filling a 3-finger girth.

Both the regular version and the vibrating version regularly top our bestseller list.

cupid 3 silicone dildo in marble purple and white


2.  Wirly 2 Slim Silicone Dildo 

Slim and ribbed, this is a favourite among those who prefer less girth and it's the most popular size & shape for anal play and pegging.
Wirly 2 silicone dildo measures about 2 fingers up and down the shaft. The ribbing along the body offers extra stimulation when stroked in and out of the vagina or anus.  
wirly 2 slim dildo in pink and white


3.  Cupid 6 Silicone Dildo

With the same subtle curves of Cupid 3, this is a popular choice for those looking for a slightly larger dildo.

Cupid 6 starts at around 3 fingers, moving up to 3.5 fingers, and the base measures a girthy 4 fingers.

Cupid 6 isn't for beginners, and we recommend starting out with something smaller and working yourself up to this babe over time.

cupid 6 silicone dildo in purple and white


4.  Cupid 2 Silicone Dildo

Another member of the Cupid family ranks at no 4 of our bestselling dildos. The complete opposite of Cupid 6, Cupid 2 is a popular choice for anyone looking for a smaller dildo.

Cupid 2 makes a great choice for those who prefer a modest 1.5 fingers working up to about 2.5 fingers around the widest part of the base.

This size & shape dildo is a good option for anal and pegging play too, not too big but not too small either.

cupid 2 silicone dildo in marble purple and white


5. Duchess Silicone Dildo

Duchess silicone dildo is statuesque and beautiful with similar dimensions as Cupid 3.

Duchess boasts a rounder head for more pressure against the G-spot and gives a satisfying 'pop' when worked in and out of the vagina.

The subtly grooved shaft delivers a bit of added sensation and gives you something to grip against.

duchess silicone dildo in black & gold marble


6.  Wirly 3 Silicone Dildo

A longer, slightly wider version of Wirly 2, WG3 is all about strokes and sensational penetration.

The extra length is useful for strapping it on in a harness and it also makes it a lot easier to deliver satisfying prostate pleasure.

The prostate tends to be located several inches into the rectum, so using a longer dildo to reach it better makes good sense.

wirly 3 slim dildo in pink and white marble


7. Twista 2 Silicone Dildo

The largest of our bestselling dildos is Twista 2. A fantastic choice for those who enjoy fulfilling sensations (and maybe a li'l cheeky stretch).

Twista 2 has a gentle spiral down the shaft for feels all the way!

About a satisfying 3.5 fingers in girth, Twista 2 is not for newbies.

twista 2 silicone dildo in black & white marble


Browse the full range of silicone dildos here! 

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