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Top 10 Discreet Sex Toys

Top 10 Discreet Sex Toys - Sh! Women's Store

If you're a newbie, living with family or flatmates, or looking for a toy for your travels, you might want something more discreet than a 9-inch dildo. (Nothing wrong with a nine-incher if that's what your heart and vagina desires, but it's pretty obvious what it is!). Luckily, we have many sensual and sexy toys that don't attract attention or raise eyebrows.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Small and Discreet Sex Toys

Sex toys don't come smaller than our Sh! rehargeable bullet vibe

Experience intense pleasure with our rechargeable Bullet Vibe, a powerful gadget that's less than 2 inches long! With 10 unique vibration patterns to explore, you'll always find something to suit your mood. Its sleek and discreet design makes it perfect for on-the-go fun. Slip it into your pocket or purse and take it with you wherever you go. Whether you're looking for thrills at home or away, our Bullet Vibe is all you need to add some excitement to your life!

Sh! bullet vibrator in gold with black charging cable


Ben Wa Balls are a dynamic duo of weighted orbs that gracefully glide into the vagina, swirling and twirling with every move you make, delivering delightful stimulation and an all-natural squeeze. Compact and weighty, you gotta hold them firmly to prevent any slippage, resulting in a top-notch exercise for your PC Muscle!

Ben Wa Balls can also spice up your love life. Many couples gush about how these little beauties add an extra kick to both partners during steamy times between the sheets.

Unlike other Love/Kegal balls, Ben Wa Balls are smaller, heavier, and not connected by a cord. People often fret about them vanishing into the depths of the vagina, but fear not: Whether you're getting frisky or tackling household tasks, these balls aren't going anywhere!

ben wa balls in silver


The Discreet Lipstick Vibrator is just as discreet as it gets! Its glossy black and gold case resembles a luxurious designer lipstick, making it perfect for traveling or keeping by your bedside without drawing any attention.

Popping the top uncovers a bright pink silicone tip, shaped like a lipstick - this is wharethe magic happens! A variety of 10 vibrating settings: Low, medium, high, and a range of pulsating and escalating settings to keep you guessing (or your toes curling!).

lipstick vibratir in black plastic case

Discreet Suction Sex Toy

The Sh! Suction Sensation is a mind-blowing clitoral pleasure toy that won't break the bank. Suction toys have been around for a few years now, and they just keep getting more popular. It's not hard to see why - they're the most reliable toys for reaching that big 'O'!

When it comes to suction toys, the Sh! Suction Sensation is a breeze to use. This egg-shaped gem fits snugly in the palm of your hand, with a nifty triangle of silicone nestled between two fingers for grip and control.

Take command of your pleasure with 3 steady speeds and 7 pleasure modes, effortlessly controlled by a push-button on the toy's curvaceous body...

a lilac clitoral suction vibrator with a clear plastic case.


Discreet Internal Sex Toys

Experience the stylish Tapered Ribbed Vibe, a powerful vibrator that delivers intense pleasure to all your favorite erogenous zones! Caress those sensitive nips, tease the balls or swirl around the clitoris...

This gorgeous vibrator can be used for teasing the entrance of the vagina, and just a smidge deeper - a perfect choice if full insertion isn't your thing.

Place the tapered vibe horizontally between your labia liops for a sensational vulva experience. With 10 strong pleasure modes, you won't be short-changed...

tapered ribbed vibrator in blush pink

Quirky and fun, the Sh! Glow-In-The-Dark Glass Dildo is a must-have in any toy collection!

With the Glow-In-The-Dark Glass Dildo's dual-ended design, you get a chance to experience both gentle and mind-blowing sensations, depending on what rocks your world.

During the day, this Glow-In-The-Dark Glass Dildo is see-through, revealing a gorgeous, intricate design in a delicate pale yellow shade throughout its entire length. When the lights go out, it transforms into a luminous delight, giving your glass dildo play a visually titillating experience.

glow-in-th-dark glass dildo


Show Off Your Discreet Sex Toy

Crave Vesper Necklace Vibrator - provocative and playful!

Crave Vesper is a delightful blend of bling and bliss. This slim pendant, threaded with a delicate 26-inch chain, resembles a super-sized shiny nail. It is ingeniously designed to deliver 4 different settings: low, medium, and high buzz, as well as a rapid pulse, all with just a single discreet button.

The medium-pitched vibration lies between high-intense and deep-throbby, while the shape brings pinpoint pleasure from the pendant's tip as well as lateral (or labial) stimulation from its sleek 3.8-inch body.

Crave vesper vibrating necklaces in silver, gold and rose gold


The Ultimate Discreet Sex Toy for Couples

Getting you there without getting in the way, Eva II hands-free clitoral vibrator is designed to be worn by a woman or vulva-owner, held snuggly in place by flexible wings that tuck under the labia. This buzzy babe sits on top, offering you 3 speeds for sensual clitoral stimulation while you're in the Oh-zone, all easily controlled by a user-friendly button.

Eva II is a fantastic addition to penetrative sex.

Eva II clitoral vibrator in white silicone

Discreet Masturbation Cup for Men & Penis-Owners

In our opinions, Tenga Eggs reign supreme as the ultimate playthings for proud members. Like Kinder Eggs for grown-ups, these deliver delightful surprises – minus the cocoa and loaded with an infinitely more captivating toy within!

Crafted from a body-safe elastomer material, these supple pleasure sleeves are a delight. When doused in a generous drizzle of water-based lube, Tenga Eggs become sensually slick and absolutely mind-blowing when massge over an erection.

Treating your boo (or yourself) to a Tenga one-pop-cup is guaranteed to spice up penis play!

tenga egg


Orgasmic Shower Sex Toy 

The Womanizer Wave Clitoral Shower Head is like a two-in-one deal - it's an orgasm giver and a regular shower head!

This shower head brings you ultimate satisfaction while being water-saving and super easy to install. With three different jet types, it caters to all your pleasure preferences, and the handle is a breeze to use

Find your perfect temperature and select the water jets that tickle your fancy. When you're satisfied with the temperature and intensity, direct the water flow towards your vulva and clitoris.

womanizer wave clitoral shower head

Are you ready for pleasure? Let's go shopping!

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My first time in this on-line store and I am very impressed. Not tacky. Factual. Good advice, especially for complete beginners like me.
I do hope my email address won’t show up anywhere. I’m a little embarrassed to be looking at the site – won’t stop me coming back though!


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