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Sex Toy Review: Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit

Licking Wheel Rabbit Vibrator - Sh! Women's Store

Have you ever fantasised about designing a sex toy? Like, creating a toy that ticks all your boxes? My imagination has never stretched as far as what my perfect toy would look like, but I knew what I wanted it to do. I like oral sex, and I like penetration. Just... I didn't have a toy that did that. Despite having a sex toy collection that rivals the Sh! warehouse, something was missing. But you can't have everything, right? 

I have had my beady eyes (and sweaty palms) on many sample toys over the years; I may even have elbowed colleagues out of the way to get to the most exciting ones first, but when Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit  arrived... I practically ripped it out of my boss's hands. Shameless and unapologetic. That might come up in my next appraisal, but hey ho... Sometimes you just gotta go for what you want :p 

Nymph is my perfect toy. I know, I know, I have said that before, but this time... This is the stuff orgasmic dreams are made of! 

Let's take a look at it. 

Nymph made from hot pink silicone - a double bonus for me. Pink is my colour, and silicone is the best material for sex toys. It's hypoallergenic, smooth and easy to clean. Tick.Tick. 

A long-ish shaft is super-flexible and can be enjoyed for G-spot, A-spot and cervical stimulation. It features a curved tip with silicone ribs along the inside of the shaft. The shaft is fulfilling without being overwhelming. I'm peri-menopausal with some vaginal atrophy, and I have no issues with this babe. Granted, a dash of lube is needed, but that is also for sensual reasons. 

A wheel of soft silicone tongue tips sits in place of the traditional rabbit stimulator. And this, for me, is a stroke of genius! If you love oral sex and p-i-v play, this is a winner!! Cunnilingus is one of the most reliable ways for women & vulva owners to orgasm, and I'm no different. 

Nymph clit-licking rabbit next to a bottle of Sh! Pure lube and a succulent in a pink plant pot


Pleasure Modes 

The Nymph is controlled by two buttons located just below the licking wheel.

Pressing and holding the On/Off button for three seconds lets Nymph know you want to play. The S-Hande logo on the base lazily glows in red, yellow and green. A quick press of the On/Off button sets the licking wheel in motion. It licks forward, it licks backwards, it licks back and forth... It's a lick-fest, babes!

Pressing the modes button switches on deep, throbby vibrations. This is my preferred type of vibration. Subsequent presses scroll through 9 various pleasure modes. These included steady vibrations, pulsing, and cresting waves.

Two motors work independently, so you can enjoy clitoral licking or vibrations or both. (I told you it's a fantastic toy!)

Nymph serves a lot of pleasure, so regular charging is recommended. This rabbit-style vibe is USB rechargeable, and a full charge takes 2 hours. Pop the charging pin into the DC dimple on the back of the vibrator shaft and plug the USB end into a suitable port. Leave to charge in peace. 

Tip: The charging pin needs a bit of a push - you'll know it's in far enough once the light on the logo starts flashing.

Best Lube for Nymph 

I mentioned lube earlier, and I want to expand on it.

We recommend using a water-based lube with silicone toys. Any water-based lube you like will enhance the pleasure of playing with this magnificent toy, but my favourite is Sh! Pure Lube. It's paraben-free, and I have never had any issues with stickiness or itching. My vag is well happy :))

The wheel can do its job without lube, but in my personal experience, lube makes the licking softer and more sensual. It can feel a bit 'much' otherwise. Imagine a dry tongue on your clit... Not great. Also, lubing up the shaft makes penetration far more comfortable. 

Nymph Orgasm Rating: 10/5



As you can enjoy the wheel and the shaft separately, you can edge out your orgasm - or let Nymph work its magic in mere minutes. 

I'm going to get personal here. Oral sex is a slow build for me, and the wheel provides that. This is great if you have plenty of time and want to savour the pleasure. But - add the A-spot pleasing shaft and the treble & bass vibrations, and it's game over for me... Boom! Job done! 

No word of a lie; my latest trial run - and my body knows what to expect now - took me roughly two minutes from start to finish. (Like a teenage boy!) 

But... That doesn't have to mean that the fun is over. The licking wheel is gentler on the clit than a regular vibrator or fingers, for example, so it's possible to carry on. Yasss, babes - multiples! I don't want to sound boastful, but my lady garden is very happy. *Beaming face*

On a scale from 1-5, Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit gets a 10 from me!

nymph clit-licking rabbit in hot pink silicone


Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit isn't silent, but no rabbit vibrator is. The wheel emits a certain amount of noise, and the shaft hums away discreetly. That doesn't bother me, but you might want to turn the TV up if you have flatmates or curious kids.

How to Clean Nymph Clit-Licking Rabbit

Cleaning is the tricky part of this toy - not difficult, but it takes a couple of minutes. The shaft is easy to clean, but the wheel needs extra attention.

A dedicated sex toy cleaner is the easiest option. Spritz on, give it a good spray around the wheel and rinse off. I have found that it's easier to let the wheel spin around if I use antibacterial handwash and hot water to clean it.

Leave Nymph to air dry and then store in the accompanying storage pouch.


I haven't tried this yet (I still have some 'homework' to do), but I reckon you can turn the vibrator around so the licking wheel pleasures your booty instead. This will surely be marvellous if rimming is your thing!

Add lashings of lube for real-feel tongue sensations.

Also, as the wheel acts as a stopper, you can enjoy Nymph anally if the size is comfortable for you. Cover the shaft with a condom for easy cleaning - this also ensures no bacteria is transferred over to the vagina. (Throw away the condom before re-introducing Nymph to the vagina.)

Clit-Licking Fun 

If you love the idea of having a toy tend to your clit with gentle laps, but don't fancy a shaft for internal play, we have the Wheel of Pleasure. Here's my review

Order Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit today! 

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