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Cupid Curved Dildos

Our collection of Cupid Curved Dildos chosen by women. Our Cupid dildos feature a sensually curved shaft and shapely form that broadens slightly towards the base for a subtle 'filling-up' sensation. Available as regular and vibrating dildos, we hand-pour each Cupid with love, using body-safe pure silicone. With Cupid Curved 3 our all-time best-selling dildo of all time, you've hit the right page in your dildo search!

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16 products

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Cupid Dildo FAQ's

Width is the most important dimension to get right. An inch of length will be lost once you slip the dildo into a strap-on harness. Take into account how curvy you and your partner are, as this will also limit the dildo's 'usable' length.

CUPID 1 DILDO is a petite dildo, approximately 1 finger at its tip. The shaft curves out to 1.5 fingers and a modest 2 fingers around the base.

CUPID 3 DILDO starts out with 2 fingers at its curvy tip, swells out to 2.5 fingers and finishes at a lush 3 fingers around the base.
CUPID 5 DILDO is of similar proportions but packed into a shorter shaft for those less keen on length.

CUPID 6 DILDO starts out with approximately 3 fingers at its curvaceous tip, curves out to 3.5 fingers and finishes at 4 fingers around the base.

Choosing a Vibrating Cupid Dildo might make it easier for both of you to orgasm during strap-on play. Note: The larger the dildo, the more gentle the vibrations.

Cupid curved dildo in purple and white marbling

Cupid DildO Sizes

Insertable length / Diam at widest

Slimmer Models:

Cupid 1: 3 inch long x 1 inch diam

Cupid 2: 4.5 inch long x 1.25 inch diam

Cupid 3: 6 inch long x 1.5 inch diam

Wider Models

Cupid 4: 3.5 inch long x 1.25 diam

Cupid 5: 4.5 inch long x 1.5 inch diam

Cupid 6: 6.5 inch long x 1.75 inch diam

Mistress Cupid: 7.5 inch long x 2 inch diam

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