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Sex Tips For Orgasm From The Sexperts at Sh!

Sex Tips For Orgasm From The Sexperts at Sh!

We are almost halfway through our 30 Days of Oh! - 30 days spent on erotic discoveries, pleasure, and orgasms. We're sharing our best tips & tricks on social media throughout August but if you missed them, here are our first 10 sex tips.

Read on for some sex tips for orgasm to ensure your pleasure is the hottest it can be!

Sex Tip 1: Sensual Play

Bold statement: Sex can be even better when you can't see what's going on.

It's true, that all your other senses are on high alert when you can't see what's going on so blindfolding yourself during masturbation, or allowing a trusted partner to blindfold you, is a fantastic way to focus on the erotic sensations as they course through your body.

If you want to ramp it up further, we highly recommend plugging your headphones in so you can listen to an erotic story whilst wearing your blindfold and playing with your fingers or a toy.

Sh! Leather Blindfold

Sex Tip 2: Pelvis Press

A simple trick to help a stubborn orgasm along is to use one hand to press and stretch the lower part of your stomach upwards. This lifts the clitoral hood and can feel absolutely amazing!

This is something you try whilst self-pleasuring, or during sex play with a partner - it works equally well.


Sex Tip 3: Slidey Fingers

One of the best fingering techniques we know is the V-sign.

Here's how to do it: Spread your fingers out into a V-sign and slide them up and down in between the labia lips. This move allows you to play with the internal clitoris and you'll find that the clitoral bulbs fill up pretty quickly - this is when the vulva swells up.

Using lube on your fingers makes this move much more sensual, or you could try an enhancing gel designed for the clitoris.

Sex Tip 4: Happy Hump Day

Humping and grinding is a fun, effective way of getting yourself off!

Grab a pillow, or even better, make a mountain out of pillows in your bed and sit on top of it. Wiggle and ride your pillow mountain in ways that feel great for you. Some folx prefer harder objects to grind against, but we recommend starting off soft and then working yourself up to a firmer surface if you think pillows aren't quite hitting the spot.


Sex Tip 5: Pervertables

You'll have lots of everyday items that can be used for sex play. We call these 'pervertables.'

A fork is an excellent pervertable. The prongs become sensual massagers when stroked gently long soft skin. A wooden spoon or a silicone egg fryer are fun pervertables too - they double as spanking paddles.

A string of beads is another great pervertable. Wash the beads before lubing them up, then use them to create friction against the vulva and clitoris, or shaft and glans of the penis.

Sex Tip 6: Full Bladder

Many womxn say that their orgasms are much more intense when their bladders are full.

This isn't something we suggest doing regularly, but a one-off test drive can be fun! If you're worried about letting go, you can easily give it a go in the shower or bath, or even put a puppy pad down on the bed. The latter is a trick used by many squirters and really helps save time on the cleanup...

Make sure to go for a pee after play though - you don't want to end up with cystitis for the sake of an orgasm, however good!


Sex Tip 7: Temperature Play

Glass toys are amazing for sensual temperature play - especially in the intense heat we've got going on at the moment.

Leave your favourite glass dildo in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes. Whilst you are at it, pop your fave lube in there too - you'll want some of that to help ease the dildo in comfortably.

Alternatively, if it's cold where you are, warm your glass dildo under running warm (not hot) water and enjoy this decadent way of warming up!

Glass Dildos in Bucket of Ice

Sex Tip 8: Doggie Style

Lube up your dildo or favourite internal vibrator, before reaching around and inserting it from behind. This gives you ample opportunity for strong thrusting and deep penetration. To make it extra fun, we recommend treating yourself to a Fun Factory Stronic vibe. These cool vibes pulse and trust all on their own, ensuring all you need to do is concentrate on the orgasm-building!

Sex Tip 9: Anal Play

Using a butt plug or anal beads during masturbation or partnered sex can really ramp up the intensity of your pleasure.

Make sure to always use anal lube for this, as the anus isn't a self-lubricating area. Using a butt plug vs using anal beads is a personal choice, and both offer fantastic orgasmic possibilities. If you are new to anal play, always opt for a small-size toy (with a safe base) but if you are more experienced, you might want a fuller feeling.

Anal Beads Black

Sex Tip 10: G-Spot Orgasm

In order to experience a G-spot orgasm, you need to be incredibly turned on.

Spend 30-40 minutes teasing yourself into a state of readiness with a G-spot toy, but don't let yourself come. When you can't stand it any longer, try squatting on the floor and focus your toy in a "come hither" motion against your G-spot area. Breathe deeply into the pit of your stomach and concentrate on the sensations. Just go with the flow if you suddenly feel a sudden need to pee, as this is likely an orgasm-building. If you hold back at this point, you'll chase the orgasm off... Have a towel handy if you're worried, but don't stop that motion!


More sex tips for orgasm here!

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