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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Dear Sh!

My boyfriend and I need something to spice up our sex life. It's currently fun but a bit 'ordinary.' I guess you could call us vanilla.

We're looking for something fun to start us off - toys, games or something similar? We'll try anything (within reason), but we're after something not too hard-core. 

Hi there,

Thanks so much for getting in touch!

Before we get into the spice of your sex life, we'd like to say vanilla is one of our favourite flavours *wink*

Customers often assume that adventurous and daring sex (read: kinky) is 'best,' but actually - the best sex is the kind of sex where you get your needs met and can communicate desires and turn-ons openly and honestly.

Routine sex can become prescriptive, and dare-we-say-it, a bit boring if it's always the same. So shaking-up routine and bringing playful elements to the bedroom (...or kitchen... or on the stairs... ;) will always pay dividends in future-proofing your sex-life together.



Playing a sexy game together is a great way to start breaking away from any sexual routine that may have taken hold. Games also give you inspiration if you're a bit stuck on ideas. 

They can open-up conversation and help you learn more about your partner's desires and fantasies. Playing games are also a good way for you to suggest new things that YOU'D like to do, without having any heavy (read: potentially taken as critical) conversations about it.

Sex Dice - Sh! Women's Store

The simplest, most economical way of letting the games begin - roll the dice and follow the instructions! A playful 'jumping-off' way to shake-up routine as must follow what the dice say, not do what you usually do...


Sexy I.O.U

'Me in the position of your choosing' ... 'I'll grant one of your sexual wishes'

Introducing a little power-dynamic into play with an I.O.U can give the 'owed' partner a way to introduce new things and the beholden partner to open-up to new ideas, as each must do what the cards suggest.

I.O.U's are also a great way to build anticipation and arousal - draw one in the morning and let the idea of what is to happen later, work its magic all day...


Oral Fun board game

Next level spice-up! A sexy board game spices-up the long game as they take lthe evening to play and win ;)  Whereas dice are the 'quickes' of the sexy game brigade, a board game is the lengthy, indulgent session. With board games that focus on oral sex for couples to ones that will get a sex party going.


Kinky games - Sh! Women's Store


Want to explore kinky play, but don't know where to start? Or don't want to get too heavy, just play a little? A kinky game is a great way to introduce power play and fetish fantasies in a safe, playful way.

If spicing-up means you'd like to explore releasing your inner Dom or sub, a kinky game is a great way to kick things off.



Roleplay can sound intimidating, but it's a lot of fun. It allows you to shed the day-to-day and step into someone else's life for a while.

The most straightforward role is probably the Naked Chef, as no clothing or new accessories are needed. Plus, food and sex are a classic combination!

One of you is the chef, feeding tasty nibbles to their diner. Food is a naturally sensual experience, so in this role-play, you are just tipping it over into the sexual realm.

We have a list of 10 scenarios right here if dreaming up a role leaves you flustered rather than frisky. Check them out!



Satin seduction bondage tie-up set - Sh! Women's Store

Spice-up a regular massage with some sensual bondage which will make  anticipation and arousal SOAR!

Tying-up your lover will add a sexy power-dynamic to your massage.

Blindfolding means they won't know or can't anticipate where the next sensual stroke will be, which will set every nerve in their naked skin a-tingling.
The strokes of the soft, fluttery feather pom will feel divine or devillishly ticklish (depending on how you want to play the power dynamic!).

Lelo massage candles


Drip the warm melted wax onto their body and let it pool or run seductively...

Naked skin. Warm hands. Slow, arousing pleasure you can take time with... (especially if they are tied-up!) Skin is our largest erogenous zone, so pleasure every part of it. Massage is intimately satisfying for both partners when it's the main course. As a build-up to sex, its slow pace is brilliant way to super-boost arousal, and ultimately any orgasms that come later. The slower the build-up, the better the climax.

Massage-friendly lube - silicone lube - Sh! Women's Store


Erotic massage - 'massaging' intimate areas requires you to move away from the massage oil (which can irritate delicate membranes) and move onto a body-friendly lube.

Silicone lube is the best choice for when massages head to towards vulva, penis or bum. Whether using your hands to stroke these areas or rubbing your genitals against theirs, the never-drying properties of silicone lube means you can stroke, rub and glide away to both body's content, without any stickiness ruining your moves.



Have you discussed vibrators yet? Couples vibrators are great fun - and boost your chances of having orgasms!

We recommend starting with something small that's fun for you both to play with.

Finger Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store


Finger vibes are great starter vibes for couples as they are discreet and unobtrusive - they simply slip onto your finger to become a vibrating part of you.  Take turns wearing the buzzy buddy and pleasure each other wherever hands and fingers would usually explore in your love-making sesh. Thrilling teases for every erogenous zone!


Vibrating Cock Ring - Sh! Women's Store

Fun dick or dildo decorations that deliver vibrations to your pleasure pearl. Choose a ring made from a stretchy material for comfortable use, and slip it over the semi-erect penis.

Rest the cock ring around the base of the shaft, climb onboard and grind against the vibrations in ways that feel good for you. 


We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator with remote control and smartphone


The ultimate sex toys for couples. These toys can be enjoyed in the bedroom - or taken out for a discreet spin in public! Slip the vibrating part into your panties and hand over the control to your boo for a spicy date.



This course is designed for couples looking to enhance passion, fun and chemistry within their relationship. 

Over 8 sessions, you'll be guided through communicating desires, building sexual chemistry and creating a perfect night of passion with a toolbox full of sensual tricks!

  • Learn how to invest in sexual currency
  • Explore fantasies together
  • Discover playful ways of awakening erogenous zones
  • Flirt, sext and speak your way to more satisfaction!


We hope our fun tips help add some sauce to your sex life! 

Best Wishes
Team Sh! xx

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