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New Year, New Sex Resolutions!

New Year, New Sex Resolutions!

As we welcome 2023, we're pondering what we want to leave behind and what we want to bring into the new year.

New Year's resolutions typically include eating healthier and going to the gym three times per week, but we already know we'll fail :D Instead, our resolutions are about pleasure-boosting changes because we're far more motivated to keep those!

Sex Resolution: Squeeze & Release

We'll be doing our kegel exercises regularly, because they have so many benefits!

  • Doing Kegels tones up the pelvic floor and helps take care of any pesky leaks. If you find you have wet knickers for all the wrong reasons (happens to all of us), it's time to squeeze and release.
  • Kegels also increase blood flow to the area, so the vagina will feel plumper, juicier and more elastic. This is especially imporant as we age. A side-effect of hitting menopausal age is vaginal dryness and athropy. Regularly giving the pelvic floor some love helps alleviate this. 
  • A stronger pelvic floor means better sex, as you'll be able to feel more. More control and stronger vaginal muscles = easier, more powerful orgasms! We're fans of doing Kegels during sex for this exact reason :p

To help us on our journey to strength, elasticity and love juices, we'll be treating ourselves to new love balls.

kegal Love Balls

New Year, New Lube!

It’s time to throw out almost-empty bottles of lube and out-of-date sex gels. 

Paraben-free products are better for sensitive genitals. As paraben-free products last for around 12 months (after opening), it’s time to clear out the bedside drawer and stock up on fresh goodies! We'll be choosing new favourites from this selection of body-friendly lubes

Lube is a fantastic team mate for sexy shenanigans. Solo play, couples play, oral sex, anal sex... You name it - there's a lube for it! 

a hand hovering over several bottles of lube

Power Up!

It’s time to put “charge up vibes” on the to-do list.

Rechargeable vibrators ensures power throughout pleasure sessions. If you charge them, that is. It's infuriating and frustrating to have a vibe run out of steam just as you are about to climax… Been there, done that - resolving to do better for 2023!

Regularly charging vibrating sex toys keeps the motors happy & healthy - and orgasms frequent. 

a black rechargeable vibrator with a black recharging cable on a gold circle

One For You -  Two For Me!

For every orgasm a male or penis-owning partner has, we're going to ensure we have two! 

The orgasm gap is far too wide and we need to do our bit to bridge it. To help us along on this mission, we need a couple of co-pilots:

  • Vibrating cock rings adds sizzle to the sausage and thrills where its most needed. Cock rings can also be slid over dildos for an extra thrill, which is a great tip for strap-on lovers! 
  • Orgasm-enhancing gels increases arousal and blood flow, making it easier to climax. All the pleasure gels we stock are carefully selected to stimulate pleasure zones effectively, using proven and mostly natural ingredients.
Pleasure Gels to enhace sex & orgasm; Tickle her pink clitoral get & intimate organics intense & gentle

Pay For Porn

Women like porn too. But perhaps we're a little more discerning when it come to what we get off to - every hole isn't a goal. (We're saying 'perhaps' coz we're not yucking your yum.)

But we like to see pleasure, real pleasure

Paying for porn may seem like a waste of money when there is so much free porn available online. But - paying for your porn helps to create ethical practices and better working conditions. Favour porn with equal pleasure policies, safer sex environments and diversity both in front of and behind the camera.

Frolic Me is a platform offering ethically produced erotic films, videos, stories, audio, photographic galleries, and an online magazine all focused on female pleasure, healthy sexuality and wellbeing.

CrashPad casts real life couples who identify as dykes and lesbians, femme, masculine of center, and can be cis or trans women, trans men, people of color, people of size, older queers, and people with disabilities (including neurodivergent). 

Cash Pad Queer filming a scene

So there we have it - our list of doable New Year's resolutions! All we've got to do now is write a shopping list to go with it... *wink*

Happy New Year, lovely friends - best wishes for a bright, fun-filled 2023! 

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