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Summer Sex: The Guide to Getting Hot and Heavy

Summer Sex: The Guide to Getting Hot and Heavy

Oh God, can you feel that? It's actually summer. Lets us bow down or bend over and worship the Sun Gods!

Anyway this week we're talking sex for when it's hot :P

Enjoy some summer sex temperature play

It's hot it's sticky, wouldn't some cool glass feel good against your body right about now? Glass is a great way to experiment with temperature play, try putting a glass toy in the fridge for a couple of hours and then enjoy its exhilarating touch. They are also, durable and waterproof, so you could also try bringing it into a refreshing cool shower.

Take summer sex outdoors

Make the most of those long summer evenings.

It's light it's warm, maybe you could even take things outside. As long as you find somewhere secluded. Bring some Champagne and strawberries and recreate that picnic scene in Stardust. You might even see a shooting star, the Delta Aquariid meteor shower peaks at the end of August and after that it's the Persiad.

And if that doesn't work out maybe the thrill of getting down in the beauty of nature will have you seeing some other stars.

Strip down

It's hard to sleep at night when it's so warm. Snugly pajamas are out, sleeping naked is in. It's definitely too warm to wear a bra, so why not try out some nipple adornments for some cool fun. Or invest in some seductive lingerie to keep you from being weighed down by layers of clothing.

Or is that still too hot? Try a striptease and send the non-literal temperature soaring.


nipple jewellery

Aim for summer sex afternoon delight

Did you know you're most likely to have an orgasm at around 3pm?

Apparently this is when women's bodies have the highest level of cortisol, which affects energy and alertness to stimuli. Stimuli that here means enjoying all the sex. And if your lover is male he might have an afternoon boost of estrogen which can make him more emotionally tuned in and likely to indulge in a session of hefty foreplay.

So bunk off work, go lie in an air conditioned room and get off.

Enjoy solo summer sex

Is the thought of someone touching you ...uff just not doing anything for you right now?

That is cool. It's all cool. Immerse yourself an erotic book, a good sex toy, a chill spot and enjoy some time to yourself. Work up a fun sweat, lying in a darkened room, enjoying an fan swaying ovcer your body as you work up a hot sweat enjoying your-self!

Njoy fun wand

More sex tips here!

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