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Beginners Guide: My First G-Spot Vibrator

Beginners Guide: My First G-Spot Vibrator - Sh! Women's Store

This is our beginner's guide to G-spot vibrators.

Before we delve deeper into the vagina, we should discuss the G-spot. Is there such a thing? Rumour has it there is no such thing.

Yes and no. There is, and there isn’t. If that makes sense.

Science has yet to catch up with the female body; it remains a mystery. This won't change any time soon. But - what has come to light over the last few years is that the G-spot is likely part of the internal clitoris.

There is an erogenous zone inside the vagina, which can bring on intense pleasure and orgasms. This is the area known as the G-spot.

Where is the G-spot?

The G-spot is located a couple of inches inside the vagina, behind the pubic bone. Insert a lubed-up finger and press upwards. You’ll feel an area rougher than the soft vaginal canal - this is the G-spot.

The best time to look for it is when you are really turned on, like pillow-bitingly close to orgasm, ready to come like a train. When you’re this aroused, blood flows to the G-spot, making it swell, and you’ll be able to feel its ridges much easier.

A b;ack & white diagram of the G-spot


How to stimulate the G-spot with a vibrator

A light touch isn’t enough for the majestic G-spot. No, the G-spot likes pressure, rhythm, and more of that, please. Trying to do this to yourself is tricky and tiring, and we recommend getting yourself a G-spot toy instead.

A G-spot vibe has a shaft and a curved tip to press into the G-spot better. Position the tip of the vibrator against the G-spot, and press rhythmically against it. If you suddenly feel a need to pee, you are in the right area. (Inconvenient, we know, so go for a pee before play starts.)

We recommend trying a 'juicing' motion - a round and round motion on the spot - rather than just thrusting the vibrator in and out. 

Most popular G-spot vibrators

  • Cora G-spot vibe has a rounded head with a flexible neck for better juicing the G-spot. A great-size toy for anyone looking to enter the wonderful world of G-spot play, Cora offers petite penetration as well as powerful vibration. There are 15 strong settings to explore, including constant vibration and fun pulse patterns.
  • Sleek G-Spot Vibrator is a medium-sized vibrator with a firm body. The handle makes Sleek easy to manoeuvre, and with 10 different modes, you have plenty to explore. The G-spot prefers deeper, rumbly vibration, which is what Sleek delivers. Again, press the tip into the area and 'juice' on the G-spot, like a 'come-hither' motion on the spot.
Cora slim G-spot vibrator in red silicone

How can I have a G-spot orgasm?

There are no shortcuts or surefire ways of ensuring a G-spot orgasm will happen. We wish there were. Sorry!

The trick is to focus less on the goal and enjoy the process instead. Having a G-spot orgasm takes a while, so don’t stress. You need to be really turned on, and it can take 30-40 minutes of G-spot stimulation before anything happens. It takes practice. Keep at it. Oh, and a little helper-along-er like a G-spot pleasure gel can help!

What is a blended orgasm?

Simultaneous clitoral and G-spot orgasms are known as ‘blended orgasms.’ These are a good stepping stone to G-spot-only orgasms. 

Blended orgasms are easiest to achieve with the help of a rabbit-style vibrator to start off with. But, as you get used to the sensations and learn how your body responds to stimulation, you’ll be able to use a G-spot toy and fingers or a small clit toy. G-spot toys don’t need to be big to do the job. As long as it has a shaft to hold and a curved tip, it’ll do the job beautifully.

As you learn to recognise your orgasm signals, you'll be able to remove the clitoral stimulation and focus on the G-spot. Remove the clitoral stimulation slightly earlier each time, but continue the firm, focused stimulation of your G-spot. Over time, this tricks the body into switching your orgasm from external to internal. #TopTrick

Regina Rabbit vibrator in purple silicone

Browse our G-spot vibrators here.

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