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How to find and pleasure the G-Spot

How to find and pleasure the G-Spot - Sh! Women's Store

Ah, the G-spot. The rare and unrivalled superstar of female-bodied orgasms. So special and precious that some even doubt its very existence. This blog post will shed some light on it: Read on for our advice on how to find and pleasure the G-Spot!

After all our years of experience advising women & vulva owners on erogenous zones, we are sure about what we believe. A cluster of erectile tissue sits on the front wall of the vagina, and it can deliver intense pleasure when stimulated just so.

Maybe you’ve been fantasising about the ultimate penetrative sensation, or you’ve heard your friends talking about how fantastic G-spot stimulation and orgasms are. Maybe you still struggle to hit your peak or even find your G-spot...

We’ve put together a short guide to shed some light on the ins and outs of G-spots, how to find them, and the moves you need to make for maximum satisfaction. Perhaps you’ll discover the G-spot is not so elusive after all...

How to find your G-spot

Finding your G-spot takes time and exploration, but baby, the journey is the destination!

Don’t put pressure on yourself if you can’t find the Holy Grail straight away. This is normal. Relax and enjoy the sensations of exploring. Getting to know your own body and being comfortable is key to understanding your own ‘process’ when it comes to reaching orgasm. There are no wrong answers here, so feel free to move along as quickly or as slowly as you desire!

The beauty is the G-spot ‘wakes up’ with arousal and will become easier to find the more you’re enjoying yourself.

G-spot exploration is fun with a partner you trust and communicate well with, but we recommend starting your research alone and at your own pace. This way, you’ll get an idea of sensations, how they make you feel, and what to expect. You’ll have a more confident and fulfilling time with a partner and your G-spot further down the line. 

Diagram of the G-spot, also showimng bladder and uterus

It’s often best to begin your exploration simply, with fingers and lube. Ensure your fingers are clean and your nails are free from dirt and snags for a more pleasurable experience.

The G-spot area is located on the front wall of the vagina, about half a finger inside and up. You’ll find your fingers will naturally follow the inner slope of your body, but as a guide curving them upwards towards your belly button will give you a better angle.

New explorers often make the mistake of delving too deep - blame mainstream porn and the idea that ‘bigger/deeper is better’ – the sacred pearl of the G-spot is often not as far within as you’d expect. We wish we could draw you a map to the exact spot, but every body is unique, and you’re bound to have fun figuring out what works best for you.

The G-spot is erectile tissue that swells and becomes firm as arousal builds. As you feel around, try to find a cluster of tissue slightly harder and bumpier than the smooth surface of your vaginal walls. You should notice a gently significant change in sensation.

Feel that? Bingo! You’ve just found your G-spot!

Your G-spot may be higher up inside or a larger size (easier to find! Lucky you!). G-spot sizes can vary from a pea to a walnut - all are normal, natural and loaded with the potential to send you into orbit!

Can’t quite find the right spot? Don’t give up! Orgasms take time to build, and the G-spot can take a while to respond. Up your chances by seeing that you’re nicely relaxed and incredibly aroused. Give yourself lots of attention and enjoy practising. 

Still no luck? Try again another time. There is no rush. 

Increasing G-spot sensation 

Once you’ve found your hot spot, it’s time to experiment and find out how it likes to be stimulated. Oh yes, now the fun really begins! You might choose to do this alone or with a partner, but either way, there is a technique you can use that has been shown to work for many women.

Work your finger in (or fingers if you prefer more than one) bit by bit and massage the G-spot firmly. Use plenty of lube to keep your movements smooth and deliciously swooping. You want to get your fingers into a curled position and use them to massage the wall of your vagina in a ‘come-hither’ motion. 

This motion can be tiring to do on your own, so a G-spot toy is often helpful. This type of sex toy has a handle to hold and a tip that curves upwards towards your G-spot, making stimulation easier.

Blue G-spot vibrator with white handle

Best positions for G-spot stimulation

Now you’ve got to grips with things and know the whereabouts of your G-spot, it’s time to ramp things up. How about using different positions to keep hitting your pleasure spot and maybe even achieve some toe-curling orgasms!

If you’re experimenting with a partner, try lifting your knees towards your chest, giving them better access to your G-spot. This allows you to lie back and enjoy. Rather than vigorously thrusting their fingers in and out, ask them to firmly massage the area instead - we call this 'juicing the G-spot.' From here, their view is so spectacular that they might enjoy it just as much as you do. (Almost!)

Doggy style is a fabulous position for G-spot stimulation. It's also perfect if you enjoy the feeling of being dominated. Being on all fours with your back arched ensures your G-spot receives maximum attention.

Many womxn also find that riding 'on-top' cowgirl style is key to a penetrative orgasm, as you control the pace and the spot that gets hit.

For intensely intimate eye contact with your partner, try lying on your back with your legs in the air as they penetrate you.

Ride that rocket ship into orbit, baby!

Read more G-spot advice here.

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