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Q&A: I'm an unconfident masturbator

Q&A: I'm an unconfident masturbator - Sh! Women's Store

Hi Sh! I have a question regarding the lipstick vibe. I've now used the Sh! mini bullet several times and have not quite been able to orgasm with its use. This is my first toy and I wasn't much of a handy masturbator at all previously (and still am not super good at it). Is the lipstick much stronger than the mini bullet? I know that I'm the type that requires a lot of sensory stimulation to get anywhere. Thanks for taking the time to answer! I know you have many other customers to attend to.

Hello there,

Nice to hear from you! 

Firstly, rest assured that just because you don’t climax with one toy doesn’t mean you’re not a good masturbator. The wonderful thing about exploring what exactly tickles your pickle is that you can have a lot of fun trying different toys with different sensations!

The Lipstick Vibe has definitely proved popular. Not only is it a cute little toy - but it’s also powerful and quiet with 10 different throbbing & escalating vibrating patterns to explore. However, the strength of vibration is similar to the Sh! Bullet, so we’d like to suggest a couple of other toys that might work better for you.

We often find that our customers fall into one of these two categories:

  1. Those who enjoy an intensely high-pitched buzz like the Sh! Bullet and the Lipstick.
  2. Those who need a deep, rumbly vibration to get off.

It may be that you belong to the second category, in which case high-pitched toys won’t work their magic on your bits. Instead, vibes with deep vibrations are more likely to tip you over into orgasm. Here are three of our favourite vibrators with rumbly vibrations:

Je Joue Mimi – a clit vibrator that is pebble-shaped, quiet, discreet and perfect for intense clitoral stimulation. The deep and penetrating vibrations are out of this world! Never desensitizing or buzzy, the toy rumbles with power, with control from your fingertips.

Satisfyer Pro2 Next Generation - a suction stimulator that is likely to make your toes curl with pleasure! With the help of innovative vacuum technology and touch-free clitoral stimulation, this sex toy is hugely popular with customers and staff alike.

Klaus Rechargeable Wand – millions of folks swear by wand vibrators, and we wholeheartedly agree with them. It’s hard to not have an orgasm with one of these powerful babes! Wands have larger, ball-shaped heads that transmit vibrations deep into the body.

Last but not least, we want to point you towards the Becoming Orgasmic online sex course. This fun, pre-recorded course will take you through anatomy, masturbation techniques and toys - all from the comfort of your own bedroom. You may feel like an unconfident masturbator right now, but with our help, you'll become a dab hand in no time!

Becoming Orgasmic Course Blog Post
Screenshot from Becoming Orgasmic

Team Sh! xx

If you’d like any tailored advice or recommendations, please feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll answer you privately. We may also share Q&A’s so others may benefit, but if we do it will always be anonymous, with nothing left in to identify you.

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