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5 Steps to a G-Spot Orgasm

5 Steps to a G-Spot Orgasm - Sh! Women's Store

Few erogenous zones bring as much curiosity as the G-spot. This elusive yet super-erotic area is full of pleasure potential. Grab a bottle of lube, and a G-spot toy and follow our 5 steps to a G-spot orgasm!

1: Be physically responsive to G-spot pleasure

Being physically responsive to your first G-spot orgasm means being really turned on. Like, really turned on.

Starting out wielding your G-spot toy with grim determination will get you nowhere. The difference between 'Oh! Wow!' success and 'This is doing nothing' disappointment is all about arousal, receptiveness, and build-up. For many of us, this means at least 30 minutes, if not a full hour playing with your toy before going G-spotting.

For many women & vulva-owners, being responsive to G-spot stimulation also means firing up the body *and* the mind. Tease yourself into pillow-chewing readiness with your fingers or toy. Ramp up your fantasies with a hot read, or download ethical porn if you're into visuals.

G-spot dildo in purple silicone


2: Be mentally responsive to G-spot sensations

To be responsive to your first G-spot orgasm, you must get past the feeling that you might pee. 

The same nerves that send G-spot sensations to the brain also send messages from the bladder. To avoid this unnecessary distraction, empty your bladder before play starts. This way, you can relax if your brain suddenly starts poking you, telling you to go for a pee. You know it's not true; this is just the G-spot sensations building.

For many women, a G-spot orgasm can cause a pleasurable gush of liquid. Sometimes just a few drops or sometimes enough fluids to soak the bed. This is female ejaculation or squirting.

Although this liquid isn’t urine (very similar to male ejaculation without the sperm), it’s easy to feel worried that it might actually be pee. Worrying will make you tense up and dash any chances of having a G-spot orgasm, so getting past this feeling is vital. Going to the loo before you start playing is crucial. You can also put a towel or puppy pad underneath you to calm a worried mind. 

Pale pink G-spot dildo in glass

3: Stimulate your G-spot firmly

We’re all unique with individual responses, but some universal rules still apply. One is that our clitorises enjoy a lighter touch, whereas our G-spots delight in much firmer stimulation. 

Find a position you can comfortably satisfy your G-spot’s need for pressure. On all fours, perhaps, or on your back with your legs drawn up are good positions to try.

Drizzle some lube onto your G-spot toy and glide it into the opening of the vagina. Press the toy firmly towards your tummy, and work your G-spot with small circular motions. Some find that pressing down just above their pubic bone with their other hand increases internal sensitivity, so give this a go.

Or, try using your free hand to rub and pat around your urethra. Some folks can be externally stimulated to G-spot orgasm by patting this area, so worth exploring your responses. 

While all this patting, rubbing, and massaging feel sexy and pleasurable, tune in to the internal sweet spot that feels different. That's it ‚Äď you‚Äôve¬†found your G-Spot!

Your body will let you know when it wants you to increase the pressure. Try pressing the toy deeper onto your G-spot, moving it back and forth. Squeeze your PC muscle in rhythm with your stimulation. This helps keep arousal at 'high'.

Jewel green G-spot vibrator

4: Enjoy your G-spot journey

Learning to have a G-spot orgasm is a process of discovery rather than a moment of eureka. It’s important not to get too hung up on the destination. Remember to enjoy the journey.

Identifying and enjoying this erogenous zone may be as much as you can hope for the first few times you practice, and that’s ok. As you get used to the sensations, bigger and better things will come…

Lelo Mona Wave in blue and white

5. Be open to multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms are more likely to be based in the G-spot, rather than the clitoris. The clit often becomes too sensitive for touch soon after orgasm. The G-spot can usually take more stimulation soon after orgasm. If you're lucky enough to experience the throbbing release of a G-spot orgasm, know possible to enjoy more soon after!

Keep stimulating your G-spot throughout the orgasmic contractions, usually between 5 ‚Äď 10 seconds. Once the contractions subside, give yourself a short break of around 20 seconds before resuming firm stimulation with your toy. You might find you can have another G-spot orgasm quite quickly. After that, you can keep going! Rest briefly as soon as each orgasm is over (it can feel uncomfortable without the pause) until you can take no more‚Ķ


G-spot vibrator in bright orange silicone

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