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Our collection of moderate Sex Toys chosen by women.

Revolutionize your pleasure with our unique selection of sensuous, body-safe toys, many exclusively available at Sh!  Learn how to pick the perfect sex toy or ask us for tailored help - no pressure, just friendly guidance.

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63 of 360 products

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63 of 360 products

  • Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator
  • Rocks Off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet - Sh! Women's StoreRocks Off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Rocks Off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet
  • Rocks Off RO-80 Silver Bullet Vibrator
  • Rocks Off Ruby Glow Dusk Ride-On Vibe
  • Regina Wave Rabbit Vibrator - Sh! Women's StoreRegina Wave Rabbit Vibrator - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Regina Wave Rabbit Vibrator
  • Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrating Dildo - Sh! Women's StoreLuxe Touch Sensitive Vibrating Dildo - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrating Dildo
  • Screaming O Lipstick Vibrator
  • Rocks-Off Prism Rainbow Bullet Vibrator
  • Clare Slim Bendable Vibrator
  • IJoy Remote Egg Vibrator
  • Double Diver Penetration Ring
  • Ana Slim Flexible G-Spot Vibe
  • Pulse Mini Sucking Vibrator
  • Tiny Teaser Nubby Vibrator
  • Tiny Teaser Bunny Vibrator
  • Rechargeable Cock Ring
  • Joanna Clitoral Suction Rabbit-Style Vibe
  • Tina Bendable Double Suction Vibe
  • Mini Marvels Marvelous Lover
  • Ellie Double Pleasure Suction Vibe
  • Dawn Dual Stimulation Vibrator - Sh! Women's StoreDawn Dual Stimulation Vibrator - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    Dawn Dual Stimulation Vibrator
  • Double-Ended Massaging Bead Vibrator
  • Mini Marvels Marvelous Bunny
  • Mini Marvels Marvelous Flicker


Ask yourself: What is the MAIN kind of pleasure I want to experience?

sex toy FAQ's

Sh! by name, Sh! by nature! We understand that when you shop for sex toys online, you don't need the world and its Postie knowing what's inside your parcel and you want to know your privacy is paramount. All goodies come in discreet packaging, of course, and we safeguard your data like a Lioness would her cubs!

A million reasons! Sex toys can make your sex life better, allowing you to experience different or more intense types of orgasm and helping to close the orgasm-gap. Sex toys are healthy intensifying intimacy and communication between couples, and solo self-exploration and sexual discovery, whatever your gender, sexuality or experience-level. They can help treat Vaginismus or erectile dysfunction.

Most of all, sex toys are FUN - truely toys for adults!

How we select our sex toys means that you can be 100% confident that every sex toy at Sh! is made from body-safe material, in a body-safe design. Always use sex toys safely with common sense; follow the instructions and use only for their intended purpose (ie. never use a non anal-safe toy up your bum!). Cleaning and being extra careful about sharing sex toys is the most important safety advice, as toys can transmit STI's.

Cleaning your sex toys is easiest with sex toy cleaner - just spritz off and wipe off before and after every use. When air dry, store in a clean, fluff-free place for next time.

YES! Gone are the days when sex toys were considered just for sad singletons or swingers. Dispelling these and other myths (like do sex toys ruin relationships?) has been our mission for the last 30 years! By revolutionizing the sex toy industry, bringing female-foccused designs and advice-led service to the world of sex toy shopping, we hope that EVERYONE feels they can safely, confidently (and without any 'ick') experience the pleasure and empowerment that sex toys can bring.

It's always best to check, but so long as your doctor or midwife hasn't put you on a sex-ban, then using sex toys during pregnancy is fine, great even! Just be extra thorough when it comes to cleaning your toys before use.

You can take sex toys on a plane, so long as they are not illegal in country you're visiting. They are best packed in hold luggage, with batteries out or travel-lock on!