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Q&A: Will Sex Toys 'Ruin' Me For Future Sex?

Q&A: Will Sex Toys 'Ruin' Me For Future Sex?

Hi Sh!

I've never had a sex toy, but I'm considering getting one. I've read that using toys and having regular orgasms have health benefits. My only worry is that it will "ruin" me for future sex. What do you think? Is it healthy to have a sex toy?

Hello there, 

Thanks for emailing us :)

Using a sex toy allows you to take charge of your pleasure. Getting to know your body and learning what you like can only be a good thing. This will stand you in good stead when you meet someone. So, in fact, using a sex toy can actually make sex with a partner better! 


Self-pleasuring and orgasms, with or without a sex toy, have many health benefits. Pleasure and orgasm improve your mood and make you feel good, for example. 

Using sex toys improves the tone and elasticity of vaginal walls. This can be helpful for your future sex life, as pleasure helps keep your motor running, so to speak. Use it or lose it, as they say!

Sexy times with a toy promote vaginal lubrication, which keeps you from feeling dry and uncomfortable.

Orgasms release a fantastic blast of dopamine, which acts as a natural pain killer. Dopamine can help ease a headache, for example, or relieve period cramps.

Arousal and orgasm get the heart pumping and increase the blood flow in the body, improving cardiovascular activity. A good orgasm also reduces tension, so masturbation is stress relief!

Sexual activity also triggers a release of oxytocin, known as the “love hormone.” Oxytocin can be beneficial for several reasons, including having a relieving effect on depression and anxiety.

Sex and self-pleasuring help strengthen the pelvic floor - an orgasm is a series of pelvic floor contractions, so you are working out too! Plus, all this pleasure sends you straight to sleep, so you'll wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. (Have we convinced you yet?)


Many women and vulva-owning folk find their orgasms are far more reliable when using a vibrator.

Vibrators deliver 200 oscillations per minute. This is more consistent than a human tongue, finger, or penis. This makes vibes super-reliable for orgasmic pleasure! 

If you struggle to climax or find that your orgasms aren't as intense as you'd like, trying a vibrating sex toy can kick it up a notch. 

Orgasms feel different when brought on by a sex toy compared to one brought on by a finger or tongue. This doesn't mean "better" or "worse" - the great thing about pleasure is that you can have an infinite amount!

Clitoral vibrators are by far the most popular in our online store. They are small, generally easy to use and not too pricey. A toy like the Callie clit bullet is a great starter toy. Callie is sleek and sexy and features 10 pleasure modes. This bullet is designed for clit play, but thanks to its finger-length size, Callie can be used for teasing the vaginal opening too. 

a black bullet vibrator with a tapered tip
If you prefer internal stimulation, a small G-spot toy may be just the thing. Cora is a slim babe in soft silicone. With a long handle, Cora is easy to hold and manoeuvre for G-spot stimulation. Strong vibration and multiple settings mean you're spoilt for choice :) 


Sex toys are fabulous fun but not a replacement for human connection. A vibrator can deliver orgasms and pleasure at the press of a button, but it will never ask you how your day was, run you a bath, or cook you dinner. It has limited abilities.

A vibrator doesn't have to be instead of a partner - a sex toy is a teammate. Your favourite toy can be relied upon to deliver in some ways, while a new lover delivers in others...

Using a sex toy together enhances intimacy and intensifies pleasure. Sex toys open up communication and add spice and variety to your sex life.

There are heaps of fun toys you can use with a new boo. Remote-controlled sex toys are particularly popular with couples. One of you takes control of the other's pleasure which is super-sexy in itself. Remote vibrators come in all shapes: Love eggs, panty vibes, cock rings, dildos or butt plugs. Whatever tickles your pickle, there is a remote-control sex toy for it! 

Browse sex toys here!

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