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Top 5 Lesbian Gifts

Top 5 Lesbian Gifts - Sh! Women's Store

Whether a new sexy dildo for your girlfriend or a vibrator gift for your mate, giving an erotic toy is giving the gift of pleasure - a gift that keeps on giving!

Buying a sex toy for someone as a gift can be empowering and liberating, especially if they might be embarrassed or coy about buying one for themselves.

It doesn't matter¬†who¬†the recipient is or how much they might protest that they don‚Äôt ‚Äėneed‚Äô a toy ‚Äď that sexy gift will be slipped into a bag and whisked away, believe us!

When buying a gift, don’t buy too large. Supersizing is fine if you categorically know their preferences, but otherwise, leave the grand gestures (and big dildos) for when you are shopping together.

Choice, Choices!

Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Pop into our website chatbox for advice!

We've spent the last 31+ years matching the right toy for our customer's needs, with an ethos of never putting profit over pleasure. We have unrivalled insight and experience to help you.

If we're unavaliable, just leave us a message and your email address, and we'll respond as soon as we can. 

The Number 1 Bestselling Lesbian Gift: Strap-On Dildo Set

Our Best Strap-On Dildo Set comes with a soft leather double-strap harness for comfy wear and our Cupid 3 silicone dildo with curves in all the right places.

The lucky recipient will also find a large bottle of our bestselling Sh! Pure Lube for sensual, long-lasting play, plus a bottle of sex toy cleaner for keeping toys spick & span inside the box.

And this set comes in a gift box, so the wrapping is taken care of too! 

Strap-On Kit: Dildo, harness, Lube and toy cleaner in gift box


Choose a Finger Vibrator for an Hands-On Lesbian Gift

If a strap-on isn’t appropriate, a small finger vibe could be just the thing. 

A finger vibrator is worn on the finger and turns the finger into a vibe all on its own. The clitoris is the epicentre of most women‚Äôs orgasmic world, and clits love vibrators; this is especially true for clitorises that take a while to get going or are ‚Äėunpredictable‚Äô in their response.¬†

A finger vibe is a great lesbian gift for a single woman who enjoys exploring her sexuality or for a partner who feels that sex toys can be intimidating.

Vibrators with different pulse settings, ranging from low purring throbbing to high-intense revving, offer a myriad of sensations to explore. With prices starting at £15, a finger vibe won’t break the bank.

Dory fonger vbrator in deep pink silicone


The Inspiring Lesbian Gift

Becoming Orgasmic online plessure course is the ideal gift for a friend or lover who struggle to climax. 

This course consists of 7 sessions, covering everything from anatomy, to masturbation techniques, to squirting, and what to expect from it. 

Perfect for women who want to learn more about their potential for incredible pleasure, this course is designed to encourage self-pleasure and exploration. 

For extra fun, there is sexy and super-pleasurable homework to complete in between each session!

Becoming Orgasmic online pleasure course


The Thrilling Lesbian Gift

A great vibrator doesn't necessarily mean spending mega-bucks. 

Silicone vibrators (like dildos, silicone vibes are the best for sensuality and safety) offer a range of continuous vibrations and sexy pulse mode settings starting from as little as £22. 

If you are looking for a real treat, Dual Stimulation Vibe fits the bill. This suction & vibration sex toy is elegant and also beautifully packaged.

With a sweeping G-spot-seeking tip and a whopping 20 settings to explore, it's perfect for long pleasure sessions!

dual suction and vibraton sex toy in purple


Lube: The Practical Lesbian Gift

Lube is a sexual essential, especially when playing with sex toys, as even non-porous toys can suck up a little of your natural juices. During long love-ins, lube allows pleasure to go on and on.

On the surface, a bottle of lube may be deemed a ‚Äėpractical' gift, but it's one that will enhance pleasure for weeks (months!) to come!

Sh! Pure Lube is water-based and slickety-slick. A little goes a long way! Free from parabens, without scent or bitter aftertaste, this is our go-to for all occassions...

a bottle of Sh! Pure Lube


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