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The Best-Rated Lesbian Sex Toys at Sh! Women's Store

Our Best-Rated Lesbian Sex Toys - Sh! Women's Store

Sh! is an LGBT business with thousands of loyal lesbian, gay & queer customers. With this in mind, it might not be a total surprise that Sh! is top-rated when it comes to offering the best lesbian sex toys. We manufacture a fantastic range of mix & match strap-ons, for example. (Some may even say our strap-ons are the best in Britain!)

Best Sex Toys for Lesbian (vulva-to-vulva) Couples

Read on for our bestselling lez sex toys, along with a selection of lesbian sex toys reviews.

Best Lube for Lesbian Sex?

Lesbian sex typically involves tongues and fingers and goes on for hours. This means knowing where to find a vagina-friendly lube that lasts the course is essential. The favourite with our lesbian customers is, without a doubt, Sh! Pure lube.

Sh! Pure is water-based, which means vagina friendly. It’s also paraben-free and unlikely to cause an itch. Pure has no scent or aftertaste, so all you’ll taste is natural love juices.

Three bottles of lube on a table

'Such a great product! It's not sticky, so it works well for massage, and it's wonderfully moist. I have a rare, genetic skin condition, and my vagina shears easily; every other lube I've tried stings, but this one doesn't at all! Great for solo play and for couples'

Best Toy For Fingering? 

Don’t you sometimes wish your fingers were just a teeny-tiny bit longer so you can reach all the sexy internal spots? This extending finger vibe! will fix it! 

Made from soft silicone, this finger tingler features seductive ribs at its tip. The extended finger vibe curves into a firm tip perfect for stimulating the G-spot. The vibe comes with a remote for handy control without having to stop playing.

pink finger vibrator on a table

'My fingers are quite short, which isn't great - this little marvel extends my finger-power in all the right ways!'

Best Double-Ended Dildo for Lesbians?

This double-ender offers the best of both worlds: Enjoy your end while watching your partner enjoy theirs! A versatile toy with two non-identical insertable vibrating bulbs that offers twice the fun! Featuring a magical moving bead under the super-smooth silicone on one end and vibration on the other, you each have several pleasure settings to play with. It is, of course, waterproof for soapy fun in the bath or shower.

A purple double-ened vibrator sex toy

'This double-ender is our favourite for several reasons. Number one, it vibrates. Always a plus. Number two, it’s flexible, and you can get up close and personal during play. Another plus. And it has different ends, which means it’ll work even if you fancy different types of stimulation. Plus, plus, plus!'

(If this doesn’t look like your cup of tea, we have lots of fantastic vibrators for you to bring into the bedroom, kitchen or even waterproof vibrators for the shower! Wherever you decide to play, Sh! has a vibrator for you;)

Best Strap-On Dildo Kit for Lesbians?

Our most popular leather harness + our bestselling silicone dildo + best-selling lube & toy cleaner = Best Strap-On Dildo Kit!

This money-saving kit contains everything you need for sexy strap-on play. Our buttery-soft 2-strap harness in black, available in XS – XXL, alongside our bestselling Cupid 3 hand-poured dildo in purple. Add a 250ml bottle of paraben-free lube for smooth moves and sex toy cleaner for easy-peasy cleanup, and you have a pleasure kit to be proud of!

Bestselling strap-on kit: A purpe dildo, a black harness, lube and sex toy cleaner

'This box is a great way to get started and has all the basics you need to get going at a decent discount to buying all the items separately. The harness is really comfortable, soft against the skin so doesn't rub and it adjusts very easily to get the right fit. The dildo is great for a beginner as it is a reasonable size without being intimidating. My girlfriend and I both love this kit and think it is well worth the price'

At Sh! our dildos are lovingly hand-poured in over 30 sizes and shapes, with most suitable to wear in a harness. We add to our collection by sourcing the best dildos in silicone, steel and toughened glass. If you’re looking to experiment with strap-ons but aren’t sure what you want, our First Strap On Dildo kit is a great place to start.

Best Strapless Dildo for Lesbians? 

If you want to get closer-than-close with your lover, explore gender-play or just want to play without the faff of a harness then a strapless strap-on is for you.

Strapless dildos are not the easiest toy to use - they require strong PC muscles for the 'wearer' to grip the smaller, egg-shaped end and any wild thrusting will cause the dildo to fall out... but a strapless dildo offers lesbian sex partners an intimacy and closeness unrivalled by any other sex toy.

We designed the Sh! Strapless Dildo with a more pronounced U-Shaped than any other strapless dildo, because we found the weight of the longer end of most strapless is just too much to keep it in place. This U-Shape means when you are wearing the Sh! Strapless, it extends out of your body, curving upwards in a very 'natural' upright manner ;)

'We use this toy as a lesbian couple - Its fantastic for when you both want to be pleasured at the same time, but also leaves both your hands free for other things! It does slip out being as there isn't a harness involved, but if you wanted more energetic thrusting then the partner with the egg shaped part can always wear a harness to keep things more secure. Love the vibration option but it could be stronger, and a toy that goes inside both women and provides clitoral vibration for both would be perfect!'

Rodeoh Lesbian Strap-On & Packing Pants

We love these Rodeoh strap-on pants! Casual yet sexy, Rodeoh briefs are comfy enough to wear under day clothes to make sure you’re always ready for a ride.

Rodeoh strap-on pants are double-layered with a reinforced O-ring, which supports small and medium-sized dildos, as long as they have a flared base. Designed like briefs, Rodeoh are perfect for comfortable packing too.

rodeoh strap-on pants

'We bought these and had a little wait before they arrived as they had sold out as soon as the first load came into the store. Our wait was well worth it, these are comfortable and look good. Easy to use and it also means that my wife can wear them out and I keep a dildo in my bag when we are out and about...'

Ready to start experimenting? Shop lesbian sex toys created with you in mind.

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