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The Best Sex Toy Gift Sets: Make it Memorable!

The Best Sex Toy Gift Sets: Make it Memorable!

Looking for a box of luxurious sex toy gifts for your loved one? Well, you can relax because your search end here - Sh! Pleasure Sets are packed with amazing erotic treats!

Our pleasure sets are packed with sex toys and products that can be enjoyed alone or with a partner.

Our affordable sets of delicious delights are available in three sizes:

  • Small - A bite-size gift set for a passionate encounter
  • Medium - More-ish and perfect for a seductive evening
  • Large - Ideal size gift set for a steamy weekend escape

Best Small Sex Toy Gift Set

Don't think of a smaller gift set as 'less' - the lucky receiver gets a box packed with exciting toys to enjoy! For instance, the gift box below includes various enticing accessories: 

Two orgasm-boosting gels plus a large bottle of the all-essential body-friendly lube for slickness and comfort. A mini G-spot vibrator made in body-friendly silicone encourages internal exploration, while a set of Ben Wa balls ensures a toned pelvic floor. Oh - and a mirror for admiring the vulva!

A box full of sex toys for a woman and vulva-owner

Best Medium-Size Pleasure Set

Neatly tucked into a box with a magnetic lid (handy storage!), the yummy treats below are perfect for a man/penis-owning person or a couple. It makes for a sexy wedding or anniversary gift - or just because you wish them lots and lots of pleasure...

Lube is the best pleasure tool, so we always include a bottle in our gift boxes. In this particular box, we have also added some tasty fruit-flavoured lubricant in case licking and sucking is on the agenda...mmm!

There is also a warming spray and flavoured condoms for jazzing up blow jobs, because why not?

Tengs Eggs are our most popular toys for peens, so of course the recipient gets one for textured & thrilling masturbation.

A vibrating cock ring adds a sexy buzz to handjobs of penetrative sex - we supply the ring and you choose the sexy activity ;)

And to top it off, there is a bottle of long-lasting anal lube plus an anal plug for deeper exploration…

a box full of sex toys for men and penis-owners

Wowzers - the large boxes of pleasure are for the times you want to treat someone to such an abundance of exciting delights they may pass out! 

No word of a lie; these gift boxes are overflowing with goodies. For example, choosing a pleasure prezzie like the one in the picture below will ensure the lucky recipient has so many playthings to explore and enjoy!

Our most popular large box is the one shown in the piccy below. This gift is designed for couples, as some products are just more fun when shared. 

A bottle of lube - obviously. The wetter, the better! 

The Intimate Earth Organic Enhancer Kit boosts genital sensations and improves chances of orgasm. 

A finger vibrator is fantastic for the external exploration of nipples and clitorises. A remote control vibrator is sure-fun for date night, and a vibrating cock ring adds a sexy sizzle to a penis or strap-on dildo. 

A Tenga Egg jazzes up a handjob, while a pair of Ben Wa Balls improves vaginal strength and orgasm reliability. 

Restrain your lover with the quicker cuffs and blindfold them in preparation for sensual play. Try the soft feather tickler, the warming massage candle or squirt popping mousse all over their naked skin for a massage with a difference! 

Not sure what to do with all of these goodies? Light My Fire pleasure course takes you through each product and as it's delivered straight to your or your lover's inbox, yhou can find out tonight...

The best thing about the Sh! sex toy gift sets is that you save cash, at the same time as treating someone special to the gift of wet dreams!

Browse our pleasure sets today!

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