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Lesbian Sex Toys - How To Introduce Toys Into Your Lesbian Relationship

Introducting Sex Toys into your Lesbian Relationship - Sh! Women's Store

If you're reading this, you're probably ready to introduce toys into sexy time with your bae. Are we right? (You're very welcome to read this article about the best lesbian sex toys even if you're single. A recce is an investment into your future pleasures.)

If you've already discussed introducing toys into your sex life, you're ready to start browsing for the perfect plaything. Great!

If you haven't yet talked about it, you need to find out if your partner is on the same page. Whipping out a dildo at an inopportune moment can go very wrong. Sorry, boo.

Sex toys are tag-team partners. They make sex more varied, orgasms more regular, and they are fun to play with. Sort of like having a threesome with a unicorn that never wants anything for themselves. They're just happy to be of service!

Think about what kind of sex toys turns you on. Find out what your love would like to try. Don't stress if you find you're not on the same wavelength. A bit of flirty bartering and saucy negotiation over a glass of wine goes a long way...

Meet in the middle and look for something you'll both enjoy playing with. Keep it light and romance over what kind of pleasure you'd like to explore together.

Luckily we've done most of the prep-work for you (you're welcome - it was definitely our pleasure!). Read on for the best sex toys for lesbian couples.

Entry-Level (Beginner's Sex Toys): Finger & Bullet Sex Toys

Teeny-tiny sex toys for fingers are usually easy to start off with. They are non-intrusive but still deliver a brilliant buzz. The black G-spot finger vibe below is perfect for lesbian lovin'. A small, waterproof vibe with 10 powerful settings to explore. Pop the vibe onto your chosen finger, add some lube and stroke and tease in all your favourite ways...

A black finger vibrator


Bullet vibrators are classics. They're inexpensive, they fit into pockets and handbags, and they deliver thrilling vibes at the flick of a button. 

Intermediate Level: Double-Ended Sex Toys

Double-ended sex toys are generally very popular with lesbian couples. You each have an end to play with, you get to watch your partner enjoying their end, and you get to enjoy yourself too! That's a win in our book! 

This vibrating double-ender is our favourite for several reasons. Number one, it vibrates. Always a plus. Number two, it's flexible, and you can get up close and personal during play. Another plus. And it has different ends, which means it'll work even if you fancy different types of stimulation. Plus, plus, plus!

vibrating double-ended lesbian sex toy in purple

Another great option is the PicoBong Transformer, a double-ended vibe with two bulbs connected by a 17-inch super flexible shaft. Transformer boasts the title of 'World's First Gender-Neutral Sex Toy' which means it offers unlimited ways to play for all genders and couple combinations.

Advanced Level: Strap-Ons for Lesbian Couples

If you've been playing with toys for a while, you might feel ready to take the next step and explore strap-on sex. Now, this isn't for everyone, and you can be a lesbian without ever stepping into the world of the strap-on. The great thing about sex toys is that you can pick and choose and try only the things that really take your fancy!

However, if you're curious and into it, strap-on play is a hot way of giving and receiving pleasure.

First of all, you'll need a strap-on. Obvs. Choosing one together is a turn-on, and you might find juices start flowing already at this stage. There are, of course, a few things to consider. Will the strap-on harness be for both of you to share, or is it for one of you only? If you want to share a Sh! leather harness, it needs to be sized for the partner who has curvier hips. The other person simply tightens the straps when it's their turn to be the giver.

Dildos are fun to choose from, but sizing can be mind-boggling. Do the two of you agree on dildo shape & size, or does one prefer a smaller or larger toy? Over time you'll probably end up with a fabulous collection of dildos, but small-medium is a great starting point.

Still confused? Our bestselling strap-on kits have everything you need in one handy box!

Ready to introduce toys into your relationship? Shop our favourite lesbian sex toys today.

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