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Weddings: Something Old, Something New...

Something Old, Something New... - Sh! Women's Store

With a whopping 53% of all weddings in the UK happening between May and August, we're busy gearing up for an alternative Wedding Season with cherry-picked gifts much more exciting than four-slice toasters or silverware!

Something Old

Traditionally the marriage begins on the wedding night, but more than half (52%) of newlywed couples do not consummate on the night. 

Organizing and executing a dream wedding is costly in terms of finances and energy, and many couples choose to snooze instead of enjoying bed-shaking antics after the nuptials.

Shaking out a tried & tested quickie position in between service and evening celebration is the best way of ensuring some private fun and sets you up for the rest of the night. 

Spice up the pre-party quickie by keeping a handy tester sachet of Tickle Her Pink clitoral enhancing gel tucked away inside a bra or a pocket. Massage a fingertip's worth of stimulating gel into the clitoral area during the festive frolic before enjoying the additional rush of blood to this super-sensitive area.

Something New

Traditionally the Bride wears something new for her wedding, but we recommend that non-conventional Brides take the ‘something new’ a little further.

The honeymoon is the perfect time to relax together. Embracing new positions, techniques, and adventures should be on the agenda. A couple that plays together stays together!

Packing a little something into the suitcase will ensure the happy couple start as they mean to carry on. This small dice game for couples takes up no space in a suitcase, and is super-easy to play. Each player selects a body part dice to represent themselves, and then each take turns rolling the dice and performing the specified actions on the other person. Saucy! 

Something Borrowed

A traditional Bride may borrow something from a close friend or family member to wear on the big day, but we'd like to suggest an altogether different approach to ‘something borrowed': How about sex tips you can customise and make your own?

Blindfolding a partner ensures that every lick, kiss and caress feels much more intensely. The receiving partner can relax into the blissful sensations. This small but oh-so-useful bridal gift box holds a blindfold, a pair of satin ties and a soft feather pom for stroking and tickling. 

Sh! satin bondage kit in white

Something Blue

Something blue traditionally refers to the Bride’s garter, a hidden expression of love & fidelity. A modern Bride may forego the frilly garter, choosing to sext in 'blue' language instead.

It's not unusual for a newlywed couple to feel they aren't getting enough time together on the big day. Remedy this by adding some sexy sizzle with secret messages...

We recommend wearing a We-Vibe Unite inside your wedding panties. Controlled by a discreet remote, the We-Vibe delivers thrills to clit & G-spot - guaranteed to liven up the party!

Sex tips for newlyweds!

What's new Pussycat?

The newest sex toys to make our shelves...

Need any help or advice? let us know...


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