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Lesbian Sadomasochism Saved My Life

Lesbian Sadomasochism Saved My Life - Sh! Women's Store

Guest Blog By Jane Blonde

I suppose it was Billy that introduced me to the idea of s/m as something I might like. The way Billy told it, it was anarchistic sex.

“The way sex should be done if we weren’t still trying to be ‘good’ girls”. Billy told me stories of amazing daring things she had got up to. Sex in all the establishment places, art galleries, police stations, tying each other up in abandoned buildings, playing games like “bride stealing” and “you do what I tell you”.I started to fantasise what it all might mean for me.

So much of my women’s group days had been talking about how terrible it was that women were forced to display themselves to get a man. But when Billy took me around central London with no pants and a short skirt. How the fluttering open onto bare flesh and the access it gave to Billy’s warm hands, made me dizzy with lurching desire. Made me buzz all over, so much better than any drugs.

One night Billy put on her best leather trousers and told me I should dress to impress because she was taking me out somewhere special. We went in a taxi to a little club hidden inside an industrial estate.The club was dark, everything painted black and covered in mirrors reflecting us and the huge array of dazzling lights was like being inside a fast moving kaleidoscope. The physical place was exciting enough but when Billy told me it was a women only sex club, where women could have sex anywhere they wanted I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

Billy told me she intended to let me get a feel for the place before we would play there. So we sat at the bar, admiring the bevy of beautiful woman exposed and aroused to great howling moans for everyone to see. Throughout the evening I was literally unable to hold my jaw up watching and learning exactly how other women fucked and what alluring faces women having orgasms pulled.

At midnight Billy made me turn my bar stool around so I could see a little stage set into the corner of the club. A show started like a version of a cartoon comedy.A woman dressed up in strange mix of costumes, part high helmet policeman and part flapping cape of a superhero complete with roller skates, was speeding around another tying her into a huge rope from her feet to her neck.The woman was rendered completely immobile by the coil with only her mouth and her pussy were left exposed. Then the roller skater brought in a tray of dishes, some of which looked tasty but some contained things that were obviously not food.The music accompanying the scene was teddy bears picnic making the whole thing a little bit sinister, but the woman who was having strange things pressed into her mouth and cunt was obviously struggling gleefully against her restraints.

When we got home Billy asked me what I remembered most and as I talked it was obvious that it was the cabaret that really turned me on. I wanted to be watched.I wanted it to be me up there with a hundred pairs of eyes watching me. It felt dangerous and yet safe that with all those witnesses. Billy was the kind of girlfriend who would make all my wishes come true.

As I stepped onto the chipboard stage, I was slowly stripped of my clothes, knowing I was going to get fucked. Come began oozing all the way down my thighs. I fell in love with audience for making me feel so turned on. As my dripping pants were cut off me, it wasn’t only me who heard them land on the floor with a wet slap. The DJ had cut off the music just to accentuate that noise.

The audience seemed to roar and point at these like they knew exactly what kind of a state I was getting into. The filthy music started up again, the lights were pulsing hard and suddenly there were hands all over me. Some were silky gently caressing, just stroking my skin, other hands were naughty as monkeys, diving around under my kicked open legs. Insistent fingers nudged around my sticky, sucky, hole pressing into my fat pussy lips but not giving me the poking I was so desperately wanting.

Hot breathe on my neck and face made me feel invaded, overwhelmed, the music so loud that everything in my body seemed to start throbbing in time. My nipples were each pinched hard by different women competing to see who could make me squirm. Billy had stepped forward like some kind of ringmaster to whip slap my thighs so hard the sensations seemed to travel all over my skin, I yelled out without even really noticing.

And then an enormous woman with the biggest pair of tits in the world strutted onto the stage.The crowd went wild, cos they knew what I didn’t.

As she took an arrogant bow, I grew nervous of what this monster sized woman was capable of doing. I was so hungry I knew I needed something really strong to fill my aching hole.She pulled on latex and lube so slowly I became aware of the rise and fall of my chest, I was literally heaving with desire. As she swaggered towards me her hips were moving later than legs making her bum jiggling so much I could see it from the front. She got right up close and pushed me against the back wall with one wet hand while she gazed down at her hand selecting which fingers she was going to use.

I think I was already starting to come as I watched her stiffened fingers aim at my opening.I felt the wet pouring down onto the floor beneath me just before she shoved three very fat ones deep into my hole. As I let out a grunt any cow would have been proud of, the crowd bellowed its approval.She was good, a fast fucker and right in back of the pocket. I was so wet, even with her huge hands she barely touched the side. She was fucking me in time to the music and it was like every time she pulled out I wanted to call out, shamelessly begging, for her to come back inside me.‘oh bondage up yours’ Polystyrene is screaming and I start experiencing the maximum pleasure that phrase can create. ‘I wanna be a slave to you all,’ I roaring, free to get enjoy getting fucked undisguised.

I am dirty and wild like an animal wanting satisfaction. I am dangerous and the whole of the club is fucking me and they are the best fuck I have ever had.And the starving gawping open mouth inside of me, is getting all the seeing to she needs.

As Billy drove me home that night my face in her lap I had never felt so happy in my life.

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