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Top 5 Sex Toys for Beginners

Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies - Sh! Women's Store

Taking the plunge and buying your very first sex toy is exciting and a little bit scary – what if you don’t like it? Or what if you like it too much? (We promise that here's no such thing as  'liking a sex toy too much' when it comes to pleasure, so no need to worry about that!)

Whatever the type of toy you think you might like, we have something that’ll suit your desires. These toys are all rated 5-star on our website, so you can relax in the knowledge that someone has already bought one of these toys and thought it was ace!

All the toys on our Top 5 list are, of course, body-safe and very affordable – because an orgasm shouldn’t cost an arm & a leg!

Beginner's Sex Toy For Clitoral Stimulation

Most women & vulva-owners need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. It’s no surprise – the clitoris has thousands of nerve-endings on its very tip, so it is a massively important part of pleasure. 75% of women say they need the right kind of stimulation in the right place on the clitoris for the right length of time to orgasm – and that can be hard work! This is where a great vibrator comes in.

The Screaming O Lipstick Vibe is a bestseller. Its discreet design and petite size mean you can take it everywhere, including on holidays. Store it in your make-up bag, and no one will be the wiser!

Despite the small size, the Lipstick packs a punch – it’s strong, and with 4 different settings to explore, you are almost spoilt for choice. 

Here's what one happy customer had to say:

'We've used other lipstick vibrators in the past and have been quite dissapointed, however the Studio Collection is excellent. As with all the Studio Collection products, the manufacturing quality is really up there and the functionality equally so. The vibration is as and if not more powerful than the majority of our bullet vibes and as the lipstick part is silicone, feels a lot more sexy than the cheap materials many of these are often made from. Apart from the logo, the lipstick vibe is really discreet and until further inspection, it isn't obvious what it is'

A lipstick vibrator with pink tip and black case

Beginners Sex Toy For G-spot Stimulation

The G-spot is an area located a couple of inches up on the inside of the vagina. There are doubters, but we say “bah!” to them – this erogenous zone is real and with the right kind of stimulation, marvellously deep orgasms could come your way!

Our Sleek G-Spot Vibe is a shapely rechargeable silicone vibe, specially shaped for g-spot pleasure. It's super simple to use with single-button operation.

It may feel like you need to go for a pee which can be distracting but relax into the sensations, and you might find that waves of pleasure soon follow...

This customer had a great time with Sleek G-Spot Vibe:


This vibe is my absolute favourite! Its firmness is amazing and it always feels good. I love the setting with increasing waves of intensity. It's so good that once it broke (after several years) I was right back to buy another! Thank goodness you still had it, thank you!'

Sleek G-Spot Vibrator

Beginner's Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators of old were mainly made out of less-than-great materials and for some unfathomable reason, designed to be huge.

These days, Rabbit vibrators come in body-safe materials and a range of sizes to suit all tastes. The 5-star toy we’ve added to our Top 5 list of sex toys is the Sh! Waterproof Rabbit, a dual-stimulation vibe made from squishy TPR material.

The internal shaft is 4.5 inches long and features rows of rotating beads for extra stimulation in the vaginal opening and against the G-spot area. The clit stimulator, with separate control, reaches over and tickles the sensitive sides of the clitoris.  

Dual stimulation toys, i.e toys with a shaft for internal pleasure as well as a built-in clitoral pleaser, are great for bringing on what’s known as blended orgasms. Blended orgasms are intense pleasure waves from both clit and G-spot simultaneously. *swoooon*

This customer had a pleasant surprise!

'My first rabbit, and to be honest I thought at £25 it might be a bit cheap and nasty. It totally isn't! Nicely put together, comfortable to use, lots of variations. It's a steal!'

Purple rabbit vibrator

Beginner's Sex Toy For Couples

The Power Clit Duo Cock Ring is a stretchy vibrating ring for couples. Worn around the base of the manhood, it enhances erections and provides additional thrills during penetration.

Power Clit Duo is a little gem for beginners – it is so easy to use. Add water-based lube to the shaft before sliding the ring over the penis and down to the base. The cock ring stops the back-flow of blood and makes the erection both firmer and more sensitive. The second ring stretches around the ball sack ('party bag') and offers a squeeze for the balls too. 

Switch on the vibrating bullet before climbing onboard. We recommend that the receiver goes on top, Cowgirl-style. This way, they can grind against the vibration in all the ways that feel good.

Cock rings are the perfect accessory for introducing toys into the bedroom; small and non-threatening, with enough functions to keep you both happy.

A squeeze for him and good vibrations for her:

'This is a fun cock ring for couples. I really like that the bullet is removeble - this means I can use it on my own too. The size is nice and stretchy and adds an extra squeeze for him'

black cock & balls ring with clit stimulator and removable bullet vibrator

Beginner's Anal Toy 

Cute beginners butt plug – perfect for first time anal play. This small, ergonomically curved butt plug has a sensual, shapely body designed in harmony with the curves of your body and a narrow neck for comfort. A butt plug offers fullness and pressure, which feels sensual and erotic. Of course, this booty plug features a wide base and finger loop to keep you safe.

A lot (a lot!) of people enjoy anal play and even more folks fantasize about trying it. The trick is to go slow and use lots of lube – preferably a lube designed for anal play. The good news is that in this kit, you get lube too!

Let's see what this customer has to say:

'The tip of this Plug is perfect for gentle insertion. I applied a small amount of the Sh! Lube included and very little effort was needed for this to slide into place. The finger loop at it’s base comes in useful for adding vibrations, placing a standard sized bullet vibrator in the finger loop turns this into a vibrating plug. Being such a small toy, the vibrations carry through it nicely. A handy little kit and versatile plug. The quality is fantastic too'

Butt Plugs in black and purple

So there you have it - our Top 5 Sex Toys for Newbies. Only one question remains: Which sex toy will you choose?

Browse all our beginner's sex toys here

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