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Winter Sex Tips

Winter Sex Tips

During winter months, when days get colder and darker, many of us experience lower intakes of vitamin D. This lack of sunlight causes lower levels of serotonin in our brains and increases our production of melatonin – meaning we can become depressed and tired.

Is it any wonder that our libido can do a disappearing trick around this time of the year?

Stop. Right. There.

What is the one thing we learned in P.E. or from the daily preaches by annoyingly smiley, toned and shiny Instagram influencers? Exercise releases endorphins, and these make us happy. This can mean a game of netball in a blizzard or a hazardous jog on an icy morning... Or, you can try having an orgasm. Whether through masturbation or sex with a partner (multiple if you’re lucky), this is designed to get you feeling the freshest. Not only will you have your trusty endorphins, but you can also enjoy that calm, fuzzy and warm feeling of oxytocin.

Get cosy - few of us enjoy chilly sex!

If you’re going to take your pants off, you need to be warm and what’s more inviting than a hot bath? Maybe you’re exhausted after work, but this is a great way to practise self-love. Light some candles, grab an erotic novel and go heavy on the bubble bath (not too heavy if you’re prone to thrush). Luckily, we offer a range of waterproof vibrators that thrust and tickle. Keep one tactically within an arms-length reach away and soon, your clit will be dancing and prancing more than a fictional, festive reindeer. 

If you have a partner around, why not invite them in? They could watch you in action or take control of your toy. You could even offer them a hot and heavy massage afterwards...

Build up a sweat - together!

If you’re diving straight into cold bedding, then practice shock tactics. Have a quick slip out of any extra layers and warm each other up whilst your body temperatures fall and rise together. This type of sensory play stimulates blood flow, adrenaline, and arousal. Soon enough, you will be shivering in all the right ways...

If you want to take this one step further, be our guest!

Blindfolding a partner (consensually, obvs!) builds their anticipation. If they enjoy submissive play, tie them to the bed too.

Light a body-safe wax play candle and drip the melting wax onto their skin. Ensure you use a specialised sensual candle rather than a shop-bought, non-labelled one, as the latter can be 50f higher and can cause damage or burns to the skin.

The closer the candle is to the body – the hotter the wax will be. Trickle cautiously and tease the wax around erogenous zones. The sweep of an armpit is a great (and potentially unexpected) one, so you could start here and move down the torso, from the nipples to the pubic bone.

Introduce a body-warming toy!

Another ingenious invention comes in the shape of a sex toy that adapts to body temperature. 

Whether riding solo or in a team, using a glass or metal dildo can give your southerly regions good warming up. Especially if you leave your toy in a bowl of not-too-hot water beforehand... Again, directly applying warmth to one area of the body like this stimulates blood flow in the area. 

Plus, glass and metal toys are pretty. Do you want a curved, ribbed, or straight one? We have you covered!

Sex tech has come a long way, and you can even get self-warming vibrators! These are fantastic for extra-cold days and we rwecommned snuggling under the duvet with one of these... *wink*

orange G-spot vibrator

Getting your sex drive firing on all cylinders during long, cold winters has never been so much fun!

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