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Waterproof Vibrators

Our collection of Waterproof Vibrators chosen by women. Waterproof vibrators are sealed to be watertight, and make fabulous bath time buddies, for seriously indulgent 'me-time'. The added benefit of waterproof vibrators is that they are easy-peasy to keep clean!

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74 products

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74 products

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74 products

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    Regina Wave Rabbit Vibrator
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    We-Vibe Touch X
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  • Slender Mini G-Spot Vibe
  • Je Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator
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  • Clare Slim Bendable Vibrator
  • Satisfyer Partner Vibrator - Sh! Women's StoreSatisfyer Partner Vibrator - Sh! Women's Store
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    Satisfyer Partner Vibrator
  • IJoy Remote Control Egg Vibrator - Sh! Women's StoreIJoy Remote Control Egg Vibrator - Sh! Women's Store
    Sold out
    IJoy Remote Egg Vibrator
  • Tiny Teaser Nubby Vibrator
  • Ana Slim Flexible G-Spot ...
  • Wheel of Pleasure Licking...
  • Pulse Mini Sucking Vibrator
  • Tiny Teaser Bunny Vibrator

Waterproof Vibrator FAQ's

- Waterproof vibrators can be enjoyed in shower or bath - perfect if privacy is tricky.
- Waterproof vibes are easy to clean - no worries about water making your vibe go ping.

Yes, we always recommend using lube when playing with sex toys. Silicone lube is best as it doesn't wash away. BUT, it isn't compatible with silicone vibrators. TIP: Cover your vibrator with a condom.

If vibrator is batter-powered, the tight seal required can make it tricky to change batteries.

- A waterproof vibrator can be fully submerged.
- Splashproof or showerproof means vibrator can withstand splashes of water (in shower, during cleaning etc) but will break if fully submerged.

Waterproof Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store

Waterproof Vibrator perks

waterproof vibrator can quickly become your best buddy – perfect for a little bit of me-time when you need to get away from flatmates, kids or parents. Lock them all out by locking yourself into the bathroom; run a warm bath and relax into the warm water with a waterproof vibrator. 

A waterproof vibrator is specially designed to be – well, waterproof! The battery/charge compartments are sealed to make it watertight. Submerging a non-waterproof vibrator into a bath is not recommended; the vibe will go *pop* and end your hot-tub fun…

Water washes away your natural juices, so using lube will help keep moves sensual and friction-free.

For purely clitoral stimulation in the bath or jacuzzi, the water will wash away everything. In this case, adding a drizzle of lube is pointless. Instead, press your vibrator to your clitoris or vulva area and let the vibrations and warm water combine to work their magic. 

For penetrative play or gliding your vibrator over your clitoris and vulva (in the shower, for instance), you will need lube. This will help avoid the distinctly un-sensual prospect of squeaky sex. 

Because the lid to the battery compartment is such a tight (watertight!) seal and can be tricky to open or close, especially if you have a weakened grip or arthritis, for example. If this is the case, a rechargeable waterproof vibrator is a better option...

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