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10 Role Play Ideas for Fireworks in the Bedroom, Kitchen or Bar

10 Role Play Ideas for Fireworks in the Bedroom, Kitchen or Bar

Roleplay can feel intimidating but don’t let that stop you, because it can also be incredibly liberating - freeing you from every day and catapulting you into totally different characters and scenarios.

If dreaming up different role-playing ideas leaves your imagination as vacant as an empty wine glass or trying to think up ways to spice up your love life leaves you cold and flustered, rather than frisky, then fear not!

Simply read on for 10 simple role play ideas to skyrocket sex-play with your partner.


A classic role-play which is easy to get into, as almost everyone had a crush on a teacher in a school or uni…

You probably have dress-up material already in your wardrobe which will work. For students; think white shirt, rolled-up navy skirt and a tie or stripy scarf. Add some long socks, clacking bubblegum, raging hormones and an attitude of your choice and you’re halfway there. For Teachers, simply add glasses and a ruler to a smart, workaday outfit and add the passion to pass on your knowledge!

Shy, sassy or simply naughty, as the student, you can play your role as innocently or ‘wild child’, as you desire.

Teachers can be strict (perhaps putting that ruler to spanking good use?) or take a more hands-on approach to your student's education.

If you can recall a few phrases from your French GCSE, all the better. Pretend you’re a foreign student/language teacher and whisper sweet nothings in your partner’s ear.

Naked Chef

Food and sex = a classic combination. One of you is the chef, feeding tasty nibbles to their diner. Food is a naturally sensual experience, so in this role play you are just tipping it over into the sexual realm. Take the fridge scene from 9 1/2 weeks as your inspiration, add a blindfold and prepare to get as messy as you like.

Peeping Tom or Tina

Voyeurism meets exhibitionism and creates a marriage made in kinky heaven. It's pure yin and yang and this game can be sizzlingly hot; being watched is hot; watching is hot - it's a win-win situation!

The voyeur hides behind a curtain or door, whilst the other pretends they’re unaware there's a Peeping Tom or Tina, watching their every move and enjoying the view.

Slowly undress, making a show of it...

This is your opportunity to be as brazen and uninhibited as you would be if you were truly alone.

If you feel shy about masturbating in front of your partner under ‘regular’ bedroom activities, this is a good role-play to get over that hurdle. Close your eyes and play like you’re home-alone, showing off your solo techniques, using your vibrator or any other sex toys if they are part of your repertoire.

Watching your wantonly, exhibitionist, self-pleasure show will be so voyeuristically hot, that your peeping partner will have to join you after they can take no more…

Doctor and Patient

The erotic appeal of doctors and nurses is timeless. Whether drawn from a cheeky carry-on film or from childhood games, for many it’s an early fantasy and anyway, who doesn't like a good uniform!?

For a doctor, you can simply wear a suit and perhaps a white lab coat. If you prefer the role of “sexy nurse”, but don’t have a suitable uniform lurking at the back of your wardrobe, you can easily create your own using the same white coat, with just your most sizzling smalls and stockings underneath - it is a fantasy, after all!

Add rubber gloves, for medical authenticity and a simple clipboard, for recording your findings and you’re all set for your rounds.

Playtime can range from tender to kinky. As you snap on the rubber gloves, your patient will have no clue which way it will go, but that’s the point.  This role-play is has one of you vulnerable and the other ‘in charge’ Will you tend to your patient’s every need or subject them to a thorough physical examination? Either way, they are sure to feel all better after such fantastic care...

Favourite Movie Scene

This one is more personal to your relationship, giving you the freedom to recreate a favourite movie or a sex scene.

Will it be uber-romantic, like the scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere throws Julia Roberts on top of a grand piano and proceeds to pleasure her in all sorts of ways or more Basic Instinct? Do your tastes run to the Last Tango in Paris or Nymphomaniac?

This role-play is hot, as well as liberating and communicative from the off – after all, you have to agree on the scene and that may take some research!

Booty Call

This is a great scenario for long-term lovers who feel stuck in a rut. Life has an unfortunate way of scooting sex to the bottom of the daily to-do list, at least once the initial rush of NRE (New Relationship Energy) has worn off.

Why not pretend you are casual lovers for the evening?

One of you leaves the house, for some unknown but still intriguing reason (like visiting a sex shop for some exciting goodies, perhaps?), and the other calls on the phone – quite literally a booty call. Suggest that the “casual lover” comes over for a night of fun. How you want to play out the rest is entirely up to you…

Read Aloud... and Replay

Aural sex is a great way of getting warmed up for a rousing evening. Grab your favourite erotic novel or even a beach-read which features a steamy scene and ask your partner to read it aloud to you.

Lay back, close your eyes and let the words wash over you...

And then comes the best bit: re-enact the scene to make it your own.

Hostage & Superhero

You’ve seen all the films, now it’s time to decide who is going to rescue who.

One of you has been captured by the bad guys, and the other must swoop in, super sexy, to save the day.

In order to make this extra hot, the hostage could be cuffed to a chair, blindfolded and have a remote controlled vibrator placed in their undies for extra “torture."

This is another role-play that can be tuned to your desire from lightly playful to dark power-play.

Escort & Punter

A fantasy encounter with one of you “paid” to do the other’s bidding can be sexually freeing within a relationship, as it's a great way for the 'punter' to share their fantasy in a safe, non-intimidating way (you're/they're playing a role, after all).

Whoever is the escort,  makes up a name for their sassy character and dresses accordingly. Whoever is the client calls to book their escort for an evening out. Terms are negotiated and a meeting set up...

Dress to impress, and arrive at the meeting in good time. Order a champagne cocktail and wait for your “date” to arrive.

Pretend you have never met, and intend to never meet again. One night, and one night only!

For extra heat or a special occasion, book a night in a fancy hotel, where you can play out your roles in total anonymity and wild abandon.

Hired Help

Another classic - a light, flirty game that has one aim -  for the mistress or master of the house to get it on with the “help”

Some light power-play can all be called into action - after all, it is the employee's job to do the employer's bidding.

Eventually, the hired staff gives in and the rest has to be fast and frenzied, as you could get caught at any moment...

We wish you fun exploring different facets to your alter-egos, and discovering new ways to play with your partner with these role-playing ideas. And, if you have any special role-play ideas that have worked for you or ones you'd like to try, please do share - we'd love to hear!

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