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Temperature Play for Sizzling Sex - Tips & Tricks!

Temperature Play for Sizzling Sex - Sh! Women's Store

What is Temperature Play? 

Our skin is full of temperature receptors; specialist nerve cells that detect hot and cold, to keep us safe.
Temperature play involves using warm and cool sensations to tease and arouse your partner, taking full advantage of the millions of these temperature neuroreceptors, making them spring alive for a sensual, arousing effect.  

Temperature play is especially effective if you use a blindfold because the senses go into overdrive. When the next deliciously cool or sensually warm touch is anticipated, but can't be predicted where (or when), arousal levels soar!

Cool Temperature Play 

Chilled Sex Toys

Glass Dildos are made for temperature play, as they retain temperature very well. Place the glass dildo in the fridge (never the freezer) before you play, or better still, cool them in chilled water (in an ice bucket, along with a bottle of bubby?) 

Think of them as the ice cubes of sex toys, with one difference - they won’t melt all over your sheets!

Use a glass dildo to trace a cool path around and down your lover's body, before gently rolling it over their vulva, clit or penis and balls...

Beyond retaining temperature, glass and steel have another star quality - their sleek weight and firmness are particularly fabulous for G-Spot stimulation and erotic prostate massage.

Glass Dildos - Sh! Women's StoreGlass dildos are perfectly safe, no matter how wet and wild your temperature play becomes. But, understandably, some peeps find putting anything glass near or in themselves a bit scary, which means they can't really let go and fully enjoy the sensations of a glass dildo.

In which case, a Steel Sex Toy is your best temperature toy. Even heavier than glass, with even better temperature-retaining qualities, these are the connoisseurs of temperature toys! 

Njoy Steel Metal Dildo - Sh! Women's Store

Break Out The Ice 

Use an ice cube to trail a cool wet, meltingly-delicious path around your lover's body; 

  • Slide over lips, before putting your warm mouth over theirs...
  • Swirl around nipples to make them stand to attention for warm, soft licks...
  • Glide around the tummy and let melting water tantalize, as it runs south...
  • Once the ice cube has melted down to a smaller, more manageable size (ie. won't choke you!) place it in your mouth.
  • Head south for temperature-play oral sex; the combination and contrast of cool, wet ice and soft, warm mouth will feel exquisite.

Cooling Enhancers For Temperature Play

H2O COOLING LUBE cool tingles for hot places!

Jo H2O Cooling Ice Lube

Cool sensations start on contact. 
A couple of drops on the clitoris or penis tip focuses attention and make these areas throb!

Gently blowing on the lubed area intensifies the sensation. 


TENGA WAVY COOL for temp-play hand jobs! 

Tenga Egg Cool Wavy - Sh! Women's Store

Textured sleeve, infused with cooling lube

Crack open after teasing with ice

Synchronize with glass dildo prostate massage for mind-blowing pleasure. 

SLOW SEX ORAL SEX BALM temp-play oral!

Thick, cooling & gliding effect lip balm
Enhances Blowjobs & Cunnilingus
Gentle cooling effect contrasts with the heat of the mouth
Enhances arousal

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Temperature Play for Sizzling Sex - Sh! Women's Store
Temperature Play for Sizzling Sex - Tips & Tricks!

What is Temperature Play?  Our skin is full of temperature receptors; specialist nerve cells that detect...

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