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Q&A: How Common is Female Ejaculation?

Q&A: How Common is Female Ejaculation?

"Dear Sh! I was in your shop a couple of weeks back and as a single man, I really appreciated that you let me in, and were patient enough to answer all my questions!

Anyway, to come to the point, I wanted to ask you - how common is female ejaculation? I've experienced female ejaculation with previous partners but not with my current girlfriend, and I was wondering whether, with a small G-spot dildo, patience and dedication, I might be able to do this for her?

Thanks very much - and thank you again for making my visit to the shop so enjoyable!"

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch!

How common is female ejaculation?

It's common for women and vulva owners to experience ejaculation without being aware. Porn often shows female ejaculation and squirting as gushing forth vast amounts of fluids. In reality, there may only be a few drops. Not enough to wonder where it came from.

Many women also hold back from ejaculation or squirting as they fear they may pee; this is commonly what the sensation feels like. Some women & vulva owners find it easy; others never (consciously) experience it.

An important question here is: Is your partner interested in exploring ejaculation? We feel this needs to come from her, rather than you. She won't want to be thinking about your previous partners when she's in bed with you - and it may put pressure on her to "perform" in order to please you... A conversation is in order.

Stimulation for ejaculation

The area known as the G-Spot is located right under the bladder and around the urethra. Stimulating this area can make women feel like they suddenly need to pee. It's common to clench up at this point. It's only natural to avoid 'letting go' - because we don't want to pee on the bed! 

So first of all, make sure she's been to the loo and can relax through this sensation. It can also help to put a towel on the bed, just for her peace of mind. 

Specially curved G-spot toys are helpful for female ejaculation and squirting. The curve at the tip makes it easier and less tiring to provide the sustained stimulation the G-spot loves.

We have found that glass and steel toys are particularly good for stimulating the G-spot. Lube is a must, of course, and it may be worth trying some G-spot-enhancing gel too. This help draws blood to the area, making it easier to locate and stimulate.

She needs to be incredibly turned on before you go G-spotting, so take your time and build her arousal in other ways first.

Hope this all helps.

Best Wishes

Team Sh! xx

Read more about the G-spot here. 

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