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Can A Man Use A Woman's Sex Toy?

Can A Man Use A Woman's Sex Toy? - Sh! Women's Store

Hey Team, 

Just a quick question. I've seen a toy that I really like the look of, but I'm unsure if it's suitable for me. I'm a man, and the sex toy is marketed for women. Does this matter?


Thanks for getting in touch :)

The quick reply is in your email: The sex toy is marketed towards women. 

We're a female-focused company. Our expertise lies in sex toys and pleasure for women & vulva owners. But - the majority of the toys we sell can be enjoyed by all bodies, genders and sexualities. 

You don't mention which toy you have seen, so we'll base our reply on the many questions about women's sex toys we've gotten in our 30+ years of selling pleasure products. Read on! 

Sex toys for nipples

Nipple toys are great fun, and perhaps you are considering treating yourself to a pair? Nips are highly responsive erogenous zones - some lucky people can even have nipple orgasms! Adjustable clamps are popular with folks who love a bit of nip attention, and we recommend taking a closer look at these.

Men's nipples are often overlooked for being smaller and less sensitive than women's. This is a shame - men can experience a range of erotic sensations from having their raspberry ripples played with. The fab thing with clamping is that once they're on, you have your hands free for other sensual pursuits! 

Does the colour of sex toy mean it's for women only? 

The colour of a sex toy has nothing to do with who can get enjoyment from it.

The colours of playthings are decided by toy designers, mainly for marketing purposes. They want to sell products and choose colours according to their main target groups.

Over the years, we have found that we sell more sex toys in pink (traditionally seen as 'feminine'), black (stylish) and purple (seen as non-gendered). We occasionally stock toys in brighter colours such as yellow, orange or light green, but these tend to be ignored in favour of more traditional, sexy hues.

Of course, if you like to play with the lights off, colour might not matter too much anyway...

Sex toys for women's/vulva-owner's bits (and clits;)

Certain sex toy functions may work better for someone with a vulva, like a clit suction vibrator. These are designed to sit over the clitoris, offering sensual suction at the sensitive tip. If you'd like one of these toys, you can still play with it. Place the lubed-up suction nozzle against the glans or on your balls, or even your nipples and enjoy the stimulation that way.

Vibration is perhaps seen as more for women, but it can be an erotic experience for male bodies too. Thrilling pleasure modes can help relax you - as well as amp up an orgasm. Edging with vibrating sex toys is super-fun, and we recommend giving it a go!

Choosing a toy that has been designed for a different set of genitals doesn't mean you can't enjoy it - but it does mean you need to use your imagination :) 

Using a woman's sex toy for prostate massage

The one thing to be wary of is non-anal-safe insertable toys if this is what you have in mind.

For example, if you have your eye on a small bullet vibe or G-spot toy, it may not be suitable for anal penetration. The prostate is a super-charged erogenous zone, and you can have lots of fun exploring it, but bear in mind that the butt is hungry. It can easily suck up a vibrator that isn't designed for anal use! 

A vagina has a natural stop at the end of the canal (the cervix), so a vibrator can be fished out if it slips all the way in by mistake. A toy lost inside the butt may need medical intervention, and we want to spare you this unpleasant experience... 

How do you know if a sex toy is anal-safe?

Well, the toy must have a flared base or handle that acts as a stopper. This stops it from slipping all the way into the rectum, even if you lose your grip (easily done!).

For anal play, you are better off investing in a dedicated anal toy like a prostate massager. These are super-safe to play with and feature a perineum teaser for extra thrills. 

a black prostate massager with a vibrating bullet


We hope this has helped put your mind at ease? Treat yourself to a sex toy, boo - and have fun! 

Best Wishes, 
Team Sh! xx


Browse all our fun sex toys here! 

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