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Q&A: Exploring Sex Toys with MS - Advice at Sh!

Exploring Sex Toys with MS - Sh! Women's Store


I have MS, which gives me trouble with my hands and arms, and with no lovely partner to help me out, I'm decidedly frustrated!

I've tried a Groovy Chick vibrator and a Mini Marvels Marvellous Lover, but the Groovy Chick was too big for me, and the Marvellous Lover doesn't quite hit the right spots. I also need the sensation of grinding and don't particularly like vibration, nor do I like direct clitoral contact - more the sensation of something on either side and slightly higher up. I'm also a lazy bugger and prefer to be on my back!

So... Would anybody be able to design something for me? There could be a big market for disability-friendly sex toys.

Failing that, would the Satisfyer Partner vibrator work solo? Or can you recommend anything else? Many thanks for any help you can give. 


Many thanks for getting in touch!

You are right - the world needs more disability-friendly sex toys. Unfortunately, designing toys is costly and time-consuming, and we are very limited in what we can accomplish in our small dildo lab. However, we have some fab sex toys in stock, and we hope we can suggest something that will help ease the frustration!

Sex Toy Recommandations

Looking at the sex toys you have tried so far, we can see that you favour the C-shape vibrators. This type of toy has an external vibrating part that lays snugly over the clitoris, plus an internal 'arm' resting against the G-spot. The Satisfyer Partner fits into this category. 

Satisfyer Partner can be used for solo pleasure, and with 10 modes, you'll have plenty of sensations to explore. 

We also recommend a closer look at Clare, an innovative vibrator with a flexible spine. The bendy spine allows you to easily flex the toy to deliver maximum pleasure. With two vibrators in one toy, the G-spot and clitoris can be stimulated when curved to suit your natural shape. Using the remote to control the intensity of the vibrations might be easier on your fingers. 

Clare has 9 strong pleasure modes, and powered by a USB charging cable. This nifty vibe is fully waterproof. 

Clare bendable vibrator in purple


Next up, we have something very different from what you have already tried: the Dual-Headed Massager - and we think this sexy toy will tick all your boxes! 

The Dual-headed Massager is a marvellous plaything with two rounded bulbs at one end and a girthy shaft at the other.

The two rounded bulbs are perfect for delivering indirect clitoral stimulation, with or without vibrations. Lube-up the chunky bulbs and lay them against the vulva like two fat fingers. Once they are in position, they'll sit on either side (and slightly higher) of the clit. The girthy shaft, laid along the opening of the vagina and towards the booty, can then be used for grinding sensations...

This fun vibrator offers 9 powerful vibration modes, including a cheeky 'bounce' where the thrills move from one bulb to the other.

The Dual-headed Massager is waterproof for easy cleaning and fun in the bath tub or shower. 

Dual-headed massager in blck silicone

Both Clare and Dual-Headed Massager can be enjoyed in any position that works for you, just remember to be generous with water-based lube for enhanced sensitivity.

We hope this will prove helpful :) 

Best of luck! 

Team Sh!xx

Read more about sex and MS here.

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