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The Erogenous Zones & Pleasure Points You Might Not Know About

Advice: The pleasure points you might not know about - Sh! Women's Store

The power of the clitoris is well known when it comes to sexual pleasure for women & female-bodied people. And, the fact that most men & penis-owners get all tingly when you fondle their balls is also no secret.  

But what about other pleasure points? The human body is full of nerve endings, so naturally, there are a lot of spots that respond well to touch.

Want to learn more about some of the pleasure points you might not know about? Read on...

Pleasure Point: Scalp

The scalp is a super-sensitive area with tons of nerve endings, which is why head massages feel so good. Gently run your fingers through your partner's hair, starting at the root. Work your way around the head, paying extra attention to the area behind the ears and on the nape of the neck.

Maintain consistent pressure and motions for spine-tingling sensations (theirs - though you may enjoy it too!).

Pleasure Point: Ears 

Ever experienced someone nibbling on your ear and thought that actually felt really good? That’s because the ears are crammed full of nerve endings, making them super-sensitive to touch.

Are you keen to get your partner off with some ear action? Try kissing, licking and nibbling the ear lobes, behind the ears and the tips of the ears too. You could even whisper some sexy words into their ear and tell them what you’re planning to do to them later... Trust us, they’ll appreciate this one!

Pleasure Point: Lips

Most couples spend large chunks of time just kissing and canoodling during the early stages of a relationship. Locking lips with your new partner is not only delicious and help build intimacy, but can also help develop feelings of mutual trust. And - it doesn’t hurt that the lips are also really sensitive parts of the body.

To enhance the experience for both of you, get inventive and try sucking, licking and gently biting. Varying the pressure and feeling is a great way to build excitement, making it a great form of foreplay guaranteed to get you both in the mood for more!

Pleasure Point: Neck

Are you a fan of both giving and receiving love bites? If the answer is yes, you’ll be glad to learn that the neck is one of the sexiest erogenous zones for most people! Any type of touching here tends to elicit positive responses.

Kissing the neck during sex is a great way to heighten arousal. 

If you fancy upping the ante and getting a bit more inventive, invest in one of these Ostrich Feathers, which can help to increase excitement and feeling. Try tickling and stroking your partner’s neck with the feather and slowly make your way down the length of their body. End at the feet, which are also extremely sensitive when it comes to touch…

sensual feather in purple

Pleasure Point: Arms & Armpits

The soft sensual skin on an inner arm feels delicious to touch and have touched. Let your fingers work their way down from the shoulder via the armpit and slowly stroke toward the inner elbow and arm.

Armpits can be ticklish, but also full of sensitive nerve endings. Stroking, kissing and licking with a firm yet gentle touch can feel super erotic for the recipient.

Pleasure Point: Groin

Teasing the groin area is a magnificent way to build up to oral sex.
Instead of heading straight for the juicy areas, spend some time delighting in the soft, warm skin here.

Run your fingers over the groin, breathe against it, and make some moans close to the skin to create soft vibrations...

Pleasure Point: Lower Back 

The sacrum, or the intersection of the spine and pelvis, is another erogenous zone.

This area is receptive to stroking with fingers, feathers, warming massage oils and erotic temperature play. Drip some warm wax or run a melting ice cube here and be rewarded with shivers and low moans...

Pleasure Point: Knees & Ankles

The skin behind the knee is thin and receptive to touch. Kissing, licking and stroking this erogenous zone with fingertips delivers divine sensations. From here, you can work upwards towards more obvious hot spots - or slowly go lower, kiss by kiss...

Going downwards allows you to tease and thrill the soft skin inside the ankles, another overlooked erotic zone. Caress this nerve-packed area with gentle fingertips and light kisses.

Pleasure Point: Feet & Toes

Foot-fetishes are incredibly common. Licking and nibbling toes, kissing soft skin or smelling feet that have been enclosed in nylon stockings all day are all tasty treats for foot lovers. But - there is lots of pleasure to be had from being in the receiving end of foot worship too.

Did you know some folks can orgasm from just having their toes sucked? Even if that isn’t you, having another person massage and stroke your feet is an incredibly intimate act.

More sensual sex tips here! 

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