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Glass Dildo Questions

Glass Dildo Questions - Sh! Women's Store

Many customers are intrigued by glass dildos. Incredibly smooth and beautiful, it's difficult not to 'ooh' and 'aah' over them. (The glass toys, though we think our customers are lovely too!)

Solid glass delivers uniquely sleek and weighty sensations which seduce G-spots and P-spots in next to no time. But, as sex toy material, it raises questions and worries. This blog post answers the most common questions about glass dildos.

Are glass dildos really safe?

The number one question asked about glass dildos is whether they're 100% safe to use as sex toys. No wonder, as putting anything that could cut or hurt your most delicate area is an understandably scary notion!

Rest assured folks, glass toys are perfectly safe and will not crack inside you, no matter how passionate your moves become. Any glass dildo you purchase from Sh! is extremely tough and durable and will not break when used to massage your soft areas.

But, saying that, you need to handle glass dildos carefully, away from the body. Even toughened glass will chip or break if bashed about.

  • Handle glass carefully around hard surfaces, such as taps and floor tiles
  • When cleaning your glass dildo, be extra careful not to drop it, especially onto a hard floor.
  • Store your glass dildo in its bag after use.

With careful handling and safe storage, you should have no problems with your glass toy.

a curvecous blue glass dildo

However, for your peace of mind, we recommend checking your dildo before and after every use. Run your hands and eyes over it, examining for any chips or cracks before getting down to play. In order to fully enjoy any toy, you need to be confident that it couldn't possibly hurt you. Checking your glass dildo is still as strong, tough and undamaged as the day you bought it is crucial psychologically as well as physically.

Are glass dildos hygienic?

Any sex toy or dildo made out of glass is super-hygienic and body-safe.

Glass is 100% non-porous, which means it won't absorb body fluids or lube residue, making these toys very easy to keep clean. You can even sterilize a glass dildo. Sterilizing is good practice if you plan to share your toy with a partner or play with it anally and vaginally. (Always clean toys between orifices.)

Do I need to use lube with glass toys?

We always recommend using lube with any sex toys, including those made from glass.

Even though glass is sensually sleek, a drop of lube will transform your glass dildo into a divine plaything, quite unlike any other. A tiny drizzle goes a long way, turning your glass dildo into a super-slippery pleasurer provider and making your lube bottle last a long time!

Glass dildos for G-spot play

Glass dildos are versatile toys, and you can have great fun playing with them. Solid dildos are amazing for G-Spot stimulation, for example. The G-Spot prefers the firm pressure that hard toys deliver, so the glass is perfect.

Choose a glass toy with a gentle upwards curve or a bulbous end for more accurate stimulation. We recommend using a 'juicing' motion (round and round constant massaging) rather than an in & out motion.

a clear pink glass dildo for the G-spot


Glass toys for anal play

Glass butt plugs are obviously designed for anal pleasure, but glass dildos can also be used for bum fun as long as they have a flared base or long handle to hold on to. Even with these safety features, it's still important to be very careful with any glass toys for the butt. 

Always keep a firm grip on glass anal toys because they can become super-slippy and slip away from your grip. Wipe excess lube from your fingers and the base of the plug or dildo to avoid slippery accidents. 

a blue glass butt plug

Sex toys made of glass are firm and unyielding and can feel overwhelming for anal newbies. We recommend newbies start with something softer and more flexible such as butt plugs made of silicone.

How should I clean & care for my glass dildo?

Most glass toys will come in a soft, padded storage pouch - it's best to keep your glass dildo safe and protected in these. The padding offers extra protection in case you drop your toy or knock it about in your drawer.

Glass dildos are super easy to keep clean. For instant bedside cleaning, give a spitz of Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner and wipe. Or, wash your glass dildo thoroughly with soap and hot water. Use an old, soft toothbrush if it has nooks and crannies. Rinse and air-dry or polish dry with a lint-free cloth. Only when absolutely dry should you store it in its padded bag.

Some glass dildos can be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher (without soap or pots and pans!), but the easiest way to sterilize them is to drop them in a plastic bowl of boiling water. Be careful when taking it out - the glass will be hot! Take it out carefully and allow your glass dildo to cool before playing or storing it.

5 glass dildo sex tips

  • On a hot day, try popping your glass dildo in the fridge before use - this will help cool you down!
  • If it's cold and you need to warm up, run your glass dildo under warm (not hot) water for a few minutes.
  • Add a vibrating ring for additional clitoral stimulation during play. Slide the ring over the shaft of your toy, and you have a new, exciting toy to play with!
  • Glass dildos have two ends, both of which are for use. Experiment with both ends - you may find one end more exciting!
a clear glass dildo with non-identical ends


Browse all glass dildos here!

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