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Different Ways to Enjoy Clitoral Masturbation

Ways to Masturbate - Sh! Women's Store

Masturbation is healthy, perfectly natural and a wonderful way of getting to know your own body.

There are several methods of clitoral masturbation, from a go-it-alone approach to adding a partner or a few toys into the mix to really get the party started! What works for one person may not float the boats of others, so it really is a matter of personal preference and practice to see what works best for you.

If you are just getting started and haven't yet worked out a self-love routine, we suggest picking a time when you have the house to yourself as few things ruin a good sesh as much as a nosy flatmate!

Next, you need to know where your clitoris is located. Grab a mirror, gently pull back the clitoral hood and you should be able to see a small 'pea' nestled in among the folds - this is the outer part of your clitoris. Hiding inside your body are two clitoral legs, spanning approximately 8 cm each on either side of the vaginal opening. Cool huh!

Clitorises come in a variety of sizes, but a larger sized clit doesn't necessarily mean a better orgasm - it's just easier to find.

So, what are the best methods of female-bodied masturbation? Here are a few techniques to get you started.

Pleasure at Your Fingertips

Start getting to know your body better by using your fingertips to gently tap the pubic bone just above the clitoris. This will help wake your vulva up and start to get things moving. As your body starts responding to your touches, blood will flow into the area, making your bits feel juicier.

It could be that your vulva is already plenty wet, but we recommend drizzling some lube on to your fingers before the next step. Lube makes fingertips softer and smoother and enhances sensations in a delicious way.

Begin to press down and use slow and circular movements - and if it feels good then don’t stop, instead, find a rhythm that feels great and keep going!

The best thing about masturbation is that there is only one person to pleasure: You! Take as much time as you need; a great orgasm often requires a build-up of neuro-muscular tension (sexual tension) and the hotter you feel, the more intense the resulting orgasm will be.


The Scissor Sisters Technique

Another popular method of female-bodies masturbation is the ‘scissor sister’s’ technique.

Using one hand, make a kind of peace sign with your index and middle fingers and place a finger on each side of your outer labia.

Add a little pressure and gently move the two fingers together in a scissors motion and lift your labia up slightly to increase the sensation whilst finding a speed that works for you. Again, lubed up fingers will add to the slidey sensations. It's a very soft way of stroking yourself with no real intensity to the stimulation of the clitoris. This is a great way of masturbating if you're not keen on over-stimulation.

This technique is similar to how a clit clamp works, which is the advanced but oh-so-amazing level. Using a clit clamp isn't as scary as it sounds and should always be pleasurable, not painful.

A clit clip 'clamps' the two inner labia lips together, thus squishing over the clitoris and limiting blood flow. This makes you feel more aware of your delicate area and it often helps to build arousal.

Fancy giving it a go? Lube up the labia lips before sliding the clit clamp down and along the inner labia lips. When positioned correctly, the clitoral hood + clit should rest in the rounder part of the top of the clip.


Polish the Pearl

Having a clitoris is awesome, so show it some self-love with our next masturbation technique.

With your dominant hand, start by slowly dragging your index or middle finger from the base of the vaginal opening to your clitoris. Once you reach this little pearl of pleasure, gently circle it before starting the process again.

You may find that your clitoris can get a little sensitive if touched directly, so just work around it and find a motion that you enjoy best.

A little silicone-based lube can help make this technique super-hot and ramp up the pleasure! Silicone lube is longer-lasting than water-based lube and works wonderfully well for long sessions, or when playing in water.

The showerhead or faucet of the bath are both good tools for solo play. Many learn how to orgasm with the help of a quality power shower, aiming the warm jets just so, and others let the water splash down on to the clitoris straight from the tap. Depending on your bathtub, this may involve some acrobatic moves trying to position yourself - legs over the edge is a common one.


Bump, Hump & Grind

Positioning is key when it comes to masturbation and working out what rocks your boat could and should involve a few different positions.

One fun position to try is the bump & grind, or 'humping'. We know women who build themselves a little mountain of pillows for mounting and grinding their pelvic area against. This doubles as an excellent workout for the thighs - mixing business with pleasure!

If all that moving around seems too tiresome, you could treat yourself to a Ruby Glow, the vibrator for seated satisfaction! Featuring two motors (one for the clitoris and one for the vaginal opening), you rock yourself against the thrilling vibrations. The clever design of Ruby Glow works equally well on beds, sofas and wheelchairs, and you can even rub one out without taking your clothes off!


Next Level Pleasure

Once you’ve tried these techniques and worked out what works best for you, you might want to think about a few toys to treat yourself to or to share with a partner as you carry on exploring what works for you.

Vibrators are magnificent pleasure-makers and despite what porn may want us to believe ('bigger is better'), we sell way more small vibes for clitoral teasing than bigger toys for internal use.

Small finger-tip toys are great fun and can easily be shared with a partner. Slightly bigger bullet-style vibes are easy to hold and pack a  stronger punch. Egg-shaped vibrators mirror the shape of the labia and can be enjoyed in numerous ways.

Vibrators can sometimes lead your clitoris to feel overstimulated, especially if it's been held right at the tip of the clit. To avoid this, circle the vibe around your pleasure pearl, tease the labia lips, invite the nipples to your buzzin' party... There are lots of sensitive nerve-endings in and around the opening of vagina, so li'l stroke here often increases the desire for more.

Every so often customers ask if it's 'bad' to masturbate too often or if it'll ruin sex with a partner. To this, we say: What is 'too often' anyway? There are no rules - you can play as often or as seldom as you like!


And as for partnered sex, finding out your individual likes and dislikes makes partnered sex better and hotter, as you can teach your partner what you like, and how you like it.

Our tip would be to book a night in, get the lube and any favourite toys out and get down to some mutual masturbation. It is super-hot to watch each other get off and you're bound to learn something new about your partner's fave moves, like a certain grip, pump or slide!

Have a good tip or trick to share with us? We'd love to hear, so drop us a line below!

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