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Advice: Best Finger Vibrators

Advice: Best Finger Vibrators - Sh! Women's Store

Are you thinking about buying a finger vibrator? Great! Tiny vibes have a place in all toy boxes and can come in really handy (ha!) when you need a teeny bit more stimulation. Finger vibes are small in size but big on pleasure. Vibrations can be anywhere from fluttery to super-strong – we have a finger vibe to suit every clitoris!

Lots of peeps love finger-to-clit stimulation, and a large number of women & vulva-owners use fingers when masturbating. Adding a small vibe to your self-pleasure sesh combines the best of both worlds if you enjoy vibrations. Read on for our lowdown on finger vibes.

Using finger vibrators for self-pleasure

If you use fingers for masturbation, a thrilling buzz is a fun way to add even more pleasure!

The vibration is a great way to get you where you want to go faster if you're short on time. Orgasms can take a long time - up to an hour isn't unusual - and fingers can tire. A gentle buzz can help tip you over the edge and into climax. Bliss! 

We have customers who want to enjoy toe-curling orgasms without having to touch themselves. Fingers vibrators like the extending finger vibe are really great if this is you. Slip your fingertip into the vibrator sleeve, then touch and stroke on and around your vulva and clitoris without direct contact. 

A bright pink finger-extending vibrator

Using finger vibes with a partner

Finger vibes are discreet enough to not interrupt sex with a partner. Simply slip one onto your finger and use your fingers to explore and play as usual, but with the added benefit of vibration.

The buzzing delights of finger vibes aren't just for clits - they work equally well on penises. Use your vibrating finger to gently glide along the raphe on the underside of the shaft, or over the sensitive testicles. If your partner is into it, try holding the small vibrator against their perineum during a blow job for an explosive finish!

Finger vibrator in black silicone

Good vibrations only! 

If you want a super-gentle vibe, we recommend the Feelstoyz FingerTip vibes. There are two vibes in each pack, so you can share with a partner if you like (or do like us and keep both for yourself!). These teeny-tiny vibes offer single-speed vibration only but are still enough to ensure a fiery finish!

Feelz Finger Toys in red and green


For intense sensations, you can't really beat Hot Octopus Digit. Slip this ring over your finger and muff-shuffle your way to one orgasm after another...

Hot Octopus Digit finger vibrator in black with rose-gold details

Waterproof finger vibes

Like playing in the bath or shower? We have just the thing! Check out the G-spot finger vibe. With 10 modes and rows of gentle silicone dots for extra stimulation, you'll want to spend more me-time in the tub than ever before...

Always add a drizzle of your favourite lube to your finger vibe. The lube will enhance sensations and make smooth moves even more exciting.

black finger vibrator

Battery-operated vs rechargeable power

Choosing a battery-operated or rechargeable finger vibrator is down to personal preference. Battery-operated vibrators are generally gentler than rechargeable vibes, which tend to pack a punch on the pleasure scale.

Both battery-operated and rechargeable vibes travel easily, but it can be tricky to get hold of the tiny cell batteries in far-away places. For this reason, rechargeable finger vibes are our choice - we don't want to run out of power at an inopportune moment!

purple finger vibrator

Browse our cherry-picked finger vibrators here

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