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Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts: Chocolate, Roses & Orgasms!

Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts: Chocolate, Roses & Orgasms!

Is there a better day than Valentine’s Day? We think not! We are in favour of any touchy-feely day that celebrates with chocolate, roses and orgasms :) 

If you are ready to embrace this day of luuurve, read on for our top tips for V-Day treats for yourself or a loved one…


Sexy Valentine's Day Massage

Want to give your lover the gift of sensual touch? This smooth massage oil is perfect for erotic massages. A little goes a long way, and they’ll have a dreamy time under your warm, slippery hands.

If you need some tips, we have a blog post on how to do a erotic massage


You Me Us Vegan Massage Oil

Non-scented, with natural, plant-based ingredients, perfect for massages that turn intimate.


Slow Sex Valentine's Gifts

Any product with "slow sex" in the name is guaranteed to raise a cheeky blush and a lot of breathless anticipation! 

These products feel good and look good. With 100% recyclable packaging, animal-free testing & natural ingredients. 

Warming-effect, coconut-flavour oil that invites full body caresses, licks and  kisses.
Sensual roll-on balm, designed to stimulate your most responsive areas.
Reduces friction and adds an irresistible glide along with a cooling sensation to oral sex.
A sensuous dry oil that hydrates, highlights and shimmers on skin.

G-Spot Valentine Date

Make a date with your own or your lover's G-Spot and really spice up Valentine's.  Massaging a small amount into the G-spot not only awakens it, but takes it on a rollercoaster of evolving sensations! Apply with fingers or a favourite sex toy for fantastic thrills that may well end in an orgasm…

Don’t say we didn’t warn you *wink* 

Orgie She Spot G-spot Gel 

Delivers around 45 minutes of thrilling sensations, with warming, cooling and mild spicy sensations. Ingredients from the Amazon rainforest.


Sex-Up your Chocolate Valentine Gift ;)

Chocolate is a traditional gift and most of us would be delighted with a piece or three (who are we kidding – give us the whole box!).

Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts, and this is a very sweet heart indeed (see what we did there?). A heart-shaped glass container filled with rich choccy sauce, ready to drizzle over favourite body parts before gently licking, kissing and sucking it off… 

A heart-shaped glass bottle with chocolate body paint + a blush pink paint brush and packaging
A very tasty treat for both of you!

Say 'I Love You' with a (suction) Rose

When the Rose hit the sex toy shelves via Tik Tok, a new clit-revolution started. The Rose may look sweet & romantic, but don’t underestimate its pleasure power!

Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Suction toys are orgasm-reliable and easy to use. Coat the opening of the toy with water-based lube, place it over the clit, then let the Rose work its “sucky” magic until knees are shaking and hips are bucking…



A red suction rose sex toy with an attached thrusting bullet
If your bae loves internal play, why not upgrade to a suction rose with a little extra?
Our toy tester was beside herself after testing it. Rumour has it that she has built a shrine to this toy, complete with lube, toy cleaner and a selection of arousal gels and “prays” most nights;)
Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a Suction Rose for Valentine’s Day!

Romance on the streets, thrusting in the sheets!

Here’s a feisty one for those who love a bit of the ol’ in-&-out. This toy delivers power, pleasure and pumping at the press of a button.


A red slim vibrator

About 2 fingers in girth (so not too big) with a firm shaft, the Thruster can go faster – and faster! Thrusting coupled with vibration is a great combo for lovers of penetrative sex. Coat with lube, insert, and then press “on” for fireworks this Valentine's day! 


Nothing Says " I Love You' like...

Romance the peen(s) in your life with a Tenga Egg Love's Edition. A soft, pliable pleasure sleeve that provides heartfelt sensations for hand-jobs. 

Tenga Egg Lover's Edition

Textured with soft hearts that envelop the penis when stroked up and down, this is a Valentine's Gift that's guaranteed to raise the heartbeat! 


Get High On Love for Valentine's Day

Beautifully packaged, with elegant, sensual bottles that are too good to throw in your bedside drawer but scream ( mumur!) to have pride of place on your bedside cabinet, High on Love water-based lube & orgasm gel are infused with premium CBD.


A blush pink bottle of CBD lube + packaging
Fragrance-free, non-staining, vegan & cruelty-free, plus increases blood flow for heightened pleasure! A single pump of High On Love CBD water-based lube provides long-lasting moisture for solo and couple's play, with or without sex toys.

100% Natural Orgasm Gel, infused with hemp seed oil, delivers tingles to the clit, helping to build arousal,  and heighten your orgasmic experience!

The gel is light and silky and feels divine to use, and the bottle looks good enough to eat (the gel is safe for oral sex, by the way:)


Scream-Out-Loud Valentine! 

Nothing says I Love Orgasms quite like a sesh with a Doxy. Billed as the world’s strongest massager, Doxy is built to deliver powerful pleasure. 


Doxy Wand massager in red and black with "roses" design

A friend once told us she can only use her Doxy when she is home alone. In order to match the intense vibrations, she needs to scream out her orgasms – and we can believe it!

RPM’s (revolutions per minute) go from 3000 up to a body-shaking 9000, so this is not a sex toy for folks with sensitive bits. This one is for power queens & kings!


Valentine Gift Pleasure Cards 

Sent with a message and Valentine's Card, in denominations of £10£25£50 and £100, with the option to send instantly a Sh! gift card is perfect for a last-minute sexy Valentine's gift. Whether shy or sex-toy savvy, letting them choose their own toy is empowering, and may just be suprising too!

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