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Trans Products For Pleasure & Affirmation

Trans Products For Pleasure & Affirmation

When transitioning, having the right tools and products can make a significant difference in your journey. From skincare to clothing to sex toys, there are a variety of products designed to help trans & gender non-conforming folks feel more confident in their bodies.

Products For Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Affirmation

Clothing, for example, plays a significant role in how we express ourselves and our gender identity. If you are trans or NB, finding clothing that aligns with your gender identity can be empowering. Chest binderscustom-made FTM prosthetics, and STP devices are just a few products that can help you feel more comfortable in your body.

Are There Trans-Friendly Sex Toys? 

When it comes to sexual pleasure and exploration, it's crucial for everyone to feel comfortable and empowered. For trans and gender non-conforming peeps, finding great sex toys can be a game-changer in enhancing experiences. 

Understanding Your Needs & Desires

The mainstream sex industry is still massively backward if you aren't a straight cis male. Assumptions about sexuality, gender identity and sex-specific pleasure are rife. This makes looking for affirming toys that fit your body, are well-designed to enhance your pleasure, and speak to your sexuality difficult.

When the world is disconnected from your experience, and you are perhaps disconnected from your own body, there is a double-whammy of a battle to explore, reclaim and celebrate your pleasure. Every body has a right to pleasure! 

Before diving into the world of sex toys, take some time to figure out your own needs and desires. Consider what type of stimulation you enjoy, whether internal, external, or a combination. This will help you choose products that bring pleasure and affirmation to your play.

Exploring Sensation Play

Sensation play can be a fun and exciting way to explore your body and experience pleasure in new ways. Experiment with different textures, temperatures, and sensations to discover what feels good. From leather cuffs to feather ticklers, there are plenty of options to spice up your playtime!

Sex Toys For Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Pleasure

Sex makes most of us naked in more ways than one. It’s key to self-esteem, but can also stir up feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. Trans & gender non-conforming people have their own set of unique experiences and often navigate sex in very different ways to cisgender people. 

Oftentimes, it's more about the imaginative use of toys and sharing experiences rather than specific designs. Many sex toys are gender-neutral, even if the cultural assumptions are not. After all, clit-owners found pleasure in their electric toothbrushes long before clitoral vibrators were invented! 

For example, everyone with a clitoris can use suction sex toys, including transfem people who've had vulvoplasty or vaginoplasty. Suction toys can also feel affirming to transmasc folks as the sensations are similar to getting a fantastic blow job! 

Sh! Women's Store Clit Suction Toys Purple Dual-End Flutter Suction Toy


Wand massagers offer pleasure whatever your anatomy. The powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations can be enjoyed over clothes if genital dysphoria is a problem. Wands can often look intimidating due to their size, but we stock small and mid-size versions as well as larger massagers.

Lelo Wand Massagers Lelo Smart Wand: Medium


Semi-realistic dildos are very popular with our FTM customers who have vulvae. These dildos are dual density, and so smooth and tactile. They are bendy and offer an almost-real feel in use. The Strap-Me-On dildos feature wide bases, which makes them safe for both vaginal and anal penetration. 

Sh! Women's Store Large Stra-On-Me Semi-Realistic Dildo


Strap-ons are traditionally seen to be for lesbian sex or pegging, but all gender identities and bodies can enjoy strap-on sex. Transmasc people might experience gender euphoria from wearing a strap-on, and transfems can top a partner without using their own genitals if that causes dysphoria or if using HRT makes it tricky. 

We offer a selection of strap-on kits with our most popular dildos and harnesses, but you can also mix & match products that suit your specific needs. 

Sh! Women's Store Strap-On Kit Best Strap On Dildo Kit


For pre-op FTM persons or NB vulva owners, we have a cherry-picked selection of strapless dildos. These can be worn and enjoyed without a harness, which makes for a more natural feeling in use. A word of warning though - they are weighty, so a strong pelvic floor is a must! 

Support For Trans & NB People

It's completely normal to have questions or concerns when it comes to using sex toys as a trans or NB person. We recommend reaching out to supportive communities, online forums, or sex educators who can provide guidance and personal recommendations. Remember, you're not alone in this journey <3

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