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The Sh! Guide to Being Single on Valentine's Day

The Sh! Guide to Being Single on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is traditionally 24 hours when lovers swap cards, buy each other gifts and spend hours sweating it out between the sheets to show love. However, for those who find themselves without a partner, V-Day can be painful.

Some people may choose to organize a night out with other singletons or set up a Tinder account specifically for hooking up on this one night of the year when the pressure to be part of a couple is high. But what if you don't want to do any of that?

There is no reason not to celebrate love and pleasure just because you are a single pringle. We're talking about celebrating self-love, babes!

We've got a couple iof suggestions for this.

  • Romance yourself. Want flowers? Make like Miley Cyrus and buy your own! Order your favourite meal on Deliveroo and pop the cork on your favourite tipple. Queue up a series on Netflix and settle down in your finest lingerie. Ensure your sheets are fresh and inviting for what’s to come. (You. Obvs.)
  • Forget about romance. Get a bag of doritos, find some good porn, and settle down in all your naked glory. Who cares about romance – the sofa is perfect for a hot wank every other night of the year, so it’ll do for V-Day too!

Everything Needed For A Ménage à Moi

We have a bunch of different arousal gels, but our first recommendation would be the Intimate Earth Organic Enhancer Kit. Inside the cute gift bag are five saches of enhancer gels to try. Now, we applaud your ambition if you want to use them all in one night, but otherwise, pick out the one or two you are most curious about and start there. Choose between these paraben-free and vegan sachets:

  • Intimate Earth Clitoral Arousal Serum
  • Intimate Earth G-Spot Stimulating Serum
  • Intimate Earth Melt Warming Glide
  • Intimate Earth Salted Caramel Oral Pleasure Glide
  • Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Serum

Lube is a must-have, which you probably know already. Lube makes play super-slick and sensual and helps enhance sensations. You can use any lube you like, but we want to give a shout-out to Sliquid Silk in case you are in the market for a new bottle. Sliquid Silk is a hybrid lube, which means it's water-based with a few percent silicone to make it smoother and more long-lasting. This lube is new on our shelves, and we're not going to lie - we're a bit obsessed right now! 

And then, to really get the V-Day party started: sex toys!

Sex Toys for Single Women & Vulva-Owners

Sex toys are fun bedroom buddies that deliver pleasure, and we're all deserving of that! Sex toys can be used by singles and couples - there are no rules as to who can play with them. If you want thrilling pleasure, sex toys are for you!

Dig out an old favourite or treat yourself to something new and exciting for your Valentine's Day manège à moi date. We have some recommendations...

Satisfyer High Fly Finger Vibe is a fun clit vibe for newbies and advanced pleasure-seekers alike. The ergonomic design lays comfortably between your fingers and makes it easy to use. This snatched vibe is suitable for nipples, clits, penis shaft and testicles, to name just a few erogenous zones.10 different modes are sure to keep you happy and wanting more!

Satisfyer High Fly Clit Vibrator in red silicone

Ruby Red Clit Sucking Diamond Vibe is a small, cute toy that sucks and vibrates around your clit. Dab a small amount of water-based lube over the suction opening. Part your labia lips and place the toy over the clitoris. Switch on the suction and experiment until you find your perfect setting. With 3 speeds and 4 settings, an orgasm won't be far away... 

Ruy Red clit suction vibrator wwith shiny lid


Nymph Clit-Licking Wheel Rabbit is a bit of a mouthful for a name, but the vibrator itself is dreamy. It has everything we could ask for in a dual stimulator: Soft silicone tongue tips lick at the clitoris while the shapely shaft pleasures both G & A-spots! This vibe boasts 6 modes on the wheel for licking, and 9 vibration modes on the shaft so you can mix & match your pleasure. Orgasm Town - here I come!


Sex Toys For Single Men & Penis Owners 

Next on our list of recomemnded toys for singles is for folks with peens. 

This vibrating masturbator massager is a top choice.  A soft, textured masturbation cup with a small vibrator offers plenty of thrills as you simply glide or twist the sleeve over your erection. Its stretchy, body-safe material means that this mini massager guarantees a smooth ride – especially if you add a little water-based lube beforehand.

vibrating penis massager in clear TPR

Not only are masturbators great fun, but they can also help you last longer if you find yourself popping your cork like it's 1999. The trick lies in regular practice. As soon as you feel that rumbling sensation in your party-bag, slip off the cup and give the base of your penis a firm squeeze as that'll help it calm down. Once you have the naughty bugger under control, slip the cup back down over it and work that shaft until the rumbling starts again... Remove the cup and give your Johnson a firm squeeze. Repeat as many times as you can stand it. When you eventually let go, it'll be an explosion to remember! 

Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

You should definitely get yourself a bottle of sex toy cleaner. It might be only you using your toy, but it still needs to be cleaned. Spritz on, rinse off, and your fave toy will be ready for round two! #AddToBasket

Feel inspired? Browse all our fun sex toys here!

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