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Valentine's Day Kinky Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Kinky Gift Ideas

Experts in red-hot passion, Sh! has the necessary ingredients for an extra special Valentine’s Day. From sensual massage products to handmade kinky accoutrements, we have an abundance of fun pleasure products to choose from!

Valentine’s Day Kinky Gift Ideas

Sensual Fetish Lace Hoods

A lace hood is an immensely sexy wearable that cuts down on visuals but still lets you peek at what's coming next.

Scandal Corset Lace Hood is crafted to embody beauty and comfort. Corset-style lacing and red & black brocade with ribbon fasten the hood at the back of the head. The breathable lace looks incredible and is comfortable to wear during play.

Another option is the Scandal Lace Hood, a soft veil-like hood with an open-mouth design for kisses and licking or sucking. Perfect for submissive games, this sexy black hood encourages eroticism and kinky mouth play.

A black lace hood with an opening for mouth


Ball Gag for Moans of Pleasure

This luxury ball gag is guaranteed to have the lucky sub drooling with desire. The tie is a fabulous 139cm long, perfect for gagging a lover with a decadent bow behind their head. In fetish favorite colours of red and black, the Scandal Ball Gag has a touch of designer, but at an affordable price. The sturdy ball measures 1.75 inches in diameter, a delicious size to fit firmly inside a hungry-for-more mouth. 

ball gag with red and black ties

Luxury Lace-Up Wrist Cuffs

Reminiscent of the classic corset, the gorgeous Scandal Corset Cuffs are adjustable and can be used to restrain both wrists and ankles. Use these to restrain hands behind back or around bedposts while you have your wicked way with your willing Valentine...

If you are new to kink and BDSM, take a moment to read up on how to play safely here.

red and black corset lace-up wrist cuffs


Rose Wax Drip Candles for Heat

Two roses for the price of one! Rose Bondage Candles are gorgeous hot wax candles for romance-tinged temperature play. Perfect for getting your partner hot under the collar, these wax play candles are safe for dripping onto naked skin.

Light the wick, wait for the wax to liquefy - and then drip onto the chest, breasts, stomach, back, or thighs. If you want to amplify the pleasure, we recommend blindfolding the receiver. When sight is removed, all other senses come alive. This allows you to feast on their body. Tease and team, stroke and swat...

Each box contains two rose candles, giving you enough hot wax to play again and again and again.

Taboom hot wax rose candles

Iron Rose Tattoo Suction Dildo for Strap-On Sex

If your lover is a fan of tattoos and dildos, this is the perfect V-D

ay gift! The Iron Rose suction dildo is a sizable 7 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. This sexy dildo is covered in 'tattoos' printed onto a soft wrap covering its shaft. The Iron Rose dildo can be used handheld, or for more attitude, in a strap-on harness.

We recommend using this dildo with a sassy twist of the shaft to really make the most of its curves!

Iron Rose tattoo dildo


A Spankingly Good Time For Naughty Bottoms

Leave your mark with this handmade leather tawse with a cut-out heart! 12 inches long with a paddle surface of 5.5 inches x 2.75 inches, this Heart Tawse is the perfect gift for kinky people who love nothing better than having their bottoms spanked.

Its bark is sharper than its bite, but even so, this spanker delivers a satisfying 'thwack' when applied with power. It even leaves a heart-shaped mark on the butt cheek!

Spanking helps build arousal by releasing mood-boosting endorphins, and you might find the receiver wants more and more. Take your time, go slow and build intensity in time with their arousal.

Black leather tawse with red cut-out heart

Browse the full range of Valentine's Day gift ideas here.

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