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Handmade Gifts for Valentine's Day

Handmade Gifts for Valentine's Day

Express your love with a hand-crafted gift this Valentine's Day. Each exquisite piece is unique and made with care and love. These products are time-consuming to create and will bring joy for years.

Handmade Satin Seduction Gift Set

Sh! Satin Seduction Bondage Set - a gift box of treats!

This set is for couples who like slow & sensual play, and are maybe curious about dipping their toes into kinky waters. The goodies are seductive rather than raunchy - but of course, it's what you do with them that matters! 

We recommend teaming this gift box with a sexy playlist that goes on and on and on...

A black gift box with gold tissue paper. Red satin ties, a red blindfold and a red feather pom.

Handmade Strap-On Gifts for Valentine's Day

The Sh! corset-back leather harness is not only stunning, but also incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Handmade in the Sh! studio, this leather strap-on has a shapely corset back with lacing. The shape flatters the body and it feels sensual and very secure in use. The corset back strap-on harness is available in S/M and M/L but we can make a roomier size if needed. Ping us an email (in good time) and we'll get on it :) 

Corset-back strap-on harness on gold leather

We have a weak spot for the Sh! strap-on thigh harness. A thigh harness is an innovative way to enjoy strap-on sex with your lover. This harness lets you sit back and enjoy the view while bae bounces and grinds on your knee... Not gonna lie - it's super-hot!

A thigh harness is an excellent solution if you find pumping & grinding hard on your back or hips. It requires little movement from you - but the pleasure is just as intense as with a hip harness.

This handmade harness fits a thigh circumference of 31 inches. If you need a slightly longer strap, we can tailor-make one. Measure your thigh and then get in touch with our team.

A red leather thigh harness

Spank You Very Much Gift Set

This handmade gift set is perfect for couples who love kinky games. First of all, a soft leather blindfold helps create a heightened state of awareness during play. Next, a red leather collar shows the submissive belongs only to you.

 A pair of hand-crafted leather cuffs are both sexy and secure. The restraints are comfortably lined with faux fur and won't leave marks on soft skin.

 Lastly, a heart-shaped leather paddle with metal studs on one side and faux fur on the other offers delicious spanks and strokes on a peachy bottom.

 This handmade Valentine's Day gift is a submissive's wet dream!

A black gift box with gold tissue paper. Inside box: A red heart-shaped paddle, a red blindfold, red cuffs and a red collar.

Browse all our fabulous Valentine's Day picks here! 

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