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Handmade Gifts for Valentine's Day

Handmade Gifts for Valentine's Day

Show your love with a handmade gift from Sh! this Valentine's Day.

Handcrafted with care, each of the gorgeous pieces below are unique. These special products take time to make and will give pleasure for years to come (unless your dog gets hold of 'em, in which case all bets are off!). 

Satin Seduction Gift Set

Sh! Satin Seduction Bondage Set - a gift box of three treats!

This set is for couples who like slow & sensual play, and are maybe curious about dipping their toes into kinky waters. The goodies are seductive rather than raunchy - but of course, it's what you do with them that matters! 

We recommend teaming this gift box with a sexy playlist that goes on and on and on...

      A black gift box with gold tissue paper. Red satin ties, a red blindfold and a red feather pom.


      Strap-On Gifts for Valentine's Day

      Handmade Harnesses

      Our corset-back leather harness is not only stunning, but also incredibly comfortable to wear. 

      Handmade in the Sh! studio, this leather strap-on has a shapely corset back with lacing. The shape flatters the body and it feels sensual and very secure in use. The corset back strap-on harness is avaliable in S/M and M/L but we can make a roomier size if needed. Ping us an email (in good time) and we'll get on it :) 

      corset-back harness in gold leather


      We're going to admit it: We have a weak (and wet!) spot for the Sh! strap-on thigh harnesses. An innovate way to enjoy strap-on play with your lover, thigh harnesses lets you sit back and enjoy the view while bae bounces and grinds on your knee... Not gonna lie - it's HAWT!

      A thigh harness is an excellent solution if you find pumping & grinding hard on your back or hips. It requires little movement from you - but the pleasure is just as intense as with a hip harness.

      This strap-on harness fits a thigh circumference of 31 inches. Need a little more? Contact us and we'll be happy to make a longer strap for you. 

      A red leather thigh harness


      Handmade Kink

      Leave a mark of love with this leather tawse with a cut-out heartShaped like a classic spanker, the tawse is constructed of two layers of leather which deliver a satisfyingly loud 'thwack' sound as they slap together. It's an ideal first tawse for beginners, whether as a spanker or a spankee.

      If you are new to spanking, make sure to give yourself a few taps before spanking your boo. This blog post is full of useful spanking advice to ensure your first sesh goes off with satisfying slaps rather than painful paddles...

      Handmade tawse in black leather with a red cut-out heart


      Or, how about this sweet love-token for the bottom you love? This luxuriously padded spanker offers the allure of comfort, while the tough leather delivers a satisfyingly stinging slap.

      Although they may seem jiggly, buttocks are where lots of tension is held. Spanking, as the slap or paddle vibrates through the muscle, is actually just another form of buttock massage and a great way of releasing tension.

      Top Tip: Rub ice over the rosy glow of freshly spanked skin to increse sensitivity and build arousal. They'll be putty in your hands!

      A black paddle with a bright pink padded heart


      Spank You Very Much Gift Set

      A bottom's dream! This fabulous gift set contains enough goodies to keep you busy for a long time:


      A black gift box with gold tissue paper. Inside box: A red heart-shaped paddle, a red blindfold, red cuffs and a red collar.

      Browse all our fabulous Valentine's Day picks here! 



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