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What Types Of Sex Toys Do Couples Enjoy?

What Types Of Sex Toys Do Couples Enjoy?

Hi Sh!

I hope you are all keeping well.

I have a question. I'm curious about trying sex toys, but I don't know where to start - I want all of them!

We're going away soon, and I want to bring some toys as a sexy surprise. What types of toys do couples enjoy most, in your experience? Thanks! 

(P.S: I'm so excited!!)


We are doing well, thanks for asking :)

Wowzers - that's a question and a half! We'd say to grab a cuppa or a glass of vino and settle down, because this will be a long one...

Sex toys for couples 

The most enjoyable toy/s for a couple depends on the couple - who they are and what each person likes. It depends on how they play together and if they have previous experience using sex toys. But, one of the main headings for couples' sex toys is vibrators.

Vibrators come in a (huge) variety of shapes and sizes, with a vast array of pleasure modes.

Clit vibes for couples

Clitoral vibrators are generally small in size but big on giving pleasure. Clit vibes go from the size of a fingertip to a wand massager and everything in between. These toys deliver thrills to the clitoris, hence the name.

75-80% of women & vulva owners need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so it's easy to see why these small sex toys are bestsellers. 

Traditionally, clit vibes were battery-powered, but more and more toy designers have cottoned on to the eco-friendliness of using rechargeable motors. Rechargeable clit vibrators travel easily and plug into any USB port.

For couples' play, clit vibes are non-intrusive (unless you opt for a full-size wand) and tend not to cause alarm in case a partner is worried about being 'replaced'

There are no rules on gender or sexuality when it comes to vibes, so anyone can enjoy them :) 

a purple clitoral vibrator with flexible rabbit ears

Vibrating cock rings 

Vibrating cock rings are great for couples - they are absolute gems for bridging orgasm gaps

Cock rings are generally very stretchy and fit a wide variety of sizes. Once on, it rests snugly around the base of a penis or dildo, delivering a buzz to the receiving partner's clitoris.

Personally speaking, we favour cock rings with a broader grind pad as they offer more stimulation for the clit. 

Cock rings come in battery-operated and rechargeable versions. Many are also waterproof for splashy fun! *wink* 

Couples intercourse vibes

These clever C-shaped sex toys offer extra stimulation to the clitoris during penetration.

Designed like a tight C-shape, the outer part of an intercourse vibe part rests against the vulva and clitoris. The slimmer arm rests against the G-spot inside the vagina, leaving enough space for a penis or dildo.

Top tip: As the motor is housed in the external part of an intercourse vibe, two women or vulva-owners can enjoy simultaneous thrills during tribbing!


Remote control sex toys

Remote control toys are super-popular with couples, and we can see why. These fun sex toys offer new ways of playing together - even if you are apart!

App-controlled sex toys are all the rage, perfect for couples who don't live together or are apart for a while. One partner controls the pleasurable modes via their smartphone, while the other is at the knee-trembling mercy of powerful vibrations... 

A less techy version of remote-controlled sex toys is Fiona. This fabulous panty vibe can be enjoyed on a walk or date night. As long as the remote is within 10 meters of your panties, you can enjoy secret thrills... If you like being teased, a remote control vibrator like Fiona is perfect! 

Strap-on sex toys for couples 

Many couples enjoy strap-on and pegging play. For this, you need a harness and a dildo. One person, usually a woman or vulva owner though men & penis owners can also be the giver, wears a strap-on to penetrate and pleasure their partner.

Traditionally, strap-on sex is a lesbian pleasure, but there's been a significant rise in straight couples getting into pegging in recent years. Pegging is when a woman straps on a dildo to penetrate her partner anally.

We handmake a wide range of harnesses and dildos in London, made from body-safe materials. Our strap-ons offer pleasure for years and years, and we're happy to help you find your perfect kit. 

Read more about strap-on sex here: 

Sh! Pegging Kit

Anal sex toys for couples

Some couples love playing with anal sex toys together.

Anal beads and butt plugs are the most popular sex toys in the anal pleasure category.

Level of experience matters when it comes to anal sex toys. It's not the kinda play where you can go in swinging and hope for the best; anal pleasure takes time.

Some couples share anal toys, but others prefer having their own personal playthings to enjoy together but separately. "My butt plug - your butt plug" - that kinda thing. Neither way is wrong - it depends on personal preference. But - if you do share - always clean sex toys or cover them with a new condom between orifices or persons.

As with all toys, but especially with anal toys - lube! Lube is essential for comfortable and pain-free sex play, so pop a bottle or two in your basket. 

BDSM & kinky toys 

Kink can be enjoyed solo but is usually much more fun as a couple.

Spanking (for example) is lots of fun when there are two of you! Couples who are into a li'l pain with their pleasure may be into leather paddles like these. Sturdy wrist cuffs and soft blindfolds lend themselves to couples' play, as do wax play candles and bondage rope

The sex toy world is enormous! If you can imagine it, there is a sex toy for it!


Sex toy pleasure sets for couples 

The best option for testing different types of sex toys is by investing in a pleasure set. We have ready-made kits from as little as £22 up to overflowing boxes for £199.

Before we go - take a look at our guides on how to travel safely with sex toys. Not all countries approve of pleasure products (spoilsports!), so it's worth planning ahead to ensure no one relieves you of your sexy toys before you even get to your destination!

Best Wishes,
Team Sh! xx

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