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The Best Vegan Sex Toys

The Best Vegan Sex Toys - Sh! Women's Store

Veganism is more accessible than ever; the familiar green V logo helps identify food items suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It's becoming increasingly popular, with bars and restaurants offering more vegan options.

Ensuring your pleasure is vegan, however, is a whole other ball (clit?) game...

While we do our best to ensure we only label a product vegan when we are as sure as we can be, we cannot always guarantee how a material has been handled in its early manufacturing stages. Like you, we have to put our trust in ethically-aware suppliers and manufacturers. (Thankfully, we deal only with great companies!)

With this in mind, read on for a round-up of the best vegan sex toys in our online shop!

Vegan Lube

Choosing vegan-friendly lube can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with the ingredient lingo. Luckily, we've already done the hard work and can confidently say we stock a selection of fabulous vegan fluids for fun & comfort. Let's take a closer look!

  • Sh! Pure Lube - Paraben-free, without scent or lingering after-taste

Fancy a drizzle of something a little more flavourful? We recommend using one of the above plain lubes for every-day sex-play, but a flavoured lube for occasional use can be fun. Take a closer look at Frutopia, Wild Cherry or Fresh Strawberries - all good enough to drizzle over (lacto-free) ice cream! 

Vegan Gels to Boost Orgasms

Intimate Earth orgasm-boosting pleasure gels are our favourites. Crafted with organic extracts carefully harvested to optimize pleasure and safety, these should be added to your basket whether you are vegan or not :) 

Vegan Massage Oils

Our collection of 100% vegan massage oils are perfect for those who enjoy kicking back and being pampered by a lover. Formulated with uplifting essential oils to a blend of natural, nourishing and vitamin rich oils to ensure sensual massages will invigorate for more action to come!

We love Dona massage oils for their carefully balanced and beautifully scented aromatherapy properties, created by adding uplifting essential oils to a blend of 100% natural, nourishing, and vitamin-rich oils. 

  • Rev Up - Ylang Ylang is known to reduce depression.
  • Reinvigorate - Coconut & Lime oil is fresh, fruity & vibrant.
  • Restore - Peppermint + Eucalyptus are recommended if you feel a cold coming on. 

Pop a bottle of vegan massage oil in your basket, then read our tips on how to give a soothing aromatherapy massage here

Vegan Vibrators

Most vibrator packaging doesn't have a green V on the box, thus not labelled vegan. We can only assume designers are more concerned with the orgasm-reliability of the sex toy or that manufacturers are unsure about a lick of glue. We're going to go out on a limb and say that many vibrators are suitable for vegans, but most toy companies won't put the green V on the box for reasons unknown. We're sure this will change in time. 

One vegan-aware company is UK toy designer Je Joue. Their flirty bullet Amor is 100% vegan and labelled as such. The fluttery tip is fantastic for playful teasing and light sensations. Use this vegan cutie to stimulate pleasure points such as the vulva, clitoris, nipples and testicles. 

Light pink Je Joue Amor vibrator

Je Joue Hera Flex is another vegan vibrator. The short shaft bends to fit your unique curves, allowing you to explore different erogenous zones from all your favourite positions.

Womanizer Premium Eco is not only vegan but also biodegradable and fully recyclable. This sleek clit suction vibe offers 12 settings and sure to win your clitoris over in no time...

Cruelty-Free Sex Toy Cleaner

We're sure you want to clean your vegan sex toy with cruelty-free sex toy cleaner - which we have right here! Sh! Sex Toy Cleaner is vegan and all-natural with 97%+ organic ingredients. This detergent-free spray is quick and easy and keep toys free from harmful bacteria. 

Vegan Strap-On Fun

Our most popular harnesses are made from soft leather, but we recognize that not everyone can choose this option. Some people go vegan to prevent animal exploitation and opt for non-leather alternatives.

Our (brand new!) vegan take on the popular 2-strap harness is just as fashionable as the leather version. Handcrafted by our team in London, our vegan 2-strap harness prioritizes comfort and practicality. This stylish faux leather harness is perfect for strap-on and pegging play with our Sh! dildos

If you prefer something heavier, our rubber strap-on harnesses could be just the thing! Both of these are top quality, vegan, and ethically produced in the UK:

Black rubber harness


Pair your vegan strap-on harness with one of our hand-poured silicone dildos. Select a size and shape that works for you & your boo, pick a colour and click 'add to basket'! 

Vegan Kink

Vegan kink is just as kinky as any other kink - just enjoyed with cruelty-free products. 

We have a range of beautiful rubber bondage products. Each piece is carefully handmade and finished to an exquisite standard. Take this stunning Rubber Princess Collar, for example - a dainty yet utterly captivating gift for the submissive Princess in your life. Or if your sub is less of a Princess and more of a handful, a sturdy Rubber Bondage Collar might be just the thing.

Either way, if they misbehave, you may need to punish them, and a Classic Rubber Tawse lets you do just that! This hand-sized rubber paddle offers a rosy glow and smarting sensations - perfect for teaching your naughty sub a lesson.

If the idea of restraining your partner for some teasing turns you on, take a look at our vegan wrist restraints and ankle cuffs. These are secure, strong handcuffs with D-rings for safe & comfortable wear. Sh! cuffs are very easy to use. Wrap the restraints around your captive's wrists or ankles, pull, and buckle up!

black rubber cuffs

Not a Vegan? 

You don't have to be vegan to enjoy all of these products - they work just as well for keen carnivores. After all, an orgasm tastes just as good whatever you had for dinner!

It's time to shop - browse our vegan products here! 

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