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How We Select Our Sex Toys

How We Select Our Sex Toys

This article covers the criteria for how we select sex toys. 

We understand that choosing a sex toy can be totally overwhelming, especially if it’s your first one. That’s why we cherry-pick our range, test the toys and reject those that don’t meet our exact standards.

We’ve have 5 criteria that each toy must satisfy before making it onto our shelves.

1. Every Sex Toy Must Be Top Quality

We rigorously test any product that we are considering adding to our stock. If a sex toy is poorly designed, has a temperamental functionality or unappealing finish, we won't stock it.

We pride ourselves on making pleasure available to almost every purse. Some toys are classed as luxury items due to their brand, innovation or design. These represent our more expensive range. Our other, more affordable products are not always as hyped-up as the pricey range. They may cheaper to buy, but that doesnt mean we' accept cheap-feeling or cheap-build quality. And they still need to be long-lasting, effective, and come with a unique set of functions.

We Vibe touch in jade green

2. Every Sex Toy Must Be 100% Body-Safe

Every product we carry must be 100% body-safe. This means that we only accept medical-grade materials such as a top of the range silicone, which are proven to be phthalate-free.

We do not stock penetrative anal toys that do not include a flared base. Nor do we advise customers to ever use a substitute without a flared base for anal play – unless you want a highly uncomfortable trip to A&E...

We politely decline any toy that we consider to be difficult to clean. Silicone, for instance, is usually super easy to wash. We stock water-based lubes to compliment our silicone product range. As an alternative, we stock silicone lube, but these can erode the material of silicone sex toys over time.  

You may have seen the trend of penetrative sex toys made from natural gemstones. They are pretty, but many of these are porous and will accumulate a lot of icky gunk over time. This, in turn, will irritate your juicy bits - so, a firm no to gemstones from us.

If it’s not super smooth, we ain’t buying.

Although every person is different, we do not accept or stock any lubes, enhancers or arousal oils that react too intensely with your delicate regions. In the right context, and for some individuals, varying amounts of pain can be incorporated quite naughtily into play. But, a burning vagina peeing razors is not one of them and believe us, ’cause we’ve experienced it...

PicoBong Transformer Dual Dildo in black silicone


3. Every Sex Toy Must be Honest

The thing with sex toys is that they can never actually guarantee any countable or finite amount of pleasure. A vibrator that promises earth-shattering orgasms every single time?! That’s an absolute codswallop. Enhancer gels that assure a 2-hour-long erection that’s stiffer than a lamppost? Yawn…

Every individual is different, and every body is unique. No one item can claim to appease every single user without any context. A toy may be focused on certain body parts. For instance, a vibrating bullet may be marketed to use on a clitoris. This doesn’t mean that it will make every person with a clitoris orgasm. Nor does it mean that you can only use it on a clitoris. Sex toys are versatile, and so is a human pleasure.

A hand without nail polish holding a Lora di Carlo Sway vibrator in teal

4. Every Sex Toy Must Show Innovation

Samey stuff = boring stuff. Toys that look and function pretty much identically are not inspiring. We believe that every item in our range must offer something novel to the individual. If one buzzes, another must rumble. If one has a tapered tip, another must have a more rounded edge. Each toy must excel by its price bracket, function, and unique design.

A hand holding a Ruby Glow in dark purple

5. Every Sex Toy Must Be Good-Looking

Ok, this is highly subjective but if it makes us go ‘eeeuuw!’ rather than ‘oooooh!’ it doesn’t get in.

Our team do not appreciate looking at yet another prawn-pink remake of a distorted vulva or penis. We don’t like blow-up dolls of any fashion (we once got sent a blow-up sheep), nor do we admire massive dildos with bulging veins…

We understand that these “realistic” toys (sorry, how many times have you been confronted with a 12″ willy again, Janet?) cause people to feel insecure and put off by the idea of sex toys.

No one is here to be replaced, nor can they be by something handheld and battery-powered. Sex toys are only ever meant to enhance play for whoever is involved. We believe this works better when sex toys are sleek, simple, and sophisticated.

A hand holding a womanizer eco sex toy in pink


Our aim is to offer the best erotic toys of each kind, the best quality; the best service; as well as the best advice. We'd like you to have your favourite experiences in shopping for adult toys with Sh!

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