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Q&A: What's the best way to store my sex toys?

Q&A: What's the best way to store my sex toys?

I have a pile of sex stuff. I’m not sure what the correct way to store and organise my sex toys is but I guess it isn’t ‘heap in drawer.'We have a little of everything so what's the best way to go? Thanks!


What a great question! Knowing how to care for and store your sex toy collection will keep it organised (so you don't turn into a whirling dervish when passion strikes and you can't find what you're looking for) and look good + last longer than 'heaped in a drawer' in a tangled mess.

You have to be careful storing your toys. Storing some sex toy materials (silicone Elastomer particularly) together can meld together and potentially damage their surfaces. This is also why you shouldn't use silicone lube for a silicone toy.

Sex toys can attract a lot of fluff!

It's important to keep sex toys clean, hygienic and fluff-free. Some toys will come with their own pouch or bag, which is a great way to store them. Sh! silicone dildos & harnesses come in their own satin bags. 

For toys that don't come with free storage bags, we recommend using make-up bags or pouches to ensure they are kept clean and fluff-free. 

For easy and speedy play, you could label the bags. This way, you'll know what's in each, making reaching for your favourite toy a breeze. And ALWAYS keep the charging cable for each rechargeable toy stored with the toy. It's infuriating when you can't find the right cable, believe us!

Always clean your sex toys thoroughly and check them for damage before storing them. Toys are easily cleaned with toy cleaner or hot water and antibacterial soap.

Silicone and glass dildos (non-vibrating toys with no electrical parts) can often be sterilized by boiling them or putting them through a gentle dishwasher cycle. But make sure you check it is safe for that particular toy - check our guide to sex toy materials here.

Sex toys should be dry before being stored.

We don't recommend using a towel or kitchen roll to dry your sex toys. This way, you should avoid any tiny particles from sticking to them. Instead, leave toys to air dry before storing them away. Do this away from direct heat like radiators and sun-lit window sills. Heat can damage certain toys, and you'll also spare blushes from neighbours or unexpected guests!

You should also always store any toys that take batteries with the batteries removed, as this will help them to retain their charge. Nothing worse than reaching for a flat sex toy :/ ( on same count, try to remember to re-charge you fav rechargeable toys after each use.... otherwise that too will be flat when you next reach for it)

We've had a couple of great tips in the comments:

  • Store your lube in ziplock bags to keep it from getting everywhere.
  • Use ziplock bags to store floggers or similar toys (such as bullet vibes that have a separate handset controller) to prevent them from getting tangled.
  • Use nylon stockings as a cheap cheat to keep your toys separate. 

We hope this helps!

Love, Team Sh! xx


Great tips! We are adding some of those if you don’t mind.

Team Sh!

I know a sex worker who keeps all of her silicone and rubbery feeling toys in nylon stockings to store them. It keeps them clean and dust free, and if they end up in a heap together, they’re still separated by the nylon layers, so they won’t damage each other. Of course, if the toy came with a pouch, that’s probably easier.

Store lube upright, or in ziploc bags. Do not let your lube make everything in the world slippery for the rest of time.

Eat kinder eggs. Or make someone eat them for you and keep the little plastic egg that the toy comes in, this will store two rolled up gloves very neatly, I keep several in my handbag at all times, you know, just in case… But it also makes it easier to pull two gloves out quickly.

Unscrew battery powered toys slightly when you’re not using them, this breaks the circuit so they won’t start vibrating randomly, it also prevents battery corrosion without you having to take the batteries out all the way.

Ziploc bags are your friends, as well as lube, you can store floggers in them, one flogger per bag = no more tangled flogger spaghetti monsters!

If you have rope, get a rope bag. This could be a satchel, or a canvas shopping bag, or a big scarf/shawl thing with the diagonal corners tied up in the middle, but whatever it is, it should keep your rope from collecting all of the fluff in the bottom of the drawer/box, and keeping it together makes sure it’s ready to go when you need it.

You should also totally alphabetise your sex toys. Just because.


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