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Sex Tips to Turn up the Heat in the Bedroom

Sex Tips to Turn up the Heat in the Bedroom

Baby, it's cold outside!

Resist the temptation to live in your onesie and relegate all but under-a-15-tog-duvet play to next spring, because we have some sex tips to turn up the heat in the bedroom this winter.

Build heat and anticipation with erotic massage

Light the fire, lay down cushions and invite your partner to a sensual massage. Start stroking their skin with faux fur or a soft pom to awaken nerve endings and warm up the senses.

Teasing strokes all over the body can create all manner of fireworks. Seductively scented massage candles are fantastic for erotic massages. The wax melts and creates warm massage oil to drizzle over your lover’s skin. Use long, continual strokes, keeping one hand on them at all times.

Build anticipation and leave sexy bits for last. Ensure you switch to lube before progressing to sex play and ‘happy endings.’ Unlike massage oil, lubricant is genital & condom-safe.

Get hot and bothered in the bedroom

Get hot & bothered by slowly drizzling warming lube all over yourself while your partner watches. Let the lube run from breasts, down over the stomach and below… This is incredibly visual - your lover won’t be able to look away!

Once your show is over, invite them to lie down before sliding your slippery body over theirs. It both looks hot and feels hot! (And no need to worry about getting messy - water-based lube washes out of the sheets easily enough afterwards!)our sex play with hot wax!

a bottle of warming lube. Lube drips and cinnamon sticks around it.


Get steamy by having sex in the bathroom

Enjoying a warm bath is one of life’s little luxuries as winter draws in. But - a downside - steamy bathroom sessions can end up being too squeaky-clean to be pleasurable, as natural juices are washed away.

Silicone-based lube isn’t water-soluble and remains slippery even in water, ensuring playtime in the bath, shower, or hot tub stays smooth and sensual.

Be careful to avoid spills and clean up afterwards to avoid tumbles in the tub. Silicone lube makes all surfaces slippy!

Sex toy tips

Glass is temperature responsive, so you can have a lot of fun playing with pretty pyrex dildos!

Run your glass dildo under a warm (not hot) tap for a few minutes before retiring to your bedroom. The same game can be played with stainless steel dildos (one for each hand!).

For extra warmth, run your bottle of lube under a warm tap too. This transforms the slippery liquid into warming sensations - a simple trick for cold nights and icy fingers :)

Build up a sweat!

A good spanking relieves stress by releasing endorphins and ensures you both work up rosy cheeks and a good sweat.

If you are new to spanking or not keen on pain, we recommend choosing a soft spanking paddle with a wide surface area. These offer diffused sensations and make bottoms glow rather than bruise...

Heart-shaped paddle in red leather with a black handle

Edgy sensations to turn up the heat

For edgier games, Wax Play Candles create sizzling sensations for lovers of temperature play.

Wax play candles are safe to use all over the body, including on breasts and genitals. These candles burn at a lower temperature and don't leave burn marks. (Don’t try this with your regular household candles - they're not safe for sensitive skin).

Drizzle the warm, dripping wax over naked skin. Dripping from a height offers a cooler pop and closer to the skin for increased intensity.

A row of four wax play candles: Black, blue, purple and red

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