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Q&A: Are sex toys for couples?

Q&A: Are sex toys for couples? - Sh! Women's Store

Hi Sh!

I have a question. Are sex toys for couple's?

I'm really interested in trying a cock ring with my man, but my friends say that sex toys are only for singles and if he satisfies me, I shouldn't need a sex toy - what do you think? 

Hello there, thanks for getting in touch! 

This is an interesting question, and it's not the first time we've heard it. There is this weird belief that a sexually compatible couple "shouldn't need" sex toys. Seemingly, a couple owning an overflowing toy box must be either sexually lacking or sex-crazed swingers. (Neither is true.)

Sex toys, like cock rings, are a fun addition. They add spice, variety and a sense of playfulness to your sex life. Nobody needs a cock ring - but they sure are fun! 

Cock rings are good starter toys for couples. They are small, non-intimidating, and they add a thrilling buzz to proceedings. If you find it difficult to orgasm, or you want to orgasm during intercourse, a vibrating ring might be just the thing! 

Sex toy benefits for couples

Relationships are an ongoing journey, and whatever people tell us, the truth is that the new relationship energy (NRE) you feel at the beginning calms down over time. This is natural and necessary. If NRE carried on for years, everyone would keel over with exhaustion!

However, introducing a sex toy into your relationship can reignite those feelings of first-time lust, purely because the experience is new, exciting and full of sexy anticipation. Exploring toys like cock rings together also helps increase trust and intimacy as they open up a whole new dialogue between you.

Over time, couples can get into sexual routines, and this can lead to boredom and frustration. Mixing it up in the bedroom by playing with a sex toy together can help change or break that routine.

Playing with sex toys in your relationship doesn’t mean you and your man are sexually incompatible. It means you’re a communicative, playful and committed couple!

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