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Why (& How to) Use Couple's Sex Toys?

Why ( & how to) Use Couple's Sex Toys? - Sh! Women's Store

Sex toys aren’t just for singletons; they’re fab for enhancing couples pleasure too. As toys lose their stigma, more and more couples discover that playing with sex toys together can turn good sex into great sex!

Why use sex toys as a couple? 

Introducing a sex toy into your relationship can feel intimidating, but it's important to remember that a toy is simply a toy; it's not a replacement or comment on your sex life. For women & vulva-owners, sex toys for couples can add an intensity that better guarantees an orgasm. For men & penis-owners, they can add a different type of thrill. 

Toys are a great way to explore different ways to delight each other and start the relationship the way you mean to go on, with imagination, playfulness, variety and spontaneity. Sex can become routine - toys turn sex from the same 3 course meal ( however much it's your absolute favourite) into a feast!

For new couples, this means building a passion and creativity that goes far beyond the missionary position! And for long-term partners, toys are a brilliant way to spice up sex and rekindle the excitement of new relationship energy. 

What makes a great sex toy for a couple?

We try to advise and match couples to the best toy for them. (It helps that we understand turn-ons and turn-offs.) Read on for the top 5 toys for couples to share!

1. Lube is the best sex toy for couples

Our no 1, all-time best ‘toy’ for couples is lube. Lube enhances every kind of sex you have together, bringing a new slipperiness and sensitivity that natural wetness simply doesn’t match – no matter how copious!

From erotic massage, breast-play, hand-jobs to intercourse, by way of every intimate touch in between, lube makes your two bodies connect and glide sensually together. Lube liberates all worries of staying wet, no matter what you get up to or for how long!


2. Discreet sex toys for couples

All toys can be shared by couples – there are no rules, so if something catches your eye together, go for it!

But if you are just starting out on the toy front, it’s best to choose something that doesn’t feel like you’ve imposed a threesome. A couples’ sex toy shouldn’t make either one of you feel inadequate or left out. Nor should it be intimidating – we don’t recommend surprising your partner with a huge penetrative toy!

Luxury vibrators are popular sex toys for couples, as they add a stylish buzz to the bedroom without either partner feeling replaced or intimidated. A luxury vibrator is simply a beautiful pleasure object that feels like a sophisticated addition to the love life you share together. Luxe toys are beautifully packaged too, which makes them great gifts.

A msall Lelo Lily clitroal vibrator in burgundy


A finger vibrator is a great sex toy for couples, adding a tingly buzz wherever it touches. Playful and discreet, simply slip onto your finger to add extra thrills to manual, oral and penetrative sex.


An egg or bullet vibrator are good sex toys for couples to share. Small and discreet, they can be cupped, held against the cheek or nuzzled against your clitoris during sex without getting in the way. Less of a financial investment than a designer vibrator, these toys are ideal if you want to explore buzzy toys without breaking the bank.

bullet vibrator

3. Best hands-free sex toys to enhance intercourse

Intercourse features top of the menu for most M/F couples, but less than 20% of women can climax through penetration alone. Women usually need external clitoral stimulation to reach the Big O, so any toy that stimulates the clitoris during intercourse makes a great sex toy.

An intercourse vibrator for couples is specially designed for the vulva-owner to wear during sex to ensure vibrations in the right places during penetration. The vagina is stretchy, so there is still room for a penis or dildo to slip inside too. Toys such as the We-Vibe Unite or Lelo Tiani 3 stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, delivering amazing hands-free, dual stimulation during intercourse. This boosts chances of orgasm, so definitely worth investigating! 

Intercourse enhacing vibrator - We-Vibe Unite


A more purse-friendly option is a vibrating penis ring. A cock ring delivers vibration to the clitoris during penetrative sex, adding that all-important extra stimulation. The wearer experiences a pleasurable squeeze that keeps the erection firm and more sensitive. 

Vibrating cock ring in black

4. Best sex toys for date night

Great sex is all about shared intimacy and playfulness, so what better way for couples to add an extra thrill to date night than playing with a remote-controlled vibrator! 

remote-controlled vibrator can be worn and enjoyed (discreetly) in public. Operating with several meters of distance between the remote control and vibrator, you’ll both feel connected by your saucy shenanigans…and there’s no reason why the bullet can’t be slipped into their Y-fronts, and you control the thrills!

A small black bullet vibrator and a remote control, both in black

5. Best sex toys for long-distance love affairs

Technology allows couples to play together even if they are continents apart. There are sex toys that can be controlled by and operated within secure apps. These types of sex toys aren't cheap, and they're not for technophobes, but if you're into it, app sex toys are great fun!

We-Vibe Ditto Butt Plug, Remote Control and Snartphone App

Curious? Browse our carefully curated couples sex toys here!


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