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Pack Heat and Travel Light: Sex Toy Travel Tips

Pack Heat and Travel Light: Sex Toy Travel Tips - Sh! Women's Store

Holiday, babes! You're all set. Since you got the tickets, you've been dreaming about the incredible pleasure you will experience. But there's one issue: You're worried that your sex toy might cause some concerns at security checks (even though it never fails to bring you intense pleasure).

Travelling with sex toys is generally no big deal. Airport professionals handle countless items daily, and your vibrator won't even be a topic of conversation during their break.

However, some countries have strict laws around sex and sex toys, and we'll address this later in the blog post.

Sex Toys in Checked Luggage 

If you travel with vibrators in checked luggage, remove any batteries to avoid unexpected buzzing during scanning or travelling. Make sure the toys are easily identifiable to prevent security concerns.

We recommend using the original sex toy packaging if you still have it. Otherwise, consider adding a note or using a storage bag labelled 'sex toys' inside your suitcase to avoid confusion.

For an incredibly memorable holiday sexperience, the Lelo Tiani 3 is perfect for wearing during penetrative sex. It provides a special kind of buzz to both partners, and its stylish and unthreatening design ensures it will not attract unwanted attention.

Sex Toys in Carry-On Luggage

When you travel to an unfamiliar culture, The US Travel Security Administration is a reliable measure for luggage regulations as they enforce strict migration laws. The TSA specifies that 'tools' with a 7-inch length (17cm) can be carried onboard.

If your carry-on luggage is pulled aside so a security agent can take a closer look at the contents, be straightforward. There is no way around this one, so repeat after us: 'That is my sex toy, and it is amazing!'

Getting to far-away destinations can be tricky, and you might need to use multiple modes of transport. To ensure you don't lose your sex toys or have them confiscated, we suggest packing discreet vibrators in your hand luggage (remove the batteries) and keeping your bag close to you. 

For a fun onboard experience, why not treat yourselves to an app-controlled vibrator? Airline staff are trained to watch out for mile-high performers trying to sneak into cramped and smelly toilets, but a small panty vibrator will allow you to stay seated and still get your rocks off!

Travel-Friendly Sex Toy for Conservative Destinations

The Lipstick Vibe is super-discreet, and by storing it in a make-up bag alongside eye shadows and glosses, you shouldn't have to explain it's a sexy toy for your lower lips. The lipstick offers 8 settings to explore - perfect for a few days away! 

A lipstick vibrator in a black case, a black pen, a crediD card and a purse in light tan leather


Using sex toys is restricted in certain countries, and it can lead to serious consequences if you are found with one: India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. 

More sex toy travel tips here


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