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Celebrating Vaginismus Awareness Day 2023

Vaginismus Awareness Day 2023 - Sh! Women's Store

What is Vaginismus Awareness Day? 

Sh! created Vaginismus Awareness Day on 15th September 2015 to open up the conversation about painful sex. Vaginismus Awareness Day helps shatter the isolation and helps eliminate the pain by raising awareness, understanding and making connections for people living with this condition.

Let's discuss Vaginismus, break the isolation, and ease the pain

At least 2 in 1,000 women experience Vaginismus once in their lifetime, and probably many more who may be too afraid or embarrassed to seek medical attention and help.

It's a complex psychosomatic condition and can develop in various ways, like painful first intercourse, sexual abuse, fear of pregnancy, or a deep-seated belief that sex is wrong.

Vaginismus isn't just about sex, it affects many areas of life. It's not only about losing the ability to have penetrative sex, but also about losing a sense of intimacy and self-worth. Vaginismus may cause discomfort or pain during gynecological exams, tampon and menstrual cup usage, or childbirth.

It can be overwhelming if you feel alone and unable to share your experiences.

Breaking stigmas surrounding vaginal sexual health

Join our IRL event for women & vulva-owners living with Vaginismus. Our supportive panel consists of women therapists, educators, campaigners, and artists who have firsthand experience with Vaginismus.

Join us for an engaging evening to talk about the physical and psychological impact of painful sex. We're here to empower and inform those who experience it.

Book your space to the Sh! VAD event here

vaginismus awareness day


Vaginismus Awareness Day Panel 

Esteemed Host: Evie Fehilly, Sex Educator, Performer & Drag King

Evie is a sex educator, sex clown and queer performer. Evie creates taboo-busting theatre and films, but also puts sex education at the core of her work – both hosting the sex-clown cabaret in London, and running workshops at Sh!

Expert Panel: 

Hazel combines beautiful imagery and diverse characters with meaning and story, and often createS social commentary images that tackle taboos.

The Vaginismus Network is a community for people with Vaginismus that raises awareness of the condition, and connects, supports and empowers those living with it.

Fran's book My Broken Vagina is one woman's funny, moving, and sometimes awkward quest to fix her sex life, but it's the story of millions of women everywhere - half of all women have felt pain during sex.

Sarah is an experienced sex & relationship therapist who helps individuals, couples and groups overcome, manage and better understand all issues across the gender, sex and relationship fields, including Vaginismus, which she specialises in.

vaginismus awareness day panel

Have a question for our panel? Please send it to and we'll endeavor to include it (anonymously). 

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus refers to the involuntary tightening of muscles around the vagina during attempted penetration.

Reliable stats on Vaginismus are difficult to come by, and the full picture is difficult to assess because there are many, many more uncounted women & vulva-owners who suffer in silence. 

  • Around 1 in 10 women have had painful intercourse in the past six months.
  • About 2 in every 1,000 women experience moderate Vaginismus.
  • About 20% of people seeking help from sexual clinics experience Vaginismus.
  • Over half of Vaginismus patients in clinical studies are married.
  • Around 53% of those with Vaginismus are aged 25-35, with 18% being younger and 29% being older.

If you suspect you may have Vaginismus, the first step is to seek professional help and confirm the diagnosis with your GP.

Sh! Vibrating Vaginal Dilators

  • Transform your dilator into a buzzing marvel with a small bullet vibrator!
  • Select from 10 vibration modes, featuring one powerful vibration intensity.
  • Rechargeable via USB and crafted from 100% body-safe material.
  • The bullet is great for nipple play and clitoral stimulation. 
  • You have the option to buy the dilators individually or as a set.
  • The dilators are handmade on our studio in London and come discretely packaged in a black storage pouch (when you purchase a full set of four dilators).

Sh! Silicone Dilators for Vaginismus and Painful sex

Pay It Forward Vaginal Dilators 

50% of the ticketproceeds from the Vaginismus Awareness Day event will be donated to our Pay It Forward vaginal dilators scheme.

If you or someone you know is undergoing treatment for Vaginismus but can't afford vaginal dilators, consider the Sh! Vaginal Dilators Pay It Forward Scheme.

Our amazing team handmakes Sh! silicone dilators. These dilators have tapered tips for easier insertion and come in sets of 4 with a removable bullet. The vibrating bullet can help relax tense nerve-endings, making dilation a more enjoyable experience.

If you're a kind person who doesn't have Vaginismus but wants to do something nice for someone who does, donating to the Sh! Pay It Forward initiative is appreciated.

Every £5 donation goes 100% to the Pay It Forward fund, providing silicone dilators to women in need on Vaginismus Awareness Day.

Book your space to Vaginismus Awareness Day now! 

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