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Surviving Social Distancing On A Sexual Level

Surviving "Social Distancing" On A Sexual Level - Sh! Women's Store

With all that is going on at the minute, we thought it helpful to put together some tips and information regarding sexual health and intimacy.

Sex With Others

Social distancing is upon us. With that being said, we think you'd agree that orgies are currently out of the question. We've been advised to stay 2 meters away from each other to avoid the spread of the virus and so intimate, physical contact with several partners is probably not the best idea.

If you are someone who has a regular partner(s), we also suggest being highly cautious about engaging in play with each other. If, for example, one of you is affected by Corona or has been in close contact with someone carrying the virus for over 15 minutes, it is recommended you self-isolate for 5 days to see if symptoms appear: this means no sexy time with others. Even if you are both/all healthy, living together and are not in the risk group who are most vulnerable to Corona, we are advising to be extremely cautious about engaging in sexual contact with each other, simply to avoid risking spreading it anymore. Although condoms and femidoms would stop the spread of STI's, they are not sufficient to stop spreading the virus between you if one of you currently is experiencing it as the virus transmits through saliva droplets and close, prolonged physical contact.

Solo Sex

If you find yourself with a recurring itch you simply have to scratch then now is the time to D-I-Y. Announce to your flatmates/family/pet you are having a nap for 45 minutes and don't look back as you swing shut your bedroom door. Heck, you could stay in there for hours if you like--who's counting when you have no meetings to make. Find your favourite position, a squeeze of your bedside lube and away you go.

More than ever, sex toys are your friends. Our entire cherry-picked range is body-safe and fancy-free. If you are concerned about hygiene then ensure you are washing your toys extra thoroughly after each use. Do so with our toy cleaner or a mild anti-bacterial soap and hot water. As long as your toys haven't been in direct, recent contact with anyone else who might have the virus then they are totally safe to use!

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is hot. It's also a great way to enjoy your partner without physically touching each other. All you need is to get in position and ensure you both/all have a great view ;). Incorporate a slow build up into your play and if you fancy it, experiment with dirty talk. Saying what you want to see your partner do or how you are feeling are great ways to get the ball rolling. If that doesn't feel natural to you then why not try listening to an erotic audiobook or podcast together?

Otherwise, have your partner dictate what you are allowed to do, or vice versa. For example, you could instruct your partner to take off something or to touch themself in a specific place. If you are both into rope and restraint play, (consensually) tie your partner to a chair or a bed and then play with yourself in front of's whatever drives you wild.

App Toys

For those who are self-isolating away from their partners, this can feel especially daunting. Thankfully, it's 2020 and SexTech has come a long way. We-Vibe is a great brand who specialise in couple's toys. The Nova is a dual-stimulating rabbit vibrator that can be controlled via an app. This means that your partner can control the toy from wherever they are in the world as long as they have the app installed on a phone that is iOS or Android. You can even minimise the app in your phone if you like and enjoy a FaceTime session whilst you're at it. If you prefer external stimulation only, the Moxie is a great vibrator designed to pleasure the clit. Again, this We-Vibe toy can be controlled via app, meaning the same rules apply...

Our selection of app-controlled toys tends to be higher in price as they are classed as luxury toys. If this isn't an option for you but you love the idea, a cheeky video-call can go a long way....

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